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Today, we provide you with an overview of one more tool from the group of the Sharadice schedule modules for Magento 2. If you want to implement scheduling functionality for the categories top menu on your website, pay attention to the Schedule Topmenu Magento 2 extension by Sharadice. With the tool, you can plan future top menu content updates beforehand and schedule their display on the storefront. Thus, by installing the Schedule Topmenu extension, you get a vital add-on for planning how content will be delivered to your website visitors during various promotions. 

Below, we describe the core features of the Magento 2 menu scheduling module and show how to configure it in the backend.

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  • Ability to set precise date and time when a menu item is activated;
  • Configuration of “publish from” and “publish to” dates for enabling/disabling top menu;
  • Date picker window for a quick selection of day and time;
  • Option to set repeated intervals for publishing top menu items;
  • Inverse publication time feature;
  • Validation and preview of scheduled dates on the confirmation screen;
  • Full-page cache support.

The Schedule Topmenu extension by Sharadice enhances the default functionality of Magento 2 by allowing online store owners to schedule automatic updates of top menu items in specific categories. The Magento 2 module helps ecommerce merchants to keep track of all changes that need to be performed on their websites. The tool applies pre-configured changes automatically according to the schedule set by a store administrator. Thus, you can plan category top menu updates in advance and perform necessary changes in the scheduled periods if required.

The ability to select precise days and time when menu items will be displayed or hidden on the storefront drastically improves the management of marketing campaigns. By scheduling content visibility, you can create targeted promotions and attract more potential customers to your online shop. Moreover, the Magento 2 top menu items schedule module allows setting periodic updates of the category content, which lets you configure all future changes in advance. Thus, you won’t need to manually enable or disable the display of menu items every time they need to be modified.

Due to automatic updates of the category top menu, you can create carefully thought-out promotions and adjust your marketing strategy in line with your business goals. By scheduling the display of menu items, it is possible to plan multiple campaigns at once. For example, you can disable the visibility of top menu items in one category and activate the content of another category on the same day.

As for the backend configuration of the Schedule Topmenu extension, Magento admins get a user-friendly interface and intuitive settings that allow them to set all necessary options in no time. Besides, due to the ability to automatically execute configured settings, store administrators spend less time on some daily routine tasks.

It is also necessary to say a few words about the full page cache support. The cache is flushed automatically right after a new status of the category top menu is activated by the extension. It allows delivering instant content updates on the frontend, which significantly improves customer experience.

Now, let’s proceed to the backend exploration of the Magento 2 schedule top menu items module.


To configure the module, navigate to Catalog -> Categories and select a category for which you need to schedule top menu items. The settings of the Sharadice Schedule Topmenu Magento 2 extension are located in the Schedule Topmenu section.

To apply the module’s functionality on your store, set the “Activate Scheduling” button to the enabled status. If scheduling is disabled, the settings you configure will be saved but not executed. Next, you can choose a date and time to the minute when category top menu items will become available on your storefront. Also, you can set the exact date and time when the menu items will be disabled. You can use a calendar to select appropriate “Publish From” and “To” dates.  

Besides, the Magento 2 Schedule Topmenu extension allows users to set a limited time interval during which the top menu items will be deactivated. To set the period, check the “Inverse Publication Time” box and select corresponding dates and time in the calendar window. To repeat the visibility of the menu content in a particular time interval, you should enter an appropriate value in the Repeat Interval field. Note that the repeat period should be longer than the specified “publish from” and “publish to” dates. You can define a time range for publishing content on a repeated basis in minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years. By selecting a date for the Repeat Stop Date setting, you can set the limit on the repeat interval of top menu items content update. If you want the repetition interval to be endless, leave this field blank.

After you save the changes you made in the category settings, you will see a message confirming that the schedule is activated. The confirmation window also shows the time intervals scheduled for the top menu items display.

Final Words

The Magento 2 Schedule Topmenu extension by Sharadice is a robust tool that allows implementing relevant features for scheduling content updates in the product categories. After installing the module, you will increase the efficiency of your promo campaigns and simplify some routine admin tasks. The extension helps online store owners to boost conversions and gain more profit. The price of the Magento 2 top menu item schedule module is $78, and you can get it by the link below:

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