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Mageworx Magento 2 SEO Suite Extension Review

Mageworx introduces the first all-in-one SEO extension for Magento 2 that eliminates duplicate content issues, improves the indexation of your ecommerce storefront, and makes it more search engine friendly. We will describe the Mageworx Magento 2 SEO Suite extension with all its features after the break. Mageworx and Mirasvit SEO solutions are compared here: Magento 2 SEO Suites Comparison.

Mageworx highlights 8 core Magento 2 SEO features. First of all, it is the usage of rel=canonical URLs for category, product, and layered navigation pages that improves your current store ranking. Another important aspect of this Magento 2 SEO extension is cross domain canonical URLs. Along with robots meta tags, they also provide a positive influence on your position among other search results.

Besides, you get individual Magento 2 SEO settings for all products and categories available on your ecommerce website. This SEO Magento feature helps to implement SEO improvements more precisely. Another notable opportunity is related to Magento 2 SEO templates that are designed for the seamless optimization of metadata for both product and category pages. Advanced HTML sitemap, extended XML sitemap settings, and rich cross linking capabilities are mentioned as top features of the Mageworx Magento 2 SEO Suite extension as well.

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If such characteristics didn’t impress you, then pay attention to a more detailed description of this Magento 2 SEO plugin. Below, we describe the following Magento 2 SEO checklist from the perspective of the extension:

  • Canonical URLs;
  • Crawling and Indexing;
  • HTML and XML Sitemap;
  • Cross Linking;
  • SEO Templates (Products and Categories);
  • Upcoming Improvements.

Canonical URLs

If you are not familiar with canonical URLs, let’s make a brief excursion. A canonical link element is an HTML element designed to prevent duplicate content issues which is common for ecommerce websites. By specifying a “canonical” web page, you chose its preferred version shown to search engines. As a result, your Magento website becomes more SEO-friendly.
In ecommerce, it’s natural for the same content to be accessed through different URLs. The same product page gets dynamic URLs due to the way a customer behaves on your website. He or she can use various filters while trying to find a desired item, as a result you face the problem of duplicated content.

Luckily, the advanced SEO suite for Magento 2 helps to avoid this problem strengthening the SEO potential of your website in general and its most important store pages in particular. The extension sets canonical URLs pointing search engines to the preferred versions of your pages. Core canonical URL features introduced with Mageworx Magento 2 SEO extension are:

  • canonical tags;
  • trailing slash in the homepage canonical URL;
  • cross-domain canonical URL for your Magento store;
  • pager for category canonical tags;
  • rel=next/prev.

And you can easily point your layered navigation pages to either a filtered page or a current category. All these improvements essentially strengthens the default SEO potential of Magento 2.

Mageworx SEO Magento 2 Extension

Crawling and Indexing

When you perform a Google search, a search engine checks its index (a huge storage of data) to determine the most relevant results, which will be returned to you. The process is entirely based on crawling, indexing, and serving.

Crawling is a process when Google sends its spider to your Magento 2 website to track its new and updated pages. As for indexing, the core goal of this procedure is to put the obtained results on Google’s index. Googlebot processes each of the pages it has recently crawled to compile a massive index of all words and other information available on your website (their location also matters).

And since serving is a process of returning the most relevant results, you have a perfect opportunity to improve the first two processes with Mageworx Magento 2 SEO extension by indexing the important pages and restricting access to the insignificant content. Magento 2 SEO Suite provides the following features:

  • Robots Meta Header for HTTPS pages, extra pages, and pages with no content;
  • the # of Layered Navigation filters to be forbidded from indexation.

Mageworx SEO Magento 2 Extension

HTML and XML Sitemap

There are two core types of sitemaps: HTML and XML. And while the first type helps your visitors navigate your Magento 2 website more efficiently, it is unsupported by search engines, that’s why it is necessary to create an additional XML sitemap to improve your SEO.  An HTML sitemap is a bulleted outline text version of the website navigation. Created in the XML format, it can be submitted to search engines to improve the effectiveness of crawling.

With the help of a sitemap, you can provide search engines with information about your dynamic content, which cannot be crawled in default conditions. Besides, you improve your Magento 2 SEO results if your store is new and does not have many links to it. The same is about websites with archived content that are not well-linked. And by helping your visitors to browse your website more efficiently, you also improve SEO.

Hence, the Mageworx Magento 2 SEO Suite extension is a must have SEO tool for your store, since it can hierarchically arrange all your store links in a single place. With the Magento 2 SEO module you are able to perform the following HTML sitemap actions:

  • Display all your stores;
  • Include or exclude any CMS page;
  • Include only chosen products;
  • Define the sorting order of each product;
  • Set the maximum depth level;
  • Add extra links.

Mageworx SEO Magento 2 Extension

As for the XML sitemap functionality, the Magento 2 SEO suite extension also provides the ability to crop the home page URL identifier as well as set its priority. Besides, it is possible to set a Trailing Slash and add extra links adjusting their frequency and priority.

Mageworx SEO Magento 2 Extension

Cross Linking

Although cross linking often refers to the process of linking between two sites, it also often covers the internal link building. Thus, cross linking allows you to point your visitors to the content similar to that which they are already viewing. As a result, you improve page ranking as well as get more engaged customers. Just remember the way Wikipedia works: you open an article about cross linking and after two hours you are already reading about Ancient Greek philosophy. Although it is impossible to link these two topics, but Wikipedia points its readers from one article to another very smoothly, so you can’t even notice the moment when you’ve left the field of SEO.

As for Mageworx Magento 2 SEO Suite, it helps to build internal and external links with just one click and easily link all relevant site pages together. Besides, This Magento 2 SEO extension provides the ability to set up links to external authoritative sources seamlessly. With this module you can:

  • Insert both internal and external links into targeted keywords;
  • Place cross links on all your products, categories, and CMS pages;
  • Set store views to build links for;
  • Run keyword replacement and set priority.

Mageworx SEO Magento 2 Extension

SEO Templates (Products and Categories)

With the help of SEO templates, you can easily optimize a massive amount of metadata for your product pages within short periods of time. This feature is extremely useful if you don’t want to miss anything and if you are tired of tons of manual SEO improvements. With advanced SEO templates offered by the Mageworx Magento 2 SEO Suite Extension, you can easily apply product attributes for meta titles, description, and keywords, product URL keys, as well as H1 tags. Besides, the module provides the ability to utilize the list of attributes in the optimization of product descriptions across a whole Magento 2 website. Please note that templates can be applied to three groups of content:

  • individual products;
  • a bunch of selected products;
  • chosen product attribute sets.

Mageworx SEO Magento 2 Extension

As for the extension’s category page SEO templates, they are responsible for such areas as Magento 2 meta title, keywords, and description; a category description; and a category SEO name. It is possible to optimize all categories simultaneously or any chosen categories.

Mageworx SEO Magento 2 Extension

Both product and category SEO templates fully supports Magento Cron and can be applied to any chosen store view.

Upcoming Improvements and Final Thoughts

Since the Magento 2 SEO Suite extension is a new tool, there are a lot of updates planned for further years. Currently, Mageworx promises to add the hreflang tag support and SEO reports. What features should be next? Leave your thoughts in comments.

As you can see, Mageworx offers a very reliable Magento 2 SEO extension which will significantly improve your website ranking. Everyone wants to see his or her website on the first page of search results, and Magento 2 SEO Suite is designed to achieve this goal. The extension costs $249 – quite a low price for a full-featured solution which will get a lot of new updates in the nearest future. Just check the Magento SEO Suite Ultimate extension which has 137 reviews and 5/5 stars to get rid of doubts (if you still have any). Perhaps, it is the best Magento 2 SEO extension, but you can check some alternative solutions here:  Magento 2 SEO Extensions.

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