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The best import, export, and integration Magento 2 extension on the market. Years of Magento 2 development & consultancy experience turned into the products trusted by thousands merchants and development agencies worldwide.

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Know your platform

First introduced in 2014, now Magento 2 is on the rise. The platform has come a long way since the initial release in 2015 and showed an impressive leap forward from the previous version.

The same as it happened with Magento 1 in its time, Magento 2 presented itself as a breakthrough in the e-commerce sphere. Aimed at increasing the performance and scalability of every e-store, the platform posed as a solution for businesses from small to enterprise. A single neatly-written software that covered the essential issues a merchant had to deal with.

Magento 2 is extremely user-friendly and easy to install and upgrade. Stable operation and abundance of the built-in features are achieved by developer prioritizing the high quality of code structures. The modular nature of the platform lays a foundation for the unlimited number of integrations, backend and frontend customizations. Magento unstoppable progress has stimulated the growth of a large dedicated community which members contribute to the platform daily with reliable extensions and plugins.

Today Magento 2 is known as the most popular e-commerce platform in the world. Embodying advanced tools for product, customer, and order management, Magento 2 meets no limits while improving shopping cart performance. Full inventory control, marketing boosters, profound reports on system performance and SEO helpers stay unique to the software. The seasoned developer team with years of pursuing and actualizing innovative ideas has poured all the promised capabilities in the platform core. So that Magento 2 can be defined as a modern tech stack and rival any similar functionality in the e-commerce market.

Upgrade software to maximum

Constantly expanding Magento 2 awareness leads to unceasing participation of every community member in the life of the platform. No matter how extensive the Magento 2 feature set is, numerous modules, add-ons and improvement packs appear due to its open-source base. Savviness in e-commerce is not required to find a related extension to fit your goals as those come in all sizes, forms, and prices. Every part of the platform has been scrutinized and modified to help with the most common and specific customer-merchant scenarios. The activity is fully encouraged by the developer team, so don’t be afraid to dive into the diversity of third-party Magento 2 extensions.

With such intensity and speed of filling the Magento 2 extension market, the question arises what the difference is between multiple variants presented. How can one select decent and substantial software? We have developed Improved Import and Export for Magento 2 with these questions in mind.

When it comes to the native import and export within Magento 2 no one can argue their clear, accessible logic. The process of data transferring follows simple patterns of adding, upgrading, replacing, and deleting. Unfortunately, despite the user-friendliness of the method some significant limitations hold down the potential stated in the description provided by the Magento team. The native functionality allows importing products of all types with related images, advanced pricing data, customer info and customer address data. The maximum size of an import file by default is bound to 2MB; you can set the bar higher only if php.ini on your server has relevant settings. Once the transfer is done all the imported data are implemented into a database according to the selected import behavior. While most of the supported data is open for updates via the import, changes in product SKU can not be applied this way. You also must be careful with special signs in your data structures. The equal sign, greater and less than symbols, single and double quotes, backslash, pipe, and ampersand symbols can sabotage your import. Native import and export work strictly with CSV files (and the same file type archived in ZIP) that also set some sort of boundaries during data transfers.

Firebear has analyzed multiple ways to bring the most out of the Magento 2 import and export. Combining all the solutions, we have created an omnipotent extension with the upgraded logic for successful data extraction and implementation. An extension that has met no rivals in the field for years — Improved Import and Export for Magento 2. While following the principles of the process well-known to all the Magento 2 users, we offer you unlimited import and export with the support of all the existing Magento 2 entities.

Improved Import and Export allows you to focus on precise transfers of both B2B and B2C sectors. Complex structures of companies and highly specific company roles, quotes and negotiable quotes, requisition lists, shared catalogs can be managed with ease. Getting the full control over products, orders, customers and customer groups, prices, CMS blocks & pages, you can expand your store leeway. With a high processing speed of 3000 product/min, you can move massive data and forget about any restrictions on file sizes. Advanced mapping settings help to transfer data without losses or overrides. Every entity can be edited to fit in your database smoothly. Firebear Improved Import and Export provides flexibility in selecting a data source. You can use REST and SOAP API, Dropbox, GoogleSheets, FTP/SFTP, URL, or file upload to enable synchronization. In addition to the standard CSV format, the extension reads XML, Json, XLSX, ODS, ZIP & TAR file types.

The key point of the extension is its accessible scalable nature adopted from the Magento 2 values. Owners of sites in Magento 2 Open Source, Commerce and Cloud can find a way to boost up their businesses with the vast Firebear expertise infused in Improved import and Export.

Turn to reliable solutions

Years of exploring Magento have led Firebear to the positions it holds now — a proud member of ExtDN, service provider approved by the Magento Marketplace technical review team, Microsoft and SAP partner, and many more. The titles are earned with hard work of our team of certified Magento developers and proven with high quality of products’ code. Having fixated full efforts on a single niche extension — Magento 2 Improved Import and Export, — we have achieved mastery of the matter and opened the way for delivering the unlimited number of bespoke solutions based on the module logic. Our clients are small, mid-sized, and enterprise businesses. Individual approach to addressing each issue help us to grasp the work specifics and cover the unique requests.

But what potential can be actualized with a data transfer extension, you ask.Let’s think about it as a buffer. It’s always a part of a bigger picture but one that is undeniably essential for keeping data safe. It’s an intermediary, a sole means for connecting separate elements into a seamless chain workflow. Look at Improved Import and Export for Magento 2! The extension is a standard of what you get with the import software.

Multiple cross-platform integrations can be performed using Firebear import module as a synchronization channel. If your business lacks tools for workflow management any ERP integration with your Magento 2 store will help you to administrate resources wisely and with bare minimum of involvement. Magento 2 and CRM integrations enhance human-oriented enterprises so that both inward and outward company policies deliver the most professional employee and customer care. To enrich your store content try Magento 2 and PIM integrations. By connecting PIM software with your site, you get the ability to display the most relevant info, control designs and layouts, avoid typical mistakes while dealing with text, images, audio, and video. Magento 2 integrations with a dropshipping platform ensure you establish direct communication with suppliers and arrange a stress-free lifecycle in your store. All cases of using Improved Import and Export include process automations, thus, you can amplify results of any integrations and receive a standalone data management tool.

Currently, we are working with the leading providers of ERP and CRM services — Salesforce, SAP, Dynamics, Netsuite — to deliver the best experience of running a Magento 2 store. Specific integration add-ons of Quickbooks accounting software, eBay, Chinabrands dropshipping, and many more are also available as assistants in achieving your business goals. We consider any request on Magento 2 customization and guarantee proficiency in solving the related tasks. Whether you own an SMB or control a large corporation we always push the deal to the maximum satisfaction from your side.

Make your database strong

Firebear Improved Import and Export for Magento 2 complies to all the standards in delivering secure solutions. The code quality can be tested and the structures are easily customized upon wish thanks to the open-source, non-encrypted nature. Compatible with the latest versions of Magento 2.2.x, 2.3.x Open Source (Community), Commerce (Enterprise), Cloud Edition, including B2B & Omnichannel, the module undergoes constant updates and implements the newest ideas introduced in the platform. The Magento 2 Improved Import and Export extension and all the products built on its base are ready for PWA so that you know you purchase a tool that is 100%-bound to strengthen your database.

Improved Import and Export traditionally aims at fast and safe processing of products, customers, and orders along with complex B2B specific entities. However, if to take into account the residing integration capabilities, the value of extension is doubled on the fly. The extension can serve as a synchronization channel to any system you want to see implemented in your site. Be it data management software, a workflow optimizer, staff administrator, Improved Import and Export ensures you get a new element performing sound within your platform while saving time and costs with a one-time purchase. Seeking the same opportunities for their businesses, some turn to iPaaS — cloud-based services that help to actualize and maintain integrations. The method reduces team workload critically but it comes with a price of providing constant access to your platform to outside specialists and supporting them financially throughout the integration base activity. With the same feature as included in any iPaaS set, we offer software you actually own. Choosing iPaaS to minimize extra investments in your own team you give control over your data to the third parties. Installing Improved Import and Export for Magento 2, you get a functionality free of human-made mistakes. With the extension, integration automation is complete as never before. Flexible editing settings grant you full command over your database if you decide to involve in any process.