Magento 2 Worldpay Extension by Mageplaza 

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magento 2 Worldpay extension

Simple and convenient payments will be a good benefit to your online store. Customers may be reluctant to purchase if they find the payment process too long or complicated. 

Mageplaza Worldpay extension for Magento 2 will help integrate the American most trusted payment processing provider to your store. The module promises to bring a happy, comfortable, and seamless experience to your shoppers from all corners of the world.  Continue Reading

Improved Import / Export Magento 2 Extension Manual

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In this article, we’d like to draw your attention to the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extensions. The following blog post contains all the information about the data transfer module. Below, you will find the Improved Import & Export Extension manual that sheds light upon all the key aspects associated with the plugin. We describe its installation, configuration, and import/export transfers, teach you how to add a new import and export job, talk about import and export processes associated with different entities. You will also discover various nuances of running data transfers via CLI, automating processes, using extension customization endpoints, and performing troubleshooting. Various use cases and specific features are also described in the manual.

Improved Import and Export extension allows importing and exporting CSV/XML/JSON files with product data and product images to Magento 2. The files can be imported from a remote FTP/SFTP server, Dropbox, direct URL of a source CSV fileGoogle Sheets, etc.  In addition, the extension offers a dedicated category import from CSV files, import of attribute values and new attributes on the fly, import job scheduling with cron jobs, and other features.

Besides, you get advanced export capabilities, including order export and export jobs, with attribute and table field mapping.

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Magento 2 Promo Banners Extension by Mageplaza 

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magento 2 promo banners extension

When you think of a promotional tool, does a banner spring to mind? Using banners is considered an effective method to get a message across. Banners can do their best job of catching customer attention to your online store.

If you haven’t used banners, it’s time to make a change. Mageplaza does provide a suitable solution for your Magento store – Promo Banners extension for Magento 2. The extension embellishes store sites with promotion and notification banners with stunning styles. To learn more about this extension, please keep reading the following article.  Continue Reading

Amasty Automatic Related Products for Magento 2 and 1

Amasty Magento 2 Automatic Related Products module

Creating related products manually is a very time-consuming procedure. Luckily, there are lots of third-party tools aimed at improving the default functionality of Magento. Today, we will describe one of the reliable tools that allows showing smart product recommendations to website visitors – the Magento 2 Automatic Related Products extension by Amasty. If you want to explore more extensions for automating the generation of related products blocks, check out the Automatic Related Products extension offered by aheadWorks and two less complicated modules from the company – Who Viewed This Also Viewed and Who Bought This Also Bought. Continue Reading

Exploring Shopware: Shipping Settings in Shopware 6

- E-Commerce, Shopware

Let’s look at the Shopware 6 Shipping settings. Below, you will find an overview of the corresponding admin section. We explain its core features, shed light on the available settings, and provide information on how to add shipping methods in Shopware 6. The platform offers flexible conditions when it comes to delivery options. You can apply rules and per sales channel configurations. Let’s see how everything is arranged in your administration. Continue Reading

Exploring Shopware: SEO Settings in Shopware 6

- E-Commerce, Shopware

By default, Shopware 6 offers several useful settings that dramatically improve the visibility of your e-commerce website from the perspective of search engines. Below, we explore the SEO settings of Shopware 6. You will learn how to find the corresponding configuration page and what optimizations it contains. We shed light on SEO-URL templates, describe other SEO settings, and explore how to rebuild the SEO index in Shopware 6 Continue Reading

Magento 2 Name Your Price Extension by Mageplaza 

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Everyone wants to buy their favored products at a good price. That’s obviously true. When shopping both online and offline, customers always would like to get bargain prices. Magento 2 Name Your Price by Mageplaza can help them to do this on your e-commerce site. 

The functional extension encourages customers’ purchases and rockets the conversion rate for your online business to a great degree.  Continue Reading