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Magento 2 Rich Snippets Extension

In this life, we always need to keep on moving, moreover when it comes to e-commerce business since there are numerous sharks out there, and if you do nothing, chances are, you will find it difficult to compete. However, in case, you are interested in getting leading positions in this domain, you are to apply tools that can help your webstore stand out from the rest. Thus, we would like to present you Swissuplabs Rich Snippets Magento 2 module. In fact, it is considered as being a must have tool, provided you are willing to drive traffic to your webstore, and, consequently, clients. In the e-commerce domain, everything is interlinked, therefore, to increase sales of your online business, you should think how you can attract users to visit your website.



Here is what you will get, once you install the Magento 2 extension:

  • webstore visibility improvement on Search Engine Result Page (SERP);
  • A better understanding of website structured data indexing;
  • website content promotion;
  • webstore credibility improvement;
  • decrease the bounce rate;
  • customer attraction by means of augmented click-through rate;
  • let users understand what kind of content your website offers.

So, what are these rich snippets and how they work?

Basically, rich snippets are a structured data markup which is utilized by Search Engines to display more information about your website on SERP, thus significantly improving the visibility of your Magento 2 website. To verify website’s visibility, you can utilize the Google Structured Data Testing instrument which is able to define how visible your website is, after having checked the content you have posted in your web-resource.

Once you install the module, you will be able to enjoy the application of different rich snippets types:

  • Breadcrumbs snippets
  • Reviews snippets
  • Author snippets
  • Stock status snippets
  • Product information snippets
  • Price snippets

In essence, with assistance of these snippets, you provide engines with more information on your website, and, as a result, it is way much easier for them to understand the content you have. Normally, the search engine systems display website title, meta description as well as its URL. However, having installed this Magento 2 rich snippets extension, you will be able to improve the default data display, thus, attracting users to visit your website.

Apart from it, it’s been stated that the Magento 2 module is able to augment click-through rate up to 30%, which, actually, is a considerable impact on website success. Moreover, the tool integrates the functionality of Google Rich Snippets as well to reach maximum productivity and usefulness for your e-commerce business.

SERP – is place to start your campaign from

So, it’s become unsubtle that the application of such a tool is essential if you are interested in attracting customer’s attention. Basically, by means of using this tool, you let users get familiar with your product or service on SERP, which, in its turn, optimizes user experience and simplifies the life of your customers.

Driving traffic is not a problem anymore

With the help of the Swissuplabs Rich Snippets Magento 2 extension, you are able to highlight important data which will perform a positive impact on user decision to visit your website. People like when everything looks nice, therefore, give them that feeling, and benefit from it.


So, on the picture displayed below, you are able to see how it actually will look like when you install the extension. The tool has a considerable effect on the way your website is shown on Search Engine Result Page, making more organized, and at the same time, offering more information to your possible clients. Thus, with Magento 2 rich snippets extension assistance, you can use breadcrumbs to make sure he/she gets to the right place on your website, demonstrate what reviews are, include price and stock status information. As a result, users are provided with valuable information right on the SERP.

Magento 2 Rich Snippets Extension


In the backend of the module, you are free to configure some extension settings. Thus, you can enable breadcrumbs feature to optimize user experience.

Magento 2 Rich Snippets Extension

Subsequently, you can move towards filling in additional fields with the help of which you will be able to provide search engine systems with more information on your business: defining your organization name, address, phone number, e-mail, etc. Apart from it, you can even add some social links, thus, dramatically impacting on webstore credibility. In short, in this section, you take full control over what you’re going to provide search engines with.

Magento 2 Rich Snippets Extension

Final words

The necessity of installing the Swissuplabs Rich Snippets Magento 2 module is quite obvious right now, after having discussed its significant influence on the webstore visibility and traffic. So, if you want to increase sales on your Magento 2 website, we recommend you to apply this tool as soon as possible to be able to stand out from the rest, thus becoming a shark yourself.

The module costs $79.

If you have any question/comment on the module we have just shed light upon, please follow the link to let developer company know what you think about it.