Amasty Quick Order Magento 2 Extension

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

Today, we present you a tool that is especially useful for merchants who want to enhance their B2B ecommerce strategy – Amasty Quick Order for Magento 2. The Magento 2 module allows merchants to make the order placement procedure much faster by implementing the quick order form on the storefront. By letting your website visitors find items via their SKU or name and add them to cart in one click, you can significantly save their time on looking for all necessary products. Thus, the Amasty Quick Order extension increases customer loyalty and helps online store owners build stronger relations with their B2B clients.

Below, we shed light on the core features offered by the Quick Order Form Magento 2 extension.


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  • Quick order form with product SKU/name search function;
  • Instant AJAX search window;
  • Product autosuggestions on SKU input;
  • Support for various product types;
  • Ability to order products with custom options;
  • Possibility to add multiple products to the order list;
  • No limitations on the number of created order lists;
  • Option to order multiple products in bulk;
  • Ability to upload a CSV file listing items for ordering;
  • Auto-add to cart feature;
  • Customer-group based access to quick order function; 
  • Customization options for the order form.

The Amasty Quick Order extension streamlines the ordering process by letting website visitors search for desired products by their SKUs or names. The Magento 2 module implements the SKU/product name search in the AJAX window. Besides, the extension provides autosuggestion function, so that customers will instantly see relevant product offers after typing a few characters in the search field. After finding a necessary product, a user can specify a required items’ quantity in the search box and add them to the cart.  

In addition to item quantity, customers can choose desired product variants right in the search popup window. Thus, they won’t need to visit each product page to see the available product’s size, color, material, and other custom options. Besides, the Amasty quick orders Magento 2 module provides support for various product types, so your customers will be able to select necessary items from simple, downloadable, virtual, configurable, or grouped products.

Moreover, it is possible to add multiple products at once to the order list right from the search box. The Amasty Quick Order Magento 2 module allows customers to add any required number of rows to the order form and create an unlimited number of order lists. An ability to generate multiple lists with selected products and use them for separate orders is especially useful for B2B clients. After saving created order lists, customers can view them in their profiles and track their status change.

Another useful B2B feature offered by the Amasty quick order form extension is bulk product order via CSV. Usually, wholesalers have prepared lists with the items they need to order. Besides, such product specifications might contain a large number of items. By allowing customers to upload CSV files listing all required products’ SKUs and quickly move them to cart, you drastically improve the shopping experience of your B2B clients. After importing a CSV file, a customer can order listed products in bulk.

Furthermore, store managers can enable auto-add function, so that products listed in the order form will be automatically added to the shopping cart. This way, you can make the order placement procedure maximally fast and simple. Besides, admins can limit the access to quick order form depending on the customer segment. For example, you can make the quick order option available only for wholesale customers. It is also possible to specify store views where placing orders via the quick form will be applicable. With the Amasty Quick Order extension, you also get the tools for customizing the look of the order form and order lists on the storefront.

Final Words

Amasty Quick Order for Magento 2 brings significant improvement to the order placement process on an ecommerce site. By installing the extension, you will allow customers to quickly find desired goods via a convenient order form and place orders for multiple products. The Magento 2 module helps online store owners to build reliable relations with wholesale clients, as well as provide individual customers with a seamless shopping experience. This way, you will encourage your customers to come back to your store and decrease cart abandonment rates. 

Note that the Amasty Quick Order extension for Magento 2 is currently in development. Follow the link below not to miss the latest news on the product release:

Download / Buy Amasty Quick Order Magento 2 Extension