Aheadworks Payment Restrictions for Magento 2

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

Arranging a straightforward and convenient payment procedure on an ecommerce site is vital for both business owners and online shoppers. Today, we present a solution for Magento 2 stores that enables merchants to set up customer group-based access to payment methods – the Aheadworks Payment Restrictions extension. The module improves the default Magento 2 functionality related to receiving payments. With the Aheadworks tool, you can decide which of your clients will have access to particular payment methods available on your store. This way, you can fine-tune your business strategy and improve user experience. Below, we describe features of the Magento 2 payment restrictions module and show how to configure it in the admin panel.

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  • Restricted access to payment methods at the checkout;
  • Customer group-based payment restrictions;
  • Restriction settings per each payment option enabled on a store;
  • Ability to select all groups for granting access to a particular type of payment;
  • Multi-select feature for customer groups;
  • Integration with Aheadworks Company Accounts and One Step Checkout.

The Aheadworks extension provides online store owners with necessary settings for configuring flexible payment restrictions. The Magento 2 module extends the possibilities of the default platform, that are based on a customer’s country and order total. After installing the tool, you will be able to set access to different types of payments available at checkout depending on the customer segment.

The module’s configuration allows store administrators to select particular customer groups for each enabled payment method separately. It is possible to specify multiple groups that will be eligible to use a configured method, as well as select all groups in one click. Another option is to use system values set by default. Thus, by utilizing the functionality offered by the Aheadworks extension, you can organize the payment process on your store in line with your sales strategy.

Payment Restrictions is a beneficial tool for merchants who work with either B2C or B2B clients. Store owners can differentiate access to particular payment options for wholesale, retail, and other customer segments, depending on their specific requirements. This way, you can set privileged payment conditions for trusted buyers or provide your B2B partners with additional payment options. Also, as an example, you could allow individual shoppers to utilize the cash on delivery option and provide them with the most widely used credit or debit card payments. At the same time, you could consider disabling offline payments for not logged in website visitors. This way, you can introduce a personalized approach to your payments system.

On the checkout page, customers will see only those payment options to which they have access, as configured by admin. Thus, the extension helps to avoid confusion that might occur when a method that is not available for some of your clients is displayed in the payment methods list. This way, you will streamline the checkout process and increase customer satisfaction from shopping on your website.

Note that you can extend the Payment Restrictions Magento 2 module’s possibilities by leveraging the integration with the Aheadworks Company Accounts and One Step Checkout extensions.

Now, let’s see how the backend interface of the Payment Restrictions extension for Magento 2 looks. 


You can configure the extension under Stores -> Settings -> Configuration -> Aheadworks Extensions -> Payment Restrictions. Here, you will see all payment methods enabled on your store. You can set restrictions on a per-method basis.

To make a particular method available to specific customers, expand its tab and select corresponding customer groups. It is possible to assign a payment option to all customers by clicking ‘All Groups’. As mentioned above, the Aheadworks module also allows selecting multiple customer groups per each payment method.

That’s all you need to do to set customer group-specific access to payment methods at the checkout.

Final Words

Aheadworks Payment Restrictions is a small but handy add-on to your Magento 2 store. After installing the extension, you will get control over the access to payment methods on your ecommerce site. The tool also improves customer experince by displaying only available payment options to them. As a result, you can establish a more organized payment system on your website and increase customer trust. As for the price, you can buy the M2 module for $49.

Download / Buy Aheadworks Payment Restrictions Magento 2 Extension