AheadWorks Advanced Reports for Magento 2 and 1


AheadWorks Advanced Reports Magento extension

Today, we will shed light on the most popular Magento extension produced by AheadWorks. Advanced Reports is a perfect tool for arranging your data in a meaningful way and consequently making only informed decisions. If you are planning to reach a new ecommerce level with your Magento website, this extension is a must have solution, and below we will describe all its features. It is also necessary to mention that the module is available for both Magento 1 and Magento 2.

Magento 2 Starter Pack by AheadWorks

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Download / Buy AheadWorks Advanced Reports Magento Extension

Download / Buy AheadWorks Advanced Reports Magento 2 Extension

The Advanced Reports extension is another time-proven solution which is extremely popular in the Magento community. And it is the most demanded reporting solution which extracts and organizes data within your Magento storefront via 23 reports. That sounds really great, but we should add that some of the reports should be purchased separately. The module costs $159 and each new report is $69. It is $690 for all additional reports. Luckily, AheadWorks offers an extended pack with all 10 addons for just $269. Thus, you will spend $428 for the full set of Advanced Reports features. Now when we’ve done with the pricing, let’s highlight the most important features available with the module.

AheadWorks Advanced Reports for Magento 1

AheadWorks Advanced Reports Magento Extension

First of all, you get a very convenient dashboard panel with Advanced Reports. The panel is equipped with all purchased reports, besides you can see a summary of key sales metrics there, for instance, an average order value for  last 30 days. And you can easily share all your reports via email. Moreover, it is possible to turn on automated updates and specify their frequency

AheadWorks Advanced Reports Magento Extension

As for the user interface of AheadWorks Advanced Reports, it looks quite friendly. You don’t need to spend a lot of time trying to find a desired report, because all available reports can be reached from a left menu. And you can seamlessly switch between reports with a single click.

It is also necessary to mention that some reports are now equipped with profit calculators. For example, “Sales by Product” or “Sales Detailed” provides the ability to evaluate profit margin contribution of each individual product on your Magento store. as for customization, the Advanced Reports extension provide the ability to fine tune each report in accordance with your business requirements.

AheadWorks Advanced Reports Magento Extension

Cart abandonment is one of the greatest headaches of ecommerce. Every merchant wants to decrease a current cart abandonment rate, and Advanced Reports can be extremely helpful in this process. When you implement an improvement, the extension analyzes the situation with cart abandonment on your website and shows how helpful were your enhancements.

AheadWorks Advanced Reports Magento Extension

Another vital aspect of the extension is the ability to reduce the risk of running out of stock on trending products. You get a special report that makes predictions about how soon you will be out of stock by monitoring your purchase rate as well as remaining merchandise volumes.

AheadWorks Advanced Reports Magento Extension

Now when you know some core aspects of the AheadWorks Advanced Reports Magento extension, let’s see the content of the standard pack:

  • Sales Overview – your sales data on the chart for a pre-defined reporting period.
  • Sales by Product – sales of each item available on your website. Provides the ability to compare items as well as search by SKU.
  • Bestsellers – shows the most popular products for a pre-defined reporting period.
  • Orders Detailed – time, date, shipping, financial, and other order details.
  • Sales Detailed – various data on each ordered item.
  • Sales by Hour – shopping activity fluctuations for 24 hours.
  • Sales by Day – shopping activity spikes for a week.
  • Abandoned Carts – a number of completed purchases, all abandoned carts with lost revenue, abandonment rate.
  • Stock vs Sold –  sales rate of a product and its stocks.
  • Sales by Country – sales data for each country.
  • User Activity – order placement, review writing, and other customer activities.
  • Sales by Customer Group – sales data of each customer group.
  • Products by Customer – number of items in each order.

These are quite useful reports, but what stats does the extended kit offer?

AheadWorks Advanced Reports Magento Extension

  • Sales by Category – sales data related to a chosen category for a predefined time frame.
  • Sales by Product Attributes – sales data grouped by chosen attribute(s).
  • Sales by Manufacturer – sales stats for each manufacturer.
  • Sales by Payment type – sales data for each payment method.
  • Sales by Coupon Code – orders and other sales details caused by coupons.
  • New vs Returning Customers – ratio of first time buyers to returning customers.
  • Sales by ZIP code – sales data grouped on the basis of ZIP code.
  • Sales Statistics – average order amount + item price.
  • Customers by Country – detailed sales data by each country. You can split it by each user, order, item, or financial details.
  • Users Wishlist – products from wishlist of your customers.

These reports make the extension even more valuable. Of course, you might not need all of them, that’s why AheadWorks provides the ability to select only necessary options.

Download / Buy AheadWorks Advanced Reports Magento Extension

AheadWorks Advanced Reports for Magento 2

AheadWorks Advanced Reports Magento 2 module

AheadWorks Advanced Reports for Magento 2 is not as robust as its predecessor, but it is already a reliable tool for Magento 2 that adds some missing features. With this module, you will get only 6 reports (more reports should be available soon), a report drill down with expanded data, and stunning visual graphs for each report.

AheadWorks Advanced Reports Magento 2 Extension

The available basic reports provide the ability to evaluate general performance of your Magento 2 website from different perspectives. First of all, you get a complete sales overview that assembles core sales KPIs in a convenient table. Then, there is a report on product performance that breaks sales down by individual products. Other stats are gathered around categories, payment types, coupon codes, and manufacturers.

AheadWorks Advanced Reports Magento 2 Extension

As for report drill downs, they provide the ability to combine several reports on one interface with responsive settings and a breadcrumb trail. As a result, the minimum time is required to adjust and navigate the reports. You can break any given period by such periods as day, week, month, quarter, or year. And there is no need to return to Magento report selection for switching between reports, since there is an appropriate drop down menu. Furthermore, you can even contact support and access the extension’s documentation right from the Advanced Reports Magento 2 extension.

Download / Buy AheadWorks Advanced Reports Magento 2 Extension

Recent Updates

Advanced Reports 2.0

  • New Sales Report Report. Reveals almost all significant parameters of sales, including multiple product and customer attributes, versatile totals, etc.
  • New Charts. The new look of charts became more informative and visually attractive. Parameters are made in different colours and can be displayed simultaneously in one chart.
  • New Grids. The extension uses native Magento grids with advanced filtering, sorting, and design management opportunities.
  • Bar Chart for the Product Performance Report. The Product Performance Report takes  advantage of bar charts.
  • Performance Improvements, including Index Management. Advanced Report 2.0 is tested and approved for the stores containing up 200+ thousand orders due to the implemented performance improvements and own ad-hoc data index system.

Advanced Reports 2.1

  • New Sales by Attributes Report. The new report displays sales for different product attributes and attribute combinations.
  • Profit and Margin Calculations and Records. Profit and margin related data are included into the Product Performance report.
  • Report  Bookmarks. Custom report views are saved in bookmarks for each individual user.

Advanced Reports 2.2

  • New Traffic and Conversions Report. The new report allows Magento admins to track sales related to the generated traffic and calculate average conversion rates for selected periods. The reports includes three reports in fact available through the drill-down hierarchy. The first level describes the average data related to the whole store, the second displays traffic and conversions divided by products, and finally the third level shows traffic conversions and conversion rates dynamics for a particular product.

Advanced Reports 2.3

  • Data Comparisons. Advanced Reports 2.3 is able to compare and display comparison  charts for different time periods, including the ones set up by customers.

Customer Group Filters. The implemented Customer Group filter allows to built reports related to certain customer groups across the full set of the reports provided by the extension.”

Final Thoughts

AheadWorks offers the most popular reporting solution for both Magento 1 and Magento 2. And if the second tool is a quite robust pioneer in the world of Magento 2 modules, the good old Magento 1 module is a time-tested and community-proven extension necessary for arranging ecommerce data on an average Magento website. With 13 standard and 10 extended reports, the tool covers the most important ecommerce aspects of every online storefront. And since the default platform does not offer the same opportunities, the importance of the module is obvious.

As for Advanced Reports for Magento 2 with its 6 reports, the module also offers some lacking features, so don’t hesitate to purchase and install it. The extension is already very useful and it will be even more reliable and full-featured after further updates.