Authorize.Net CIM With Apple Pay for Magento 2

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In this post, we explore the Authorize.Net payment gateway and its integration for Magento 2 stores developed by Rootways Inc. Authorize.Net is one of the largest payment provides that allows for secure and convenient payment processing on e-commerce sites. By installing the Authorize.Net CIM Apple Pay extension for Magento 2 by Rootways, you can offer your clients a wider variety of payment options on your website and provide them with a convenient checkout experience. Below, we look closer at the features of the Magento 2 Payment extension and describe its functionality in the backend and frontend.


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Authorize.Net is one of the leading payment providers used by more than 430,000 customers worldwide and managing transactions worth more than 1 billion yearly. The gateway enables merchants to process electronic and credit card payments, both online and offline. Due to its broad support of various payment options and the ability to accept payments from any country, Authorize.Net is trusted by both small businesses and established companies.

The range of supported payment types includes Visa Checkout, Visa SRC, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, JCB, Apple Pay, Chase Pay, PayPal, and E-check. The Authorize.Net Customer Information Manager (CIM) streamlines the checkout procedure by allowing customers to save their payment details for future use. All cardholder data is stored on the CIM secure servers, which helps merchants meet the requirements of the PCI DSS standards. The payment gateway also provides users with Advanced Fraud Detection Suite that includes 13 customizable filters for fraud prevention.

Rootways Authorize.Net CIM Integration for Magento 2: Core Features

  • Integration with the Authorize.Net payment gateway for Magento 2 stores;
  • Support for all major credit card types;
  • Full support of Accept.js and AcceptUI.js secure features;
  • Magento 2 PCI compliance due to the Accept.js support;
  • Option to specify credit card details in the Authorize.Net hosted payment form;
  • Magento 2 Vault support;
  • Tokenization of the cardholder data;
  • Option to save credit cards in the customer account;
  • Apple Pay support;
  • Instant order with the Apple Pay button;
  • AVS and CVV verification;
  • Eligible countries specification;
  • Limits on the cart order total for the payments availability;
  • Ability to create orders in the backend using stored credit card details;
  • Partial capture and refund features;
  • Possibility to generate multiple invoices;
  • Support for multiple stores.

Rootways offers Magento 2 merchants a seamless integration with the Authorize.Net CIM payment provider. The highest level of safety of the customers’ payment data is ensured by the support for Accept.js and AcceptUI.js Hosted Payment Form. By enabling Accept.js, you will increase the security of payment transactions, since the credit card data will be forwarded directly to Authorize.Net without storing any details on your server. The Accept.js feature also helps e-commerce business owners to follow the PCI Security Standards requirements. 

The enhanced security is also achieved by the Magento Vault functionality supported by the payments module. With the function, payment information specified by a customer at the checkout is converted to a token stored in the Magento 2 database. Thus, no sensitive cardholder data is forwarded to Magento.

Customers can safely use cards saved in their accounts for future purchases on your store. This feature also improves user experience on the storefront since online shoppers don’t need to spend time on specifying their payment information each time they want to buy something from your website.

As for the Authorize.Net hosted payment form, it allows capturing payments without storing any credit card details on the merchant’s side. As a store owner, you decide whether you will offer customers to enter their payment details on your website’s checkout or via the secure AcceptUI.js form. 

Furthermore, the Rootways extension provides Apple Pay support for the Authorize.Net payments. With this feature enabled, iOS users can fully leverage Apple Pay Wallet without entering any credit card data on your website. Besides, you can place the Apply Pay button on the shopping cart page, as well as in the mini cart, providing online shoppers with an ultra-fast checkout via one click. Apple Pay instant purchase is available for guest website visitors as well. Apple Pay also allows for the increased compatibility with the PCI standards.  

It is also necessary to mention that the Authorize.Net CIM Magento 2 module fully supports AVS (Address Verification System) and CVV verification. The billing address and CVV number verification can be enabled in the backend for the extra security check.

As for the backend functionality of the extension, it allows store managers to create orders using customers’ saved credit cards, capture full or partial order amount, create multiple invoices for the same order, generate partial credit memos, and more. So, let’s dive deeper into the backend configuration of the Authorize.Net CIM Magento 2 module to better understand its possibilities from the admin perspective.

Rootways Authorize.Net CIM Integration for Magento 2: Backend

Note that it is required to have an Authorize.Net account to be able to configure the extension. Please refer to this link to create a new account and get details on the service pricing plans. If you want to offer the Apple Pay option to your customers, you will need to sign up for the Apple Pay service. You can check more details here.

After purchasing the Rootways Authorize.Net CIM extension, you will get your license key in the confirmation email. Proceed to Stores -> Settings -> Configuration -> Rootways Extensions -> Authorize.Net Payment and enter the license key in the appropriate field to activate the module on your web store. Here, you can also specify whether your website is multi-store or not.

Next, navigate to Stores -> Settings -> Configuration -> Sales -> Payment Methods -> Payment Module for (by Rootways Inc.) to configure the settings of the extension. First, enable the module to use Authorize.Net CIM as a payment method on your store and change its title if desired. Then, select an environment, enter an API Login ID, Transaction Key, and Client Key from your Authorize.Net account, and insert a gateway URL. Here, you can also enable Accept.js. 

The following section with settings lets admin decide whether to use the Authorize.Net hosted payment form for obtaining payment details from customers on the storefront. If enabled, you can specify a custom text for the “Place Order” button and header of the form.

The payment Magento 2 module also allows using Magento Vault for storing credit card info. If necessary, you can also enable the debug mode in the extension configuration settings. Next, select credit card types that will be accepted for the checkout via Authorize.Net CIM and select an applicable payment option: ‘Authorize’ or ‘Authorize and Capture’. 

In the same section, you can specify countries that will have access to the payments, enter the minimum and maximum values for the order total eligible for the payment option, and set the sorting order for the payment method’s display on the frontend.  

Then, decide whether you want billing and shipping address details to be sent to the server with each payment transaction.

Another tab of settings on the Authorize.Net CIM module’s configuration page allows enabling Apple Pay for the payment method. You can create a custom title for the frontend display of the Apple Pay option. Here, you also select a payment action (‘Authorize’ or ‘Authorize and Capture’), choose allowed credit card types for the checkout via Apple Pay, and decide whether to show an instant purchase button in the cart and mini cart. It is also necessary to enter your Merchant Identifier, base URL of your website domain name, and a name that will be displayed. Besides, you should select a country and currency of your Authorize.Net account. 

If an order is placed using the Authorize.Net gateway, store admins will be able to see the relevant payment details on the order view page. In case AVS and CVV verification are enabled, corresponding responses will be displayed in the Payment Information block.

Also, it is possible to specify the quantity of items for capturing partial order amount when generating a new invoice.

At the same time, if you need to refund an order partially, you can enter a particular number of items when creating a credit memo in the backend.

Rootways Authorize.Net CIM Integration for Magento 2: Frontend

Below, you can see how a Magento 2 store’s checkout looks with the Autorize.Net CIM payment method integrated into the page. Due to the Magento Vault support, customers can save the details of a credit card they use for payment for later use.

Registered customers can view the list of their saved credit cards and remove them if necessary in the Stored Payment Methods tab in their profiles.

When turning back to your store, online shoppers can place an order in one click by selecting one of the stored credit cards.

As for the Apple Pay support, the Authorize.Net CIM Magento 2 module will add a relevant pay button to the checkout on mobile and tablet devices.

Final Words

Authorize.Net CIM Magento 2 extension by Rootways Inc. is an excellent choice for integrating your e-commerce site with the payment gateway. After installing the module, you will not only provide your customers with an extended list of payment options but also ensure a convenient and safe checkout procedure. Advanced security tools offered by the Rootways extension guarantee the safety of the confidential payment data, which builds customer loyalty and increases trust to your business.  As for the price, you can buy the Authorize.Net CIM Magento 2 extension for $329.

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