Amasty Product Supplements & Surcharges for Magento 2

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

Availability of additional services, such as fast delivery, gift package, insurance, etc., on an ecommerce store improves the shopping experience and builds customer loyalty. If you run your online business on Magento 2, you can offer extra services as a free bonus. However, if you would like to add fees for the available services, you will need to spend much time and effort to configure the necessary options on the default version of the platform.

Today, we present a new Amasty solution designed to add the missing functionality mentioned above – Product Supplements & Surcharges for Magento 2. With the help of the module, you will be able to easily make an extra profit while providing your clients with extended product options. The extension offers an easy-to-configure backend interface, so your store admins can assign additional fees to multiple products in a few clicks. 

Below, we shed light on the features of the Amasty’s additional product fees Magento 2 module.

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  • Ability to add an unlimited number of extra paid services;
  • Additional fees can be set as mandatory or optional;
  • Ability to create pre-configured templates with different product surcharges included;
  • Bulk assign of extra charge templates to selected products;
  • Fees can be calculated as a percentage or fixed amount;
  • Fee dependency;
  • Support for all input types;
  • Possibility to include taxes in product surcharges;
  • Convenient management of extra fee templates in the backend.

The Product Surcharges & Supplements Magento 2 extension enables merchants to add extra fees for any services offered along with the products. For example, you can set additional charges for express delivery, same-day shipping, custom design, and more. You decide whether to make an extra fee mandatory or optional, thus providing your customers with more choices on completing their orders. Note that the charges are applied to the product price, rather than a cart total. Such functionality streamlines the configuration of taxes and makes it easier to comply with the requirements of different payment providers.

Furthermore, you can create multiple templates with different extra fees included in each of them. This feature is extremely useful for online merchants who sell items from various categories on their stores. Then, you can assign created templates to the relevant products. With the Product Supplements Magento 2 extension, it is possible to set extra fees for particular products individually, product categories, or all products in your catalogue.

Another beneficial feature offered by the Amasty extension is the possibility to assign generated product surcharge templates to necessary products using mass action. Later, if you modify any data in the template, the changes will be automatically applied to the assigned products. Thus, the product supplements Magento 2 module saves admin time on managing product fees and allows you to make necessary changes in the created templates whenever required.

The Magento 2 product surcharges extension offers two options for calculating extra fees, whether as a percentage or fixed amount. For example, you can add 5$ to a product price for faster delivery or charge 5% from the order sum for shipping extra-large products. The final cost is calculated per each item in the cart based on the set calculation type and displayed to customers before they complete an order.

Moreover, the Magento 2 module enables store owners to set fee dependencies. It means that you can make some extra services available only if a customer selects the one that is configured as codependent. This way, you can provide your clients with more flexible options for the ordered products.

It is also necessary to mention that the Product Supplements & Surcharges Magento 2 extension allows customizing the appearance of extra services on the frontend. The Amasty module supports all types of field input, so you can use a layout that is the most suitable for your requirements. It is up to you to decide whether to show the extra fees selection as a drop-down menu, radio boxes, checkboxes, multi-select options, or in another style.

Final Words

The Amasty Product Surcharges & Supplements Magento 2 extension is a very useful tool that extends default Magento 2 possibilities related to the configuration of extra product surcharges. After installing the module, you will simplify the admin routine related to managing numerous fees and assigning them to multiple products. Flexible options for additional services significantly improve user experience on a web store and lead to an increase in the average order value.

The Product Surcharges & Supplements extension for Magento 2 will be released soon. Follow the link below to get the latest updates on the module:

Download / Buy Amasty Product Supplements & Surcharges Magento 2 Extension