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Boost my Shop Amazon Magento 2 Extension Module

If you still connect your online storefront to Amazon manually, we have some good news. The Magento 2 marketplace offers a reliable connector that saves tons of time and effort. Meet the Boost My Shop Amazon Magento 2 extension – a revolutionary tool that allows connecting the desired sales channel to your primary ecommerce website. The module is fully integrated with both Magento 2 and Amazon so that you can connect your storefront to the marketplace worldwide. Also, note that the Boost My Shop Amazon Magento 2 extension allows to connect multiple accounts and provides real-time synchronization for both orders and products. Below, we describe these and other features in more detail.

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Boost my Shop offers the easiest way to sell on Amazon using a Magento 2 website only. The idea of eliminating the necessity to manage several accounts and backend interfaces and combining everything under the interface of one module is brilliant. Why should you do the same things twice? With the Boost my Shop Amazon Magento 2 module, it is no longer necessary. Simply install the extension and get the full control over your Amazon accounts right in the Magento 2 backend. Either third-party platforms or monthly fees won’t be used or charged.

Since the Boost My Shop Amazon Magento 2 module is open source, it offers wide opportunities when it comes to customization options. Due to high configurability, the tool can be easily adapted to the most strict ecommerce requirements.

As for the multiple Amazon accounts support, the Magento 2 module allows users to fully leverage Amazon Power Seller, so different accounts will be connected to the same extension under one Magento 2 backend.

Another vital feature is the UPC / EAN product code support. It allows matching all products from your Magento 2 store with the ones available in your Amazon account automatically. Consequently, there is no need to spend time on listing products on Amazon, since the extension does everything without your intervention. Moreover, the Boost My Shop Amazon Magento 2 extension will soon be able to export categories, products, and attributes created in Magento 2 to Amazon!

As for stock and prices, they are constantly updated after you install and activate the module. Also, note that Boost My Shop allows you to sell on Magento 2 and Amazon using different prices. The extension is extremely flexible, so it doesn’t put restrictions on such key aspect as prices.

Now, it is necessary to say a few words about the functionality related to orders. As soon as they are placed on Amazon, the corresponding data is sent to Magento 2. Next, you do all the standard procedures, and when the shipment is confirmed, the Boost My Shop Amazon Magento 2 module sends tracking data back to Amazon.


How to Create a New Account

The first thing you should do after installing the extension is to create a new account. The Boost My Shop Amazon Magento 2 extension provides a very intuitive interface, so it’s not a big deal. Simply click the “Create New Account” button under Amazon -> Accounts. In the General tab, specify the account name and enable it. Next, the Boost My Shop Amazon Magento 2 module requires to enter such parameters as Merchant ID, Access Key ID, and Secret Key. All these credentials are available on

Next, it is necessary to configure settings for each Amazon account. First of all, select an attribute that will be used as a product reference (in most cases, it is SKU). Then, choose a store view with which you want to synchronize the Amazon account.

Then, enable order import from Magento cron, set a limit on days range for the import, decide whether to handle orders as guest orders or create user accounts, and specify a customer group used for the import. Here, you also select a tax class and status for imported orders, enable invoice generation, and select shipment and payment methods.

In Shipment Confirmation, you enable/disable shipment confirmation from the Magento 2 backend.

As for the Product section, it allows specifying a Magento attribute used for a product barcode.

The Offer section allows you to enable/disable stock and price export from Magento 2 cron. You can select stock and price attributes that will be used in export, use special prices if they exist, apply tax and price coefficient before export, as well as select a delay attribute and specify a default delay.

How to Sync Products With Amazon

You can synchronize Magento 2 products with Amazon under Amazon -> Products. All the necessary items are available in a grid. There is a drop-down list with available accounts on the left. Select the one you want to sync products with and hit the “Sync Listing” button on the right.

Alternatively, it is possible to apply the same action to selected products manually:

Order Management

Note that you can download orders manually under Amazon -> Orders. All you need to do is to hit the “Check New Orders” button. By default, orders are synced automatically every 20 minutes (the same is about shipping confirmation).


Another useful element of the Boost My Shop Amazon Magento 2 module is available under Amazon -> Dashboard. Here, you can view various stats related to all configured accounts. If you need data related to a specific country, apply a filter. As for available information, it is divided into 4 sections: Sales (by day, week, and month), orders (Last imported at, Last check, and Shipment to confirm), Products (listed and in error), and Errors (various errors).

Final Words

Boost My Shop offers the easiest way to connect Magento 2 with Amazon. If you are tired of managing both sales channels separately or just want to explore the new one in addition to the Magento 2 store, try Boost My Shop Amazon for Magento 2. The solution provides robust tools for combining both platforms within the same business. The extension costs $749, and you can purchase it here:

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