MageDelight Advance Promotions for Magento 2

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

Offering discounts and promotions to customers is an excellent way to engage them in making more purchases on your web store and increase average order value. With MageDelight Advance Promotions for Magento 2, you can take your promotions to a new level. The extension enables store owners to leverage advanced cart price rules for creating personalized promotional offers. The module’s functionality allows using additional discount types on which you can run your promotional campaigns to attract more clients to your web store. As for the admin’s side, the Advance Promotions module simplifies the process of creating discount rules and provides effective promotions management.

Let’s have a closer look at what features the extension brings both to merchants and online shoppers.


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The Magento 2 Advance Promotions extension has the following features:

  • Combinations of cart price rules for creating advanced promotions;
  • 7 additional actions for assigning discounts;
  • Possibility to choose a discount base for the rule action;
  • Discounts can be applied as a percentage or fixed price;
  • Multiple coupon codes are displayed on the frontend;
  • Customers can select one of the listed coupon codes or enter a code manually;
  • Admins can view applied discounts in the order details and invoices.

As already mentioned, the Advance Promotions module enables you to create effective promotional campaigns based on various cart price rules and their combinations. For example, you can set a discount on the cheapest item in the cart and sell it at a 10% discount or give it for free. Also, you can offer a discount on a customer’s first order or every second product in the cart, as well as Buy X Get Y promotions.

With the extension, you are enabled to decide which base price to use for the discount – the original product price, special price, or price after other discounts applied. Moreover, it is possible to skip a rule on the products with special price. You also define how the discounted price is calculated: whether as a percentage of original or final price or fixed value.

As for the frontend display, you can list a few coupons on the shopping cart page and let customers choose the one from available options. Besides, your store visitors can insert a code manually in the appropriate field. You can use a separate popup window and show a short description of the promotion and its validity period next to each coupon code. After a user adds products to the cart and applies the discount, the discounted amount will be shown in the order summary, making the promotion evident.

As a result, store owners who set multiple discounts using the Advance Promotions module can create effective marketing campaigns, engage customers with less effort, increase conversion rates, and experience business growth in a short term.

Now, after exploring the main features of MageDelight Advance Promotions for Magento 2, let’s proceed with the backend functionality of the module.


All cart price rules are gathered in a grid consisting of 8 columns:

  • ID;
  • Rule;
  • Coupon Code;
  • Start;
  • End;
  • Status (Active/Inactive);
  • Web Site;
  • Priority.

The grid supports filtering and sorting, as well as rearranging of the columns order.

When adding a new cart price rule, you will need to configure 5 tabs of settings: Rule Information, Conditions, Actions, Labels, and Manage Coupon Codes.

In the Rule Information tab, you should create a rule name, enter the description, activate the rule, and choose store views and customer groups to which you want to apply it.

Then, you can add a coupon, specify its code (or use auto generation), and set the number of uses per coupon, as well as per customer (applied only to logged in visitors). The Advance Promotions Magento 2 extension also allows setting a period of the rule activity, its priority, and enabling/disabling public visibility in RSS feeds.

With the Advance Promotions module, you can specify various conditions based on cart attributes to apply for promotions according to your business needs.

The advance promotions extension adds 7 additional actions that can be applied to the rule: Most Cheapest Product Discount; Most Expensive Product Discount; First Order Discount; Discount on Each Spent; Buy X Get Y Discount; Every nth Item Discount; and Each nth Item Qty Discount.

For all available actions, you need to specify the following options:

  • discount amount;
  • the maximum quantity of the items to which the discount is applied;
  • minimum number of items that should be added to the cart for the rule to be used (Discount Qty Step);
  • whether the discount is applied to subtotal only, or shipping amount as well;
  • whether to discard subsequent rules;
  • how the calculation is applied – as a percentage on the original price or final price (after other discounts were applied) or as a fixed amount.

If you select Buy X Get Y Discount action or Every nth Item discounts, one more field will be displayed letting you specify Y qty or Nth qty.

Below, there is a conditions section where you can select different cart item and product attributes, as well as their combination for more precise discount rules. Also, you can enable free shipping here and choose how it will be provided.

In the Labels section, you can create a default rule name for all store views and store view specific labels.

As for the Manage Coupon Codes tab, you can generate coupons here. To do this, specify their quantity, a code length, format, prefix, and suffix, and how characters in the code should be separated.

Now, let’s see how the module can be configured from the backend. The Configuration page has three tabs: License Configuration, General Configuration, and Display Configuration.

In License Configuration, enter serial and activation keys which you received after purchasing the module.

After entering your license information, the list of available domains will be displayed in the Select Website field in the General Configuration tab. Here you also enable/disable the Advance Promotions extension.

Display Configuration tab allows you to choose discount button style (default discount or discount popup) and decide whether you want to show description for the discount code and display validity period of the code.


Below, you can see how the popup window with discount coupons looks on the Shopping Cart page. The list of available coupons is displayed in the list. Also, a frontend user can enter a coupon code manually. After selecting the desired discount or entering a code, a customer just needs to click the Apply Discount button. In our example, a user applies a 10% discount on the cheapest product.

Each discount in the list shows a coupon code, a text describing how the discount will be applied, and a validity period.

Final Words

The MageDelight Advance Promotions extension provides ecommerce merchants with flexible promotion rules that can be set using multiple attributes. The module is built on the basis of the default Magento promotion rules structure and with practical discount strategies in mind. Thus, you can create your promotional campaigns in the most precise way to get the best business results. As for the price, it is $199 which is quite reasonable for the described functionality you get when purchasing Advance Promotions for Magento 2. For more information, click the link below:

Download / Buy MageDelight Advance Promotions Magento 2 Extension