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Running a blog on your Magento 2 website is always a good idea, because customers not only buy goods on your store, but find out something new, interesting, or entertaining on the store website. Consequently, they return to your Magento 2 storefront more often. Besides, you improve your current rankings by making your store more reliable from the perspective of search engines. As a result, Magento 2 blog extensions improve SEO, conversion rates, and loyalty. Below, you will find the best free and paid Magento 2 extensions developed to add a blog to every ecommerce store. Appropriate 1.x solutions are gathered here: The Best Blog Extensions for Magento 1.


Blog for Magento 2 by aheadWorks

AheadWorks Blog Magento 2 Extension Review; AheadWorks Blog Magento 2 Module Overview

Since aheadWorks is one of the best and most well known companies on the Magento market, its extensions are always reliable, user-friendly, and useful. And the Magento 2 Blog extension is not an exception. This Magento 2 blog module includes all features dictated by the best industry practices, because it was designed with the ability to create and manage the most engaging content in mind.

AheadWorks Blog Magento 2 Extension Review; AheadWorks Blog Magento 2 Module Overview

When exploring this Magento 2 blogging extension for the first time, you pay attention to its feature-rich content editor, which incorporates all essential writing/design features and tools. A slightly deeper exploration will lead you to the understanding of SEO friendliness available with Blog for Magento 2 by aheadWorks. All the best practices are implemented within the module. You can easily get SEO friendly URLs, XML sitemap, and metadata by using the extension.

AheadWorks Blog Magento 2 Extension Review; AheadWorks Blog Magento 2 Module Overview

Content navigation of this Magento 2 Blog extension is a separate topic, since it provides one of the most convenient ways of traveling through various categories, tags, and sidebar blocks. If you are wondering, how well are the comment management features of this Magento 2 extension, we can say without any doubts they are excellent due to the DISQUS integration. Besides, the extension offers instant live support and clear documentation.

Get more information about the extension, including its recent updates here: aheadWorks Blog Magento 2 Module.

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Blog Pro by Amasty

Magento 2 Blog Modules

This is another reliable Magento 2 blog extension that you can be installed on your ecommerce website. Blog Pro by Amasty is more complicated than the aforementioned Magento 2 blog module, but it offers wider content management opportunities. For example, you can choose among several blog layouts

Blog Magento 2 Extension

or enable/disable different social buttons and features.

Blog Magento 2 Extensions

This is how a page with the WYSIWYG editor is designed:

Magento 2 Blog Extensions

As you an see, there are also tabs related to thumbnails, author data (Additional), SEO (Meta Data), and stats. You can discover more features here:

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 Magento 2 Blog Extension by MageFan

Magento 2 Blog Extensions

MageFan also offers a tool which can help you create a professional blog on Magento 2, where your awesome posts will look even better. The Magento 2 blog extension supports multiple languages, so you can write your posts on any one available on your Magento 2 website. And with the aid of a convenient search system, your visitors will easily find materials they are looking for.

To increase views and sales, you can use relinks to your products and other posts as well as add widgets with recent posts or monthly archives. Besides, there is a possibility to move your posts and even whole categories from WordPress.

Magento 2 Blog Extensions

Blog Extension for Magento 2 by MageFun is SEO friendly, since it uses optimized permalinks. As for sitemap XML and RSS Feed, they are also available with this Magento 2 blog module.

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Blog by MageArray

Magento 2 Blog Extensions

Nobody will deny that blogging is among the best marketing tactics nowadays, that’s why running a blog on a Magento 2 website is among top steps of every pre-launch checklist. And with the Magento 2 Blog Extension by MageArray, you can easily implement all powerful blogging features on your ecommerce shop. Promote newly launched products, inform your buyers about upcoming items, or just tell interesting stories about your business – the extension offers such opportunities.

Magento 2 Blog Extensions

With user-friendly category management, you can not only make the navigation on the blog easier, but set metadata per category improving your SEO. Other SEO features include friendly URLs, meta titles, keywords, and descriptions per post, category, or author, as well as auto generation of Breadcrumb. Besides, the Blog Extension by MageArray provides the ability to tag posts, so your users can find the desired information with minimum effort.

Magento 2 Blog Extensions

As for comment management, your clients get the ability to share their thoughts by leaving comments. As a store administrator, you can approve this comments manually or use the auto-approval feature. All spammers will be stopped because the captcha feature. It is also necessary to mention that MageArray Magento 2 Blog lets your readers share your post on social media providing you with new visitors and potential customers.

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Blog Pro by Magenest

Magento 2 Blog Extensions

If you still can not imagine your Magento 2 website without a blog, but the aforementioned Magento 2 extensions do not look like a solution of your choice, pay attention to Magenest Blog Pro – it’s a powerful and completely open source Magento 2 extension. Get a great opportunity to communicate with your customers and promote your gods among all visitors of your website for free.

Note that the Magento 2 Blog Pro extension is integrated into social media services. Hence, readers can easily share your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, or wherever else without any additional tools. As for navigation, the extension supports categories, so customers will never get lost among your articles, how-tos, and reviews.

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