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How to fix the “URL key for specified store already exists” issue on Magento 2 import

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Magento 2 export CLI

Zed Blackbeard argues that it is impossible to import products to Magento 2 due to the general system exception. Magento notifies that the URL key for the specified store already exists and breaks the import. In the article below, we explore conditions that cause the problem and offer several possible resolutions. You can find more similar articles in this blog post: Magento 2 Cookbook. Continue Reading

Mage Mastery – The Ultimate Magento Learning Portal

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Today, we continue exploring resources developed to shrink the Magento 2 learning curve and make the entire journey to the new universe as much student-friendly as possible. If you want to become a developer or need to improve the existing coding skills, you’ve come to the right place. The following material describes Mage Mastery – an online learning platform run by Max Pronko. The portal combines courses and video lessons dedicated to the Magento 2 platform. With open-source ideas in mind, people around Mage Mastery are fully committed to creating up-to-date tutorials based on the best practices.  Continue Reading – Straightforward Path to Magento 2 Development

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Self-education is a crucial aspect of everyone’s growth. While some people can effortlessly rely on their cognitive abilities while mastering any topic alone, the others need a system of controls, mentors, and peers to wipe the existing boundaries out, getting the desired skills. Luckily, the Internet is full of all possible educational programs and courses. Nowadays, you can acquire literally any new knowledge without any necessity to leave your apartment. And Magento 2 is not an exception. Today, we review one of the very well-known platforms developed to help you explore the most powerful e-commerce solution. Meet – the cure for the pain you’ve experienced trying to maintain your relations with Magento. Continue Reading

MageDelight Price Drop Alert Magento 2 Extension

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MageDelight Price Drop Alert Magento 2 Extension Review; MageDelight Price Drop Alert Magento 2 Module Overview

Today, we present a tool that allows ecommerce merchants to notify customers about the product price change – the MageDelight Price Drop Alert extension. Online shoppers are more likely to buy desired products when they are on discount. With the Magento 2 module, you can send timely alerts to customers subscribed to notifications whenever a product’s price is decreased. Below, we describe the features of the MageDelight low price notification Magento 2 module and show how it works from the admin and customer perspective.

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Exploring Magento 2 Oracle NetSuite ERP Integration: Promotions & Discounts

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magento 2 netsuite integreation

It is hard to imagine a modern e-commerce website without promotions and discounts. Therefore, Magento 2 offers quite flexible opportunities in this dimension. NetSuite also tries not to get left behind. Consequently, you can theoretically transfer promotions and discounts between Magento 2 and Oracle NetSuite. In the following article, we shed light on the corresponding entity and provide the most intuitive and straightforward way to move it within the confines of the Magento 2 NetSuite integration. Continue Reading

Exploring Magento 2 Oracle NetSuite ERP Integration: Transactions (Payments)

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magento 2 netsuite integreation

The Magento 2 Oracle NetSuite ERP integration dramatically simplifies your daily duties. It lets you automate numerous time-consuming chores and spend additional resources on implementing new business ideas or just chilling. In the following material, we shed light on how to import and export payment transactions between Magento 2 and Oracle NetSuite. Besides, we briefly explore the entity itself. Continue Reading

Amasty Out of Stock Notification for Magento 2 and 1

Amasty Out of Stock Notification Magento Extension Review; Amasty Out of Stock Notification Magento Module Overview

In the following post, we describe Amasty Out of Stock Notification for Magento 2 – an extension that enables store visitors to subscribe to stock and price alerts. Thus, after you install the module, your customers will get an opportunity to receive notifications when desired products return to stock or their prices are changed. As a result, you essentially improve the online shopping experience, making your ecommerce website more user-oriented. As a Magento merchant, you get a deep insight into customer preferences. Due to the intuitive backend interface, the module lets you track customer subscriptions to find out which product stock or price to update first. Continue Reading