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Convenient navigation and intuitive interface are one of the most critical factors of frictionless shopping experience on an online store. If website visitors can’t quickly find desired products, it negatively affects their purchasing decisions and makes them more likely to leave a store without order. That’s why it is vital for an ecommerce merchant to properly organize menu navigation on a storefront to improve the customer browsing experience and not to lose potential profits. The menu available with default Magento 2 is not the best option if you want to provide your customers with advanced navigation. If you have a rich product catalog and want to help customers find specific items there, we recommend you to install an appropriate third-party module.

Today, we present you a brand-new solution that adds necessary functionality for convenient browsing on your store – the Amasty Mega Menu extension for Magento 2. The module enables online store owners to build custom navigation menus without any special skills required. With the extension’s toolset, you can quickly create dynamic menu bars with visually attractive elements and include all necessary pages and products there. This way, you will provide your store visitors with clear information about the goods you are selling and motivate them to make a purchase due to fast and comfortable navigation through your website pages.

Below, we highlight the features of the Magento 2 advanced navigation menu module and describe its benefits.

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  • Advanced navigation menu;
  • Images in the menu;
  • Possibility to include external URLs in the menu;
  • Products sorting by brands;
  • 4 different layout types;
  • Menu customization without CSS;
  • Option to add labels to menu items;
  • Responsive on mobile devices;
  • Compatibility with Amasty Shop by Brand and Page Builder.

The Mega Menu extension by Amasty provides Magento backend users with the ability to easily create custom navigation menus and provide store visitors with flexible browsing across website pages. As a store owner, you decide which categories, subcategories, CMS pages, and other content elements to include in your dynamic menu to make it more informative and user-friendly.

The Magento 2 module allows adding unique content, like static blocks, images, and external URL links, to the menu to make it more appealing and intuitive. You can place different content elements in each category drop-down list: top, main content, and bottom areas. Moreover, it is possible to implement sorting by brands for the products included in the navigation menu by installing the Amasty Shop by Brand extension. With this feature, frontend users will be able to view a list of items in the menu by brands in the alphabetical order on the mouse hover and quickly filter them to find a required manufacturer. You can also create unique descriptions for each brand and place it on its individual page.

The Mega Menu extension provides admin users with easy-to-configure backend interface and various customization options, so they can fine-tune the menu look according to specific requirements. You can choose one of the four layout types for your menu bar: “boxed”, “sectioned”, “full- width”, or “configurable of columns”. Furthermore, Magento admins can easily customize the design of navigation menus without using CSS classes. This way, you can change a menu’s colors, width, icons, and position to better fit your web store theme. To make a menu bar more eye-catchy, you can also add special labels to products or categories. Highlighting menu items with bright labels will attract customers’ attention to particular goods that you want to promote right on the navigation menu. Thus, you can utilize mega menus in your marketing campaigns and use them as a tool for special offers or sales running on your store.

It is also necessary to mention that navigation menus created with the Amasty extension are responsive on mobile devices due to the Magento mobile breakpoint functionality. It means that a menu bar is automatically adjusted to fit a mobile phone’s screen size. This way, you can provide mobile shoppers with the same customer experience as on the web version of your store and avoid losing potential customers.

Note that the Magento 2 advanced menu module is compatible with Page Builder, which allows you to create pages with various content types and provides a drag-and-drop tool for placing all content elements in necessary order on a page.

Final Words

Amasty Mega Menu for Magento 2 is a robust solution for building navigation menus with enhanced functionality and quickly adding them to a storefront. The module enables users to add various elements to a menu and create a custom design, making them look attractive and easy-to-use for website visitors. This way, you will drastically improve the shopping experience on your store and engage more customers. Convenient website navigation helps online shoppers quickly find what they are looking for, which decreases the bounce rate and boosts sales.

The Amasty extension will be released soon. Follow the link below to get the latest updates:

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