Mirasvit Stability Suite for Magento 2

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

Today we want to present you a new module from MirasvitStability Suite for Magento 2. The extension helps ecommerce merchants track changes in the code and configuration and monitor website performance to ensure that everything functions properly. If the module identifies some negative effect on, let’s say, your website pages loading speed or increase in occurring errors, it will send you an automatic notification.

Let’s have a look at the module’s functionality in more detail.

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A live ecommerce site is continuously changing to meet business requirements and satisfy customer demands. New extensions and configuration modifications improve the functioning of a store in general, but at the same time might have an adverse effect on some indicators. As time goes by, you might notice that your web pages loading speed is going down, but it is not that easy to identify the initial reason when you have a bunch of various extensions installed. Other issues might emerge when JavaScript or PHP errors influence the functionality of a store, and a store owner has difficulties in recognizing their source.

After installing the Stability Suite Magento 2 module, you will be able to:

  • Track code and configuration changes;
  • View modification of modules and plugins, their installation and upgrades;
  • Monitor JavaScript, PHP, Page Not Found (404), and Service Unavailable (503) errors;
  • Analyze your website pages timing;
  • Prevent your online store from slowing down;
  • View notifications on website performance improvement right on the Magento Admin panel;
  • Fix issues as soon as they occur;
  • See Magento versions update;
  • Track changes in environment configuration.

If Stability Suite determines some negative impact of the made changes on your website performance or finds new errors, it will show a warning message in the Magento backend.

The module analyzes a website performance indicators by comparing their average values in each store version and notifies admins about critical divergence from normal figures if any was found. In this way, you can also understand how your indicators behave in different configurations of your web store. The Stability Suite enables users to keep track of such performance indicators, like time of store pages generation (home, catalog, cart, checkout, and other pages), page cache coverage, number of PHP, JS, 404, and 503 errors, and more.

Final Words

Stability Suite for Magento 2 by Mirasvit is the best solution for ecommerce sites enabling users to control errors, developer and configuration changes, and extensions modifications to prevent issues that can disrupt a store performance. You can purchase Stability Suite for Magento 2 for $149. Free installation, 90 days of support, and lifetime updates are included in this price.

Download / Buy Mirasvit Stability Suite Magento 2 Extension