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Hundreds of new e-commerce sites join the market every day.  In almost every field, everyone has experienced the importance of visual and first impression. Therefore, you should never leave the visuality behind, which is one of the most important factors that put you in front of the competitors when creating an ecommerce site.

If you need to showcase the pictures of your products, team, work, unit and, make your website more aesthetic and visually appealing, install the Image Gallery extension for Magento 2 by Ulmod. With the help of this Image Gallery module, you can create any number of image and video gallery and share with your visitors. Also, the module allows to display image and videos in an elegant slider and place them at any page and position of your site.


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  • Create an unlimited number of album for images and videos;
  • A single page for any gallery to display all your store galleries and images, optimized for SEO to increase the rank of your page in search engines;
  • Display the gallery at the category, home,  CMS, product, and any other pages and position via a widget;
  • Two gallery layout type available, without filters and with filters (search, sort, shuffle, and position)
  • Grid and slider  template available to display images and videos;
  • Lightbox with the expand, play, pause, close and thumbnails;
  • Responsive for mobile devices, work on any devices and screens type;
  • Manage images, videos, and galleries from the admin panel;
  • Support multiple websites, stores, and store views;
  • Many customization options available in the admin panel to adjust the gallery text, buttons, filters color, and background color.



Let start to explore the admin functionality of the Image Gallery for Magento 2 extension.  The settings of the extension consist of four sections – General, Index Page, Links, and Design.

Under the General section, you can enable or disable the extension, choose the gallery layout type ( without filters and with filters shuffle, search, sort, and position), enable or disable  Image Shuffle, sorting (ASC, DESC) and searching, choose the lightbox theme to display the image and videos

In the Index Page tab, you can specify the title of the gallery page, choose to show or hide the gallery description on the index page and define the description to appear on the page. The description is useful to describe the page to visitors and customers.  Define the meta keywords and description of the gallery page, useful for SEO

Under the Link section, you can display or hide the gallery in the top link and footer link. Define the Gallery text to appear in top and footer links

The Design section allows adjusting the color of the button, text, filter color and background in the gallery

Managing Gallery

The extension allows managing all galleries in the administration panel. You can view, edit or create a new gallery, from MARKETING Gallery by Ulmod Gallery.  All galleries display on the grid. The mass actions allow managing galleries quickly.

When editing an existing gallery, or adding the new one, you will need to configure its options in two sections: General and Image(s).

Under the General section,  you can enable or disable the gallery, define the gallery name, description, metadata ( keyword and description) and choose the template to display gallery (grid or slider)

In the images section, you can mark the checkbox of any image to assign to the gallery.

Managing Images

All images can be also be managed in the administration panel. You can view, edit or create new Image, from MARKETING Gallery by Ulmod Images.

When editing an existing image, or adding a new one, you will need to configure its options in only one section: General. Under, this you can enable or disable the image, define the image name and description to appear in the frontend, upload the image, choose to show or hide video in the lightbox, assign the image to the existing gallery and specify the sort order.

Gallery Widget


The extension come with the widget feature which makes it possible to display galleries at specific block references in the website.

You can view, edit or create a new Gallery widget. The widget settings consist of 3 sections: Settings, Storefront Properties and Widget Options.

Under the Settings section, you can choose the widget type and design theme. Define the widget type, assign the widget to store view and set the sort order

Choose the type of page where the Gallery is to appear and set the block reference

Under the Widget Options, you can define the gallery title, description, choose the layout type (with or without filters), gallery, template (grid or slide), and lightbox theme(dark or white)


Once the extension has been configured, and the Gallery are created, they will display in the storefront on the index page. E.g.

Example of an image gallery with filters

When customer click on the image, a lightbox will show up

Here is an example of Gallery created via widget and displaying on the product page

The extension fully responsive to mobile devices and work perfectly regardless of the type of screen or device used to view the website


Image Gallery for Magento 2 by Ulmod is an excellent solution for adding album functionality to an ecommerce site. With the extension’s flexible settings, you can easily configure the galleries as per your business needs, attract more attention to products offered, increase traffic and the chance of product purchase. The extension comes with 1-year free support, lifetime updates, and clean user guide.

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