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Import & Export

Import and export ALL Magento 2 entities. Use CSV, XML, Json, XLSX, ODS files. Adjust data and attribute mapping.


Connect to any third-party software. Integrate Magento 2 with CRM, ERP, PIM and other systems with a full circle sync of any data.


Start selling goods from the dropshipper of your choice. Import products, shipping, orders. Export orders and customers data.

Magento 2 Extensions & Solutions

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Use enhanced import and export functionality for your Magento 2 store
Dynamic product and category page updates, Matrix grid for bulk ordering
Synchronize Magento 2 products and orders with Oracle NetSuite ERP
Migrate all product, customers and orders from your WooCommerce store to Magento 2
Sychronize product, order, customer, and address data from MS Dynamics with Magento 2
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Create your dropshipping business and start selling with Magento 2 and Bangood

Integration and migration services for Magento 2

Migration to Magento 2 from Magento 1 or any other system

We will help you to make sure that every piece of data makes it to the Magento 2. All entities, attributes, orders, customer data, any custom data you might have; - let us know what you are looking for. Our expert team will perform a full-featured Magento 2 migration.

Integration of Magento 2 with any required third-party system

Use a CRM, ERP, PIM software in sync with your Magento 2. Drop us a line and let us help you connect your management software or your dropshipper with Magento 2. Full-circle data synchronization for your project starts with Firebear Magento 2 team of experts.

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