Magento 2 Quick Order Extension by Mageplaza

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

One of the main reasons, which lead to the increase in the number of abandoned carts in online stores, is that the buyers are likely to lose their patience during order processing, especially those who buy in bulk. Thus, the confusion when it comes to searching for an item, choosing the product size, enlarging its quantity, or even the low-speed Internet, would probably cause, less or more, annoying feeling towards customers and prevent them from placing an order.

Fully understanding those problems, Mageplaza has built up Quick Order extension as an excellent solution. It creates a useful and supportive tool to help customers make their decision and order more quickly and conveniently, providing them a better experience during shopping in online stores. Additionally, by customizing not only any features but also designs, there is no doubt that Quick Order will be a supportive tool to raise the number of both buyers and orders.


Why choose Quick Order Extension for Magento 2

Lightning-fast Instant Search for Products

With the eye-catching theme, the search box provides customers with ease and convenience to find out their intended products easily. Noticeably, all actions from searching, choosing details for order are processed on a single page, which while the necessary features are all simplified and located on only one single page to maximumly reduce the possibility of abandoning page before checking out. Only by typing one or several letters of an item’s name or SKU code, the buyers will be immediately suggested relative results with product images and related information.

Bulk Add to Cart in Several Clicks

There are 3 proper ways to add a tremendous number of products to cart:

  • Upload a CSV file – Bulk add: Quick Order allows users to upload CSV files to search a large number of items and add all to cart with ease, which saves a lot of shopping time for customers
  • Search – Select – Add: By searching the product’s name or its SKU code, the whole of the related items will be shown up. After selecting wished products, customers just need to click “Add to cart” button to proceed checkout.
  • Enter multi-SKUs – Bulk adds: Instead of uploading CSV file, users can directly enter multiple SKUs to add products to cart. This function is suitable for those who are well-prepared for a list of the products’ SKU codes. 

Optimize Quick Order Page

With its clear and user-friendly interface, Quick Order page is optimized to empower principal buttons. Just by some simple clicks on buttons on one single page, customers can quickly process their purchases. Searching for products, choosing detailed attributes, duplicating items are all quick and easy with Mageplaza Quick Order extension.

Highly Customizable Design

High customization of Quick Order’s design must be a plus for your store. The colors of Heading Background, Heading Text and Heading Background Button can be edited on the backend to match your store theme.

Extra features

Custom URL & page title

On the backend, URL and title of the page can be customized easily.

Fast order link position

Quick Order link can be located by the Search box, on Top Menu, and at Footer.

Quick order for groups

Quick Order page can be set to be visible to particular customer groups.

Instant search

Allow store owners to manage the number of search results, auto-search minimum character, product image display.


Easy to use

What a useful extension! It is clear to see and manage.


At first, I was a little hesitated to apply this extension to my store site; however, it turned out to be really great. The feedbacks by visitors and customers are much more positive recently. Thanks, Mageplaza.

Beyond my expectation

Actually, this is what I’m looking for. Especially, the most impressive thing is your willing support. Almost my report emails were responded shortly and I highly appreciate that. Good job, guys.


General Configuration

From the backend, you can manage the setting easily with several features such as editing the page title, renaming route name or even allowing specific customer groups to see Quick Order.


Some essential features, which support the buyers to search in an easy way, are presented in the Search field. The store owner can edit all the default settings from the backend.


All the settings of design are set in the Design field and can be re-fixed to match your store theme.


Top Menu

top menu

  • Next to Search Box

next to search box

Footer Link

footer link

By clicking on the Quick Order button/link, visitors can approach the Quick Order page whose  front is shown as below:

Full feature list

For store admins

  • 3 locations for Quick Order to be located: by the Search box, on the Top menu, and at the Footer
  • Display Quick Order page to specific customer groups
  • Edit the Quick Order page route name and page title
  • Create/edit/perform message to announce to customers not allowed to access Quick Order page
  • Configure Quick Order label
  • Set the minimum number of letters to be searched
  • Limit the number of product search results
  • Allow/disallow displaying product images
  • Edit heading background color
  • Edit heading text color
  • Edit heading background button

For shoppers

  • Be directed easily to the Quick Order page by clicking on the Quick Order link
  • Search for items by name or SKU by  the search bar
  • View product image during  searching
  • View product photos, SKUs and subtotals of all items on one single  page
  • Pick product characteristics right on the Quick Order page
  • Set  product quantity by changing the plus /minus  buttons
  • Promptly enlarge product quantity by inserting an exact number
  • Duplicate or remove the chosen items
  • Add various products by entering many SKUs
  • Add a list of items by uploading CSV files
  • Remove products or add more to list
  • Add to cart and go to checkout with a single click

Final words

In the e-commerce market, it is extremely hard for the store owners to find a way to make their site superior to the others. However, “hard” does not mean impossible. By customers’ experience, Quick Order extension encourages shoppers to make purchases and come back to your site again. As a result, this helpful extension makes great contribution to increase conversion rate and boost sales.  Therefore, there is no doubt that it will be the wise decision to install Mageplaza Quick Order as an excellent solution to enhance the strength of your store site.