Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Email Extension by Mageplaza

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

According to recent statistics, the percentage of customers who leave their shopping carts on the page without checking out is getting higher, up to 70%. Hence, merchants can drop millions of dollars each year because of cart abandonment. Here is a problem that causes online shop owners to worry. To address these concerns, we are proud to introduce the Mageplaza Abandoned Cart Email.

Developed by a team of Mageplaza experts, Abandoned Cart Email helps to restore all your forgotten shopping carts. By sending them email reminders about abandoned carts, so they return to your online store and complete the checkout quickly. Mainly, your emails sent to customers are entirely delivered to the customer’s primary mailbox, which is not spam. Moreover, this module will increase the conversion rate quickly as well as help you recover lost profits.


Why choose Mageplaza Abandoned Cart Email

We always expect shop owners to achieve their business goals. And that’s why we’re looking for the perfect module for them. Today, let’s explore Mageplaza Abandoned Cart Email to understand why we give you this suggestion.

Flexible Configuration

With this module, administrators can configure abandoned cart emails with ease. You can send tons of emails with a specific time, senders and email templates as they are unlimited. Also, store owners can add coupons to their emails to attract customers to return and check out cart abandonment. Moreover, it is also possible to delete/add abandoned shopping carts easily in the backend.

Automatically generate coupons

By configuring the backend, you can quickly create discounts automatically. That’s great. Online shop owners can set up specific coupon rules to apply to each type of abandoned cart email. Also, you can also configure other offer attributes such as offer validation, code length, code format, code prefix, code suffix and so on.

Support Google Analytics

Here is a dominant feature of Mageplaza Abandoned Cart Email. This feature allows administrators to track and identify where the shopper receives the link back to the abandoned cart.

Email logs

All necessary information about abandoned cart emails can record on the grid from the backend. Shop owners can see detailed information such as email subject, receiver, coupon code, sequence number, sending date and email status. Also, you can also preview, delete and resend those emails easily.

Abandoned cart reports

That’s so great because Mageplaza Abandoned Cart Email integrates this feature. This feature allows administrators to track figures such as abandoned cart rates, recovery rates, and errors. All reports will display for a specific period. It is a feature that makes you more intuitive and transparent so that you have more efficient solutions in the next.


Available email templates: You don’t need to take much time to create emails. There are five ready-to-use email templates in the backend.

Personalized emails: This feature allows you to personalize emails and more.

Clear logs: Store admins can entirely delete abandoned cart email information in bulk.

Email tracking: This feature enables store admins to follow the email sending process with logs and reports.

Compatible with SMTP: This module can work well with SMTP.

Google analytics: It’s easy to detect the cart link.


If you still have doubts about the useful features of Mageplaza Abandoned Email Email, here is a clear demonstration that Mageplaza provides a perfect and excellent module for e-commerce stores. Be a smart shopper and choose this module to improve your revenues today.


Please login to admin panel > Mageplaza > Abandoned Cart Email. This module includes three sections: Logs, Report, and Configuration. Let’s find out each section to know more about them.

Also, you can read the user guide here.


It is the place that stores abandoned cart emails. It includes Coupon, ID, Subject, Receiver,  Sequent Number, Sent, Status and Action.

  • Action = Preview: A pop-up window displaying the emails will appear if you send them.

  • Action = Delete: You can choose the emails to delete as well as delete multiple emails at the same time.
  • Action = Send Again: You can select the emails to send to customers again.
  • Clear Logs button: You can delete all the emails in the logs by clicking the Clear Logs button.


The number of Abandoned Carts, Abandoned Carts sent, and the number of failed Abandoned Carts are stored in this place. There are two Report Time modes:


  • As soon as you choose the DAY mode, adjust the From and To entries, the Report Time will be shown on a daily basis.


  • The Report Time will show on a monthly basis if you choose MONTH mode and adjust the From and To entries.

General configuration

In this section, choose Yes to Enable Mageplaza Abandoned Cart Email.

In this module:

  • To add a reminder email, you need to click the Add button.
  • To delete an email, you need to click the icon that is under Action.
  • To change the email delivery time, you only need to edit Send After.
  • To choose sender’s entitled, you can modify in Sender. There are five choices: General Contact, Sales Representative, Customer Support, Email Customer 1 and Email Customer 2.
  • To find some pre-made email templates, you can edit in Email Template column.
  • Choose Yes to submit a discount code in the Has Code option.


Choose Yes to Enable this feature. Here is a reliable analysis tool and brings more effectively for store admins who don’t know about SEO. This feature offers some basic functionalities and you can use it with ease.


In this field, you can set up the discount code easily.

  • In the Rule field: Allow choosing a principle to create a discount code
  • In the Valid field: Enable changing expiration date of a discount code
  • In the Code Length field: Easy to set the length of the discount code.
  • In Code Format field: Allow you to choose three formats for code: Alphanumeric, Alphabetical, and Numeric.
  • In the Code Prefix field, Enable adding the prefix of the code.
  • In the Code Suffix field, let you add the suffix of the code.
  • In the Dash Every X Character field: Allow setting the number of characters in the code.

Final words

There is no doubt about the great features that Mageplaza Abandoned Cart Email brings. Here is an invaluable asset to every e-commerce store. This extension will help customers return to the checkout that they have left on your site. Then you will earn a significant profit. We believe this is something shop owners always want to achieve. This module is released to you. It’s time to select Mageplaza Abandoned Cart Email for your Magento shop to experience it.