MageDelight Quick Order Magento 2 Extension

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

Today, we provide you with an overview of the Magento extension built to make the order placement process smoother and faster. MageDelight Quick Order for Magento 2 is an excellent solution for merchants involved in B2B and wholesale business, as well as for those who care about their clients’ seamless shopping experience. After you install the module on your web store, your customers will be able to order the desired products only by specifying their SKU and quantity. Besides, it is possible to order multiple products and import CSV files to order goods in bulk.

Let’s see which features the extension offers before looking closer at its backend and frontend part.

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  • Possibility to place orders entering a product SKU on the frontend;
  • Both registered and guest users can place orders using SKU;
  • Autosuggestion on SKU input;
  • CSV file upload option for bulk orders;
  • Detailed product info on entering SKU;
  • Access to orders by SKU can be allowed only for specified customer groups;
  • Support for all product types.

The Magento 2 Quick Order module provides customers with the option to look for the products they need using SKU and then quickly order them by entering the required quantity. Moreover, the feature is available not only for logged in users but also for guest visitors, which improves the ordering process for all your clients. In the Quick Order form, individual product SKUs can be entered with no limits on their number, so that a customer can order multiple products at once. Note that autosuggestion is used when entering SKU. Besides, the module allows uploading a CSV file with the list of product SKUs to order items in bulk.

Another function offered by the Quick Order extension is the view of product details on entering a product SKU. The product info instantly opens on the same page, allowing a customer to be sure of a searched item before purchasing it.

As for the admin side, it is possible to select specific customer groups to provide them with access to the Quick Order form. Since the extension is especially useful for B2B customers, you can limit using product SKUs for ordering from your store only for wholesalers. Other key admin functions include a customizable title for the order by SKU page and adding custom messages to the CSV file upload option on the frontend.

Furthermore, Quick Order for Magento 2 supports all product types, including simple, configurable, bundle, grouped, downloadable, and virtual products.

Let’s proceed to explore the Magento 2 Quick Order tool with its backend functionality.


All configuration settings are located under Stores → Settings → Configuration → Magedelight → Order By SKU. The Configuration page is divided into three sections: License Configuration, General Configuration, and Upload File Configuration.

In the first section, enter your serial and activation keys which you will get after the purchase of the Quick Order extension.

In General Configuration, you select domains from available options in ‘Select Website’ field where you want to use the module. The available websites will appear after you enter your license keys. Then, enable the extension, create a title for the Quick Order page that will be displayed on the frontend, select customer groups to give access to quick order option, and enable/disable the feature for guest visitors.

In the last tab of configuration, you can enter a text for a message displayed next to the CSV file upload button on your storefront.


Let’s see how a registered user can make a quick order from the My Account area. The extension adds a new tab to the customer account – Order By SKU.

By clicking on it, a customer will open the Quick Order form where he or she can specify an individual item SKU and quantity needed and then click Add to Cart button to go to checkout. There are no limitations on the number of products ordered via the form. Thus, by clicking the Add Row button, additional fields will be opened. There is also the Upload File field on the same page, allowing a customer to upload a list of SKUs via CSV file and order products in bulk. If you want to remove the uploaded file, click the Reset button. Check Data button is used for the validation of uploaded data; Download Sample lets you get sample data format of the CSV file. Below the Upload File field, there is a short text clarifying the requirements on the uploaded file.

After entering an SKU, you will see a product name and price. If you click on View Details, it will expand the window with more detailed information on the product, as well as its image.

Final Words

MageDelight Quick Order for Magento 2 helps ecommerce merchants provide their customers with improved user experience in regards to the order placement process. Online shoppers, wholesalers, and B2B clients are enabled to quickly order required goods individually or in bulk using product SKU. This way, the need to go to a product page to find what they need is eliminated. As for the admin side, the module is highly customizable and allows backend users to fine-tune quick order form according to their needs.

The price of the Magento 2 Quick Order module is $99. Free lifetime updates and 180-day customer support are included in the price. So. don’t hesitate to try the tool and click on the link below for more details.

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