Restore Cancelled Orders for Magento 2 by Addify

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

If you run your online store on the default Magento 2 platform, it is not possible to restore cancelled orders in case such need arises. To add the missing functionality and improve overall orders management on your ecommerce site, you can install the Restore Cancelled Orders Magento 2 extension by Addify. Addify presents a simple solution for Magento 2 websites allowing to uncancel particular orders within a couple of clicks. Below, we explain how the Magento 2 uncancel order module works in more detail. 


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When operating your ecommerce business, sometimes you might need to restore some orders on your store that were accidentally cancelled by admin. Another necessity to recover an order might occur if it was cancelled on the customer request. Since Magento 2 doesn’t provide the possibility to restore cancelled orders by default, you will need to go into the code to make necessary changes. By installing the Magento 2 Restore Cancelled Orders extension by Addify, you will get the ability to uncancel orders right from your admin panel without any technical skills.


  • New mass action added to the orders grid;
  • Recovery of cancelled orders from the orders grid;
  • Possibility to uncancel multiple orders at a time;
  • Orders are restored to its original state;
  • Ability to uncancel a single order from the order view page.

The Magento 2 restore order module adds a new action to the Orders grid that allows to uncancel selected orders in one click. All you have to do is to pick one or multiple orders that were canceled and need to be recovered for some reason and select “Un Cancel” from the mass action drop-down options. Another option provided by the Magento 2 cancelled order module is to recover an order individually from the order view page. This way, online store owners get a new vital function on their Magento 2 stores, helping them to save a significant amount of time on orders processing.


To start using the extension, first, enable it on the general configuration page.

Then, navigate to Sales -> Orders where you will find a grid with all existing orders on your store. To restore particular orders, select them on the grid and click “Un Cancel” in the mass actions drop-down list.

Another possibility you get with the Magento 2 order uncancel module is restoring each order individually. After choosing a necessary order, press “Un Cancel” at the top right corner of the order view page.

After uncancelling the order, it will get the “custom cancel” status on the Orders grid.

As you can see, the Magento 2 Restore Cancelled Orders extension has a very simple admin configuration, so you can quickly apply the module’s functions whenever required.  

Final Words

The Addify Restore Cancelled Order extension adds vital functionality to the out-of-the-box Magento 2 version, which makes it a must-have tool for any ecommerce merchant. The module simplifies code editing tasks and helps to save time on orders processing in general. With a new action added to the orders grid, you will be able to restore as many orders as needed in one click. The Magento 2 module costs only $39, so don’t hesitate to give it a go. 

Download / Buy Addify Restore Cancelled Orders Magento 2 Extension