MageDelight Customer Group Restrictions for Magento 2

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Today, we are describing a tool that extends the default Magento functionality related to granting access to your products and website pages on the basis of a customer group. The MageDelight Customer Group Restrictions extension for Magento 2 adds necessary features to control the visibility of your web store’s content on the storefront. With the Magento 2 module, you can put restrictions on the access to specific products, categories, product prices, CMS pages, as well as shipping and payment methods for different visitors of your online shop. This way, the extension helps you diversify your sales strategy for retailers, wholesalers, and other customers depending on your business requirements.

Below, we explore Magedelight Customer Group Restrictions for Magento 2 in more detail.

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The Magento 2 advanced permissions module by Magedelight provides the following features:

  • Restrict access to selected categories, products, or CMS pages based on a customer group;
  • Redirect users with forbidden access to relevant pages;
  • Hide product prices;
  • Replace prices with static blocks;
  • Control the visibility of the “Add to Cart”, “Add to Wishlist”, and “Add to Compare” buttons;
  • Provide access only to the specified shipping methods;
  • Restrict access to selected payment methods;
  • Restrict orders based on the minimum order value amount.

Customer Group Restrictions for Magento 2 enables you to put restrictions on access to the content on your online store. With the module, it is possible to restrict access to the specified categories, products, and CMS pages for selected customer groups and redirect your website visitors to other store pages. You can redirect customers to one of the CMS pages or “404 Not Found” page and show a custom warning message. For example, you can motivate your web store visitors to create an account by restricting access to specific content for not logged in shoppers.

Besides, you decide whether to hide product prices from specific customer segments and if a price should be replaced with a static block. For instance, you can use the “Call for Price” block to differentiate your pricing strategy for various clients. The Magento 2 Customer Group Restrictions extension also allows controlling visibility of “Add to Cart”, “Add to Wishlist”, and “Add to Compare” buttons.

Availability of shipping and payment methods for each client segment can also be configured in the backend with this Magento 2 module.

Furthermore, Customer Group Restrictions for Magento 2 allows setting a minimum value for order amount depending on a customer group. For situations when a customer makes checkout with multiple shipping addresses, you can enable validation of minimum order value per each address.


All your rules for customer group restrictions are gathered in a grid that contains the following columns:

  • Entity ID;
  • Title;
  • Customer Groups;
  • Store View;
  • Status (Enabled, Disabled).

You can edit or delete each rule from the Action column. Also, it is possible to apply filters and sorting to find a particular restriction.

When editing or creating a restriction rule, first, create a title of your rule, select store views and customer groups which you want to restrict from specific access, and enable or disable the rule (Status).

In the next section of the New Rule page, you can enable restricting categories and choose specific categories that will be hidden from the selected customer groups on the frontend. Next, select a page where customers with restricted access should be redirected.

In the same way, you can restrict access to the specified products and decide where frontend users with unauthorized access will be redirected.

It is also possible to deny access to particular CMS pages with the Magento 2 Customer Group Restrictions module.

As for the price restrictions, there are three options here: Show Price, Hide Price, and Replace With Static Block. If you want to show a static block instead of the price on the frontend, select one from the available options. Here, you also decide whether to hide Add to Cart, Add to Wishlist, and Add to Compare buttons.

Next, select shipping and payment methods to which you want to restrict access. The Customer Group Restrictions module allows choosing multiple options.

In the last section, you can set the minimum order value amount and include taxes in it. In Description Message, specify a text displayed to your website visitors if their order value is less than the minimum. Also, enable or disable an order value check of each shipping address separately in case of multiple addresses at the checkout and create a descriptive message.

In General Configuration of the Magedelight Customer Group Restrictions extension, enable the module and select a default page for redirecting customers with forbidden access.


Below, you can see an example of a static block displayed instead of a product price to the customers with restricted access:

As mentioned above, with the Magento 2 Customer Group Restrictions module, you can set a minimum value for order amount and display a warning message to the specified customer group at the checkout:

Final Words

The Magento 2 Customer Group Restrictions extension allows differentiating access to your catalog, individual products, CMS pages, and payment and shipping methods based on customer segments. Besides, you decide how product prices are displayed for different clients. With the module, admin users can efficiently control the visibility of website content on the storefront. The price of the Magento 2 tool is $249, and you can buy it here:

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