Evoworks – Efficient Online Marketing for E-Commerce Companies

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Evoworks is an online marketing agency aimed at e-commerce businesses. The company helps organizations to get the maximum potential from their webshops by creating successful marketing strategies and implementing various optimizations. When it comes to integrations, Evoworks relies on the Improved Import & Export extension to deliver the fastest and the most precise data synchronization. Continue Reading

Magento 2 import and export COOKBOOK index post. Use cases and instructions

This is an index blog post for Magento 2 import and export use cases. In this post you will find links with the description to the posts which describe how to use Improved Import & Export extension for Magento 2.

Each use case article comes with the step by step instructions and screenshots illustrating the extension setup process. Each article covers a particular use case/question, for example: how to map product attributes, how to update stock and price of the Magento 2 product.

  • Read and bookmark articles
  • Try out the instructions at our Magento 2 demo store
  • Check out Master Table which contains samples of every Magento 2 entity export and import file.

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SAP Business One In-Depth Review: How to Create, Authorize, & Approve Documents in SAP B1

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sap business one tutorial

In this article, we explore how to create, authorize, and approve documents in SAP Business One. You will discover various document creation features such as drafts, mass creation, and drawing documents from one another. Also, we explore how to accelerate and automate the process of creating documents by merging authorizations and approvals with document creation features. In SAP Business One, this process is standard. In addition to that, the application provides the ability to split different tasks between different system users via multiple levels of responsibility and authority. Let’s take a look at the core document creation features, explore authorizations, approvals, and drafts in more detail, and proceed to the document creation through the wizards Continue Reading

FireBear Improved Import & Export for Magento 2 – Extension Change Log

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improved import and export - Magento 2 extension

The following blog post will help you retrace the evolution of the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 module. The article gathers updates associated with the extension’s each new version from the very beginning. At the time of 1.0.0, it was a basic import solution with an existing import jobs architecture and import cron automation. With the next few versions, the module got such enhancements as product attribute import on the fly, transfers from FTP, SFTP, URL, and Dropbox, custom mapping, etc. Each new release made the Improved Import stronger and stronger. However, it was still an import-only tool until 1.5.0 was released. With this version, our extension became capable of both import and export processes. You can peruse the detailed evolution of the module and see its latest features below. 

Extension Manual | FAQ | Demo | Sample Files

3.6.2 (released 15.09.2021)


  • Removed Laminas library dependency for proper Magento 2.4.3 support

Improved Import Export Magento 2 Roadmap – vote for the most exciting features and we will implement them first. Leave your suggestions in the comments and we will add them to the poll.

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SAP Business One In-Depth Review: The Essentials of SAP B1 Service Module

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sap business one tutorial

In the following SAP tutorial, we introduce you to the SAP Business One Service module. You will find out what its equipment card is, how to create service calls, where to find service reports, etc. The blog post describes the essentials of the Service module in SAP Business One. In a nutshell, this tool is aimed at service-oriented companies. It is associated with the ability to track the provided services in a formal way. The module enables merchants to organize the provided services according to particular items, serial numbers, item groups, etc. Another purpose is to enable advanced analysis of the provided services via a robust system of reports. So, let’s see what the SAP Business One Service module is. Continue Reading

Import/Export cookbook: How to automate Magento 2 product catalog update from Google Sheets, FTP/SFTP, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox

Working with suppliers requires you to regularly update your Magento 2 product catalog with new prices, stock updates, and sometimes other relevant attributes. Store managers can spend a lot of time manually going product by product, spending their time and going attribute by attribute.

With Improved Import & Export extension for Magento 2 you can automate product catalog update tasks with cron scheduler and recurring import jobs, that automatically fetch the file with supplier updates from the source, and upload it to your store.

In the article below, I will give you step by step instructions on how to do it.

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MageMojo – Magento Hosting of Your Dream

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For over a decade, MageMojo delivers the best hosting services to Magento users all over the globe. The company provides merchants, developers, and agencies with the most powerful, reliable, and feature-rich services via Stratus – a modern cloud-hosting platform from MageMojo. Here at Firebear, we were always impressed with what the company does. And now, we are happy to announce our partnership with MageMojo. 

While most of our readers are probably familiar with Improved Import & Export, SAP connector, and other tools and services that we provide to our partners, let’s say a few more words about MageMojo and its Stratus. Continue Reading

Import/Export cookbook: How to update Magento 2 product prices during import quickly, without editing the CSV table

If you are a dropshipper or want to follow the inflation and increase product prices for your whole Magento 2 catalog or a part of it, you can do it quickly with the Improved Import & Export extension.

Export product catalog and import it back with the Price Rules – a quick filter that allows increasing and decreasing prices by a percent or a flat value.

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Import/Export cookbook: How to update Magento 2 product price and quantity using import and export. HINT: it’s fast and easy

Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension documentation is huge! I know. It is aimed to cover every aspect of the extension.

However, you do not need to read it all, or understand each and every attribute of every entity. In this article, I will show you how to mass update Magento 2 product prices and quantity (stock) using import and export procedures.

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SAP Business One In-Depth Review: Getting Started with SAP B1 Sales Opportunities

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sap business one tutorial

As an e-commerce store owner, you always have to think about turning leads into sales. Consider this process the lifeblood of your company’s revenue stream. And luckily, SAP Business One has something special to let you leverage this process. The system lets you monitor all potential buyers as a whole sales stream but treat each lead as your only sale. SAP Business One provides vital information for reporting and analysis to empower you to achieve this goal. Furthermore, you get the ability to streamline such daily chores as calendar appointments, meetings, and email sending. Due to a tight connection between SAP B1 and  Microsoft Outlook, these daily tasks can be managed in both systems.

In this article, we describe tools associated with the SAP Business One sales opportunities. You will find out how to move a lead through all the sales stages in SAP B1. Also, we shed light on exploring your sales pipeline for both individual salespeople and the company as a whole. The system’s powerful reporting functionality delivers a 360-degree view of leads and customers. It also delivers the ability to manage sales quotations in Microsoft Outlook. Below, we shed light on how to track marketing deals that become your revenue stream.  Continue Reading