Extendware Order Reminder Magento 2 Extension

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

Today we are describing a tool that is designed to help ecommerce merchants to get additional revenue by communicating with customers who are registered on an online store. Extendware Order Reminder for Magento 2 sends automatic reminders to those shoppers who haven’t made purchases on your store yet, using various incentives. Below, we explore the Magento 2 reminder email module in closer detail.

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After installing the Order Reminder extension, you will be able to fully leverage its functionality allowing you to boost sales and increase profit on your web store without much effort. Using marketing methods to reach out to the existing customers might turn in the higher revenues than applying the same strategy to attract new clients.

The module allows store owners to create a chain of follow-up emails with no limitation on their number and configure them per a store view. This way, you can develop your strategy for more efficient communication with your clients to incentivize them to visit your website. Moreover, it is possible to set time intervals for the reminder emails dispatch depending on your goals. Thus, you can be sure that your messages will reach a customer, as well as you can show your care to a client. If a customer makes an order, he or she will stop receiving follow-up emails.

To make your alerts more catchy, you can add coupons to your messages providing customers with discounts. Note that coupon codes are generated automatically, which significantly saves an admin user’s time, but you can also do this manually if needed. The Magento 2 order reminders extension enables you to decide on the conditions that will trigger a coupon code generation. For example, you can set a minimum order value or specify the products from a particular category to enable the discount. Moreover, each generated coupon code is unique, meaning they can be used only one time and can’t be shared or used by someone else.

It is also necessary to mention that with the Magento 2 follow up emails module you provide your customers with an option to unsubscribe from receiving order reminders.

As a Magento admin, you can exclude specific customer groups from receiving reminders. This way, you may prevent your wholesale clients from getting emails aimed at retailers which can be annoying. Also, it is possible to customize follow up emails in the same way as it is configured for all other email templates in the admin panel.

If you want to have more control over your messages, you can disable the auto-send feature, modify the content of your emails, and send them manually. Moreover, the Magento 2 module records all sent messages in the log, so that you can view their history when necessary. To keep track of your emails, you can also specify an alternate email address for sending the copy of a reminder. Besides, the extension integrates with your Google Analytics account, allowing you to track and analyze your email campaigns.

Note that Order Reminder works well with one step checkout extensions, providing users with improved checkout procedure.

Final Words

Magento 2 Order Reminder by Extendware provides essential functionality to the Magento merchants. With the module, you can utilize all necessary options for creating custom follow up emails, motivating customers to make more purchases on your ecommerce site. As for the price, you can buy the Magento 2 plugin for $169. For more details, check the link below:

Download / Buy Extendware Order Reminder Magento 2 Extension