Amasty Cash on Delivery Extension for Magento 2

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The convenient payment process is a vital part of a successful sales strategy for any online store. If online shoppers can’t find suitable shipping and payment methods on a website, they are more likely to abandon their carts and not return to the seller. Though most of the payment transactions on ecommerce websites are processed online, some customers still prefer using cash to pay for purchased products.

Today, we want to present you a new solution by Amasty – the Magento 2 Cash on Delivery extension. The module enhances the default Magento functionality by adding cash on delivery to available payment options at the checkout. After installing the module, you will be able to provide those customers who don’t want to use electronic payment gateways with the possibility to pay in cash on the order delivery. This way, you can offer your clients extended options for making payments and improve user experience on your website.

Below, we look closer at the core features of the Magento 2 Cash on Delivery module by Amasty and describe how it works in the backend and frontend.

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The Magento 2 Cash on Delivery module provides customers with an opportunity to use cash when buying products and make a payment after receiving the order. A possibility to pay on the product delivery increases shopping convenience and allows customers to check ordered items before making payment. This way, online merchants can increase the loyalty of their clients and acquire new customers.


  • Cash on Delivery as a payment method at the checkout;
  • Extra fee for using COD;
  • Ability to include and exclude taxes from fee calculation;
  • Custom text for the COD fee label;
  • COD payments limitation based on the customer location;
  • Postcode verification based on shipping or billing address;
  • Shipping methods restrictions;
  • Cash on delivery availability checker;
  • Success/error messages for COD availability.

Amasty Cash on Delivery brings merchants a set of flexible settings allowing them to fine-tune delivery and payment methods according to their specific needs. With the extension, it is possible to charge extra fees for using cash on delivery as a payment method. You can set the fee amount as a fixed value or percentage of the cart subtotal with or without taxes. It is also possible to display the COD fee with a custom text in a customer’s order summary on the checkout page.

Another possibility provided by the Magento 2 COD payments module is setting location-based restrictions on the cash on delivery usage. The extension lets admin users specify particular ZIP or postal codes for which COD will be allowed. This way, you will not confuse customers by showing them payment methods not available in their area. Besides, you can decide how to validate customers’ postcodes, whether based on billing or shipping address.

Moreover, you can select particular countries from which you want to accept cash on delivery payments. This feature is very beneficial since you might not want to receive cash payments from some regions for legal reasons or, e.g., due to the high crime rate there. Furthermore, you can select shipping methods that can be used along with the cash on delivery payments.

As for improved user experience on the frontend, the Magento 2 module lets customers quickly check the availability of the cash on delivery option in their location right on the shopping cart page. All they need to do is enter their zip/postal code in the appropriate field in the order summary block. Thus, you will avoid situations when a customer wants to check out with COD selected as a payment method, but their region is not eligible for it.

The Cash on Delivery extension also allows displaying messages on the COD availability. If a customer’s postcode is not eligible for the payment method, they will see an error message and will not be able to use it at the checkout. If cash on delivery is allowed for a shopper’s location, a success message will show up after entering a postal code in the availability checker field.

Now, let’s explore how the Magento 2 cash on delivery payments module functions from the admin perspective.


To configure the Amasty module, navigate to Stores -> Settings -> Configuration -> Sales -> Payment Methods and click on the Cash on Delivery Payment by Amasty tab.

To list COD as a payment method on the frontend, enable the extension. Next, you can create a custom title for the payment gateway displayed at the checkout and set a new order status (Pending or Processing). Here, you also decide whether to accept Cash on Delivery payments from all countries or only specified ones.

In the Instructions field, you can type in a text of your message to customers with additional information on the payment. Then, specify the limits for the order total amount applicable to the COD method and set the sorting order to define the position of Cash on Delivery in the list of payment gateways on your storefront. Besides, you can enable an additional fee for using the payment method, specify the fee label displayed in the order summary block, and select a fee type (fixed amount or percent) and a method for the fee calculation (excluding or including tax). Next, set the amount of fee charged and choose an appropriate tax class for fees with a fixed amount.

Magento 2 Cash On Delivery module review

The extension also allows activating postcode verification. If you enable this function, specify which address type should be validated (billing or shipping address) and enter postal codes eligible for the cash on delivery option. Here, it is also possible to select particular shipping methods for which COD will be available.


After installing the Amasty Cash on Delivery module and enabling it in the Magento admin, the cash on delivery option will be listed in available payment methods on your storefront at the checkout. Cash On Delivery will become visible to your website visitors if their postcodes are allowed for this payment method and the cart order total is within limits configured in the backend. Instructions specified by the admin are also displayed at this stage.

As we’ve mentioned above, customers can quickly check COD availability for their location. To do this, they need to type in a postal or zip code in the order summary block on the cart page and click the “Check” button. Then, a message informing about the cash on delivery payments availability or unavailability will be displayed.

An extra fee charged for using cash on delivery payment method is specified in the order summary on the checkout page.

Final Words

Amasty Cash on Delivery for Magento 2 provides a set of flexible settings that allow organizing shipment and payment procedures in a more comfortable way for both customers and merchants. The extension has a user-friendly backend interface so that Magento admins can easily tweak all options according to particular requirements. With the Amasty module installed on a website, customers can quickly check all necessary information about COD payments before the checkout. This way, you improve user experience on your web store and strengthen relationships with your clients, which leads to higher conversion rates and increased profit.

You can buy the Magento 2 Cash on Delivery module for $99, which is not a high price for such a useful add-on.

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