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Magento 2 Walmart Integration

It is a well-known fact that the principal objective of any business is to gain profit, otherwise, it is a non-profitable organization. Therefore, we have a question: what can be done to make your business more lucrative? With the assistance of MageDelight Magento 2 Walmart Integration Extension, you will be able to dramatically increase sales rate on your website for the integration allows you to publish products of your storefront on the Walmart website. Meanwhile, all the process related to product management can be regulated in the backend of your e-commerce website. The integration will provide you with all the necessary statistics to keep an eye on each order placed from Walmart. Moreover, the data is shown in real-time, thus you will be able to track all updates on inventory, price, and orders. Apart from it, the Magento 2 Walmart integration module will notify you whenever a new order is placed.

Please see a bullet list below to understand how the Magento 2 tool will impact on your business after its installation:

  • Sales rate increase;
  • Reaching out to more people;
  • Easy product management;
  • Real time statistics;
  • Order notification system;
  • Optimized refund and cancellation management systems;
  • Revenue augmentation;


Integrate Magento 2 store with Walmart using Magento 2 Walmart integration

  • Bulk uploading of products details
  • Automatic/Manual fetching of orders from Walmart
  • Statistics dashboard – outlook stats of Published/Unpublished products, new order/total orders, last 5 orders & top selling products

Detailed explanation on Walmart Integration

So, how does Walmart Integration Magento 2 Extension function? In essence, it assists you in Magento Product Management, by providing a channel which connects your e-commerce website with the Walmart’s one. Thus, you are able to manage all your products, which are published on Walmart website, right from your backend. The Magento 2 module utilizes Walmart API to let you sell your items on one of the most popular e-commerce stores. Moreover, the tool offers real-time data synchronization, thus enabling you to monitor the overall selling activity.

Apart from it, to make the life of admins easier, the extension utilizes cron jobs to automate the processes related to product management.  

To control the process of order shipment as well as refund and order cancellation management, the module offers all the necessary facilities in the backend of your storefront.

Specific Module features

The most recent statistics in your hand

Well, it has been already mentioned that with the assistance of the module you will be able to monitor all the recent data on your products. In fact, it will help you with your marketing for the tool provides you with information on top selling products as well as last 5 items ordered. Make the most out of the data offered by the Magento 2 extension. Apart from it, you will clearly see how the integration impacts on the overall sales rate.

Magento 2 Walmart Integration

Start importing in bulk

We know how boring it is off and on to import products and prices one by one, which basically is a rather efforts-consuming process. Therefore, having installed the Magento 2 module, you will be able to handle it all in bulk. Thus, with the help of one single click you can add as many products as you want from your e-commerce webstore to Walmart. So, the life of yours becomes easier and you have more time to manage other website administration processes.

Magento 2 Walmart Integration

Different product types support

Once you download the extension, you will be also able to leverage different product types support. Thus, you can manage configurable and simple products which are published on Walmart right from the product grid of your webstore backend. It has never been that easy to possess the full control over your items.

Magento 2 Walmart Integration

Synchronization of inventory and product prices in real time

MageDelight Walmart Integration Magento 2 Extension makes sure that whenever you update certain product information in your webstore, it automatically is synchronized in real time on Walmart as well. Apart from it, the cron jobs will assist in this process, regularly updating all the relevant data. As you see on the screenshot below, it is extremely simple to configure the synchronization feature. As a result, you will be able to leverage the tool to ensure that the information is up to date on your e-commerce website as well as in the storefront of Walmart.

Magento 2 Walmart Integration

Order synchronization

Apart from product synchronization, the Module 2 extension allows you to enjoy order import in a manual or automated manner. It is up to you. All the order data is stored in your e-commerce store. Thus, you will be able to track every single order placed on Walmart right from your admin panel. By applying cron jobs, the tool makes sure the orders are fetched from Walmart and at the same time, notifying you on each order placed.  

Magento 2 Walmart Integration

Manage orders with ease

To make sure that the Walmart integration is easy to control, the Magento 2 module allows you to do all the actions on your Walmart orders right from your webstore backend: refunding, shipment, order cancellation, etc. Moreover, you can clearly see and separately manage the orders which were placed from Walmart.  

Magento 2 Walmart Integration

Benefits for Admins

When it comes to benefits which website admins will acquire once you install the Magento 2 extension, we should definitely mention that you will have full control over your products and orders, thus, no product upload without your validation, automatic real time data synchronization, and all the relevant performance statistics. Furthermore, you will be able to view what orders have not been successfully completed and the reason of each failure.

Final words

We are all aware of the importance to apply different tools to augment sales rate of our e-commerce website. With the assistance of the MageDelight Walmart Integration Magento 2 Extension, you will be able to make a huge contribution to revenue increase, by cooperating with such a commerce giant as Walmart.

Moreover, having all the aforementioned features which the extension offers, the life of your admins becomes way much easier.

If you have any question on the extension functionality or you would like to learn more with its features, please follow the link below: