Magento 2 Sales Representatives Extensions Comparison (Amasty, Cart2Quote, AirBytes, and Ecomwise)

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Magento 2 Sales Reps and Dealers Extensions Comparison

Below, we compare several outstanding B2B extensions developed by Amasty, Cart2Quote, AirBytes, and Ecomwise. All four Magento 2 wholesale extensions allow enhancing the default platform capabilities related to the work of sales representatives and dealers. The missing functionality is vital for most B2B websites. So, we’d like to draw your attention to all nuances of Sales Reps and Dealers by Amasty, Sales Representatives by Cart2Quote, Sales Staff by AirBytes, and Sales Agents and Dealers by Ecomwise to help you choose the module that suits your particular needs. Continue Reading

25 Best Magento Extensions for Advanced Order Management

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Advanced Order Management, Invoicing, Shipping, Custom Order Statuses with Magento Extensions This post is a logical continuation of your digests on drop shipping extensions, POS solutions, ERP and CRM software. It contains the best Magento modules designed for extended order management. By utilizing the following tools, you will optimize the workflow within your ecommerce store. Magento Connect and third party marketplaces offer tons of reliable solutions for order management, but the best software solutions are described below. Continue Reading

Cart2Quote Magento 2 Extension Review

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Cart2Quote Magento 2 Extension Review; Cart2Quote Magento 2 Module Overview

Below, we shed light on one essential business tool – the Cart2Quote Magento 2 extension. It allows you to receive quote requests, as well as edit or submit proposals and turn quotations into orders. For more B2B Magento extensions, check these posts: B2B Magento Modules & B2B Magento 2 Extensions. But now, we will dive deep into the functionality of Cart2Quote. If you are looking for the appropriate Magento 1 version, we recommend you to concentrate on the Magento 2 platform and its modules, since they provide more business opportunities. Continue Reading