Amasty B2B Ecommerce Suite for Magento 2

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Out of the box, Magento 2 doesn’t provide sufficient tools specialized for building the B2B ecommerce business model. Today, we present you a complete solution designed for adding missing functionality to the default platform – B2B Ecommerce Suite by Amasty. By implementing the toolset offered by each module from the suite, you will be able to convert your online store into a fully-featured B2B sales platform. Below, we describe the opportunities provided by Amasty B2B Sales Toolkit in more detail.


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The Amasty B2B Ecommerce Suite extension covers all essential features required for developing an efficient B2B business model:

  • Ability to build a base of sales reps and dealers;
  • Limitations on the access to the admin panel;
  • Quick login option via Google account;
  • Flexible display of product options;
  • Personalized pricing strategy for B2B clients;
  • In-store currency as a bonus for purchases;
  • Ability to establish a beneficial refund policy. 

Let’s have a closer look at the possibilities provided by the Amasty B2B suite.

First, you get a necessary functionality for building a base of dealers and assigning them to different customer segments. By introducing dealers into your business strategy, you can drastically improve your customer service and build closer relations with your wholesale customers. With the features of the Amasty Sales Reps and Dealers module, ecommerce store owners can assign work with particular customers to existing dealers and take more control over the staff management.

By leveraging the B2B sales toolkit, you can provide your clients with details about available dealers on the storefront, track order distribution among your managers, send email alerts, and more. It is also possible to allow customers to choose a sales rep they would like to work with. The relevant feature can be added to the registration process.

Other useful functions offered by the Amasty B2B sales suite are related to enhanced store security. With the provided tools, you can set access limitations to Magento Admin for different members of your team. The Amasty extension enables online business owners to build a multi-level accounts hierarchy with parent-child relations. This way, you can define tasks for each user role and manage their fulfillment by your team more efficiently.

Besides, the Google account login features allow merchants to implement Google cross-account protection on their stores. With this level of security, you can ensure higher safety of your data and provide instant access to Magento backend for your store managers. The module enables users to quickly log in to the admin panel using their Google credentials from any device. The Magento 2 extension also releases store admins from manual management of each employee’s access to the store backend.

Another vital feature important for building strong relations with B2B clients is a variety of product options and pricing schemes. With the Amasty Color Swatches Pro module, which is a part of the Amasty B2B suite, you can display simple items of configurable, grouped, and bundle products in a more appealing way. The Magento 2 extension allows showing product options along with their prices in a handy slider, product matrix, or price drop-down. The tool offers advanced functions for the product variants display on the frontend, including AJAX reloads of product info, dynamic image change on mouse hover, and others. 

If you aim at long-term business relations with your clients, personalized pricing offers should become a significant part of your sales strategy. By implementing the Request a Quote functionality on your ecommerce site, you can define customer segments for which prices should be shown or hidden and allow your clients to negotiate over the product price. The tool lets customers submit quotation requests for any goods they would like to buy from the category, product, and shopping cart pages. By processing the submitted quotes, you can better understand your potential customers’ demands and interests and adjust your pricing policy.

With the Amasty B2B ecommerce suite, you also get tools for retaining existing customers and increasing their trust to your business. In return to being a loyal business partner, you can grant store credits to your clients that can be spent on further purchases. By adding in-store-currency to your customers’ accounts, you also provide them with additional payment options. This way, you improve the shopping experience and encourage clients to come back to your store.

Another possibility you get with Magento 2 Store Credit & Refund is processing refunds using store credits. With the tool, you can establish an automated procedure for handling refund requests and streamline refunds and returns processing. Thus, you can save money on transaction fees charged for money refunds and reduce losses on product returns.

Final Words

If you a looking for a comprehensive set of tools to empower your B2B sales strategy, the Amasty B2B Ecommerce extension for Magento 2 is a great option. By implementing the module’s functionality on your web store, you will be able to increase the loyalty of your business partners, build trustful relations with them, and grow your profit.

The Magento 2 B2B sales suite by Amasty will be released soon. Follow the link below to subscribe to the latest updates:

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