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Possibility to apply discount coupons to reduce the price of purchased products on an online shop is one of the essential elements of an effective marketing strategy. Store owners can offer coupon codes to customers in various ways, e.g., during seasonal sales, for bundled products, only to loyal clients, etc. In any case, special deals add purchase incentives and increase average order value. Unfortunately, the default Magento 2 functionality related to discounts and promotion rules is limited. However, if you choose a reliable third-party module which offers necessary settings, you will be able to fully leverage advanced discounts functionality. Today, we are describing one of such tools – the Magento 2 Coupon Link extension by Web Solutions NYC.

The module enables Magento 2 merchants to create URLs with coupon codes that let customers apply discounts right in their shopping cart with one click on the link. Besides, the module can quickly generate multiple promo codes automatically in your Magento backend. By using coupon links in your marketing campaigns, you can drastically increase conversions, generate more traffic, and attract more customers to your web store. It makes the Magento 2 Coupon Link extension a beneficial tool for any ecommerce business.

Below, we have a closer look at the Magento 2 coupon link generator module’s functionality and backend interface.

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Promotions is a win-win strategy for boosting sales and increasing customer loyalty on any ecommerce store. Discount coupons is an essential part of a promotional campaign. They help you quickly catch online shoppers’ attention and make them willing to buy something from your website. However, a store owner might face some difficulties when using coupons. If you don’t use an automated coupon generator, manual creation of coupon codes will make this process quite time-consuming. Also, long promo codes might look complicated and decrease a customer’s motivation to enter them at the checkout. Thus, we advise you to look into third-party options that simplify coupons generation and allow online buyers to apply them automatically.

With the Coupon Link extension for Magento 2, you can easily create unique coupon promotions and generate URLs allowing customers to apply a discount code directly to their shopping cart. The module’s functionality can be adapted to various marketing campaigns, including special occasion promos, time-limited sales, discounts based on the cart total or quantity of purchased items, and more.


  • Generation of quick coupon links;
  • Auto-apply of a promo code via coupon URL;
  • Specific cart price rules for coupon activation;
  • Option to set a price threshold for enabling discount;
  • Suitable for a variety of promotional campaigns;
  • Shareable coupon URLs with multi-usage;
  • Auto generation of multiple coupon codes for an applied rule;
  • Easy-to-configure backend interface.

The Coupon Link extension for Magento 2 generates URLs that contain promotional codes automatically applied to order subtotal in a customer’s cart. Such functionality makes it easier for online shoppers to use coupon codes and increases the efficiency of your marketing campaigns. This way, you can add incentives for customers to visit your store and make a purchase since all they need to do to get a discount is just click on a provided link. Optionally, you can set particular cart price rules with specified promo codes that will trigger coupon usage. After a customer is forwarded to your web store via a coupon URL, they will see a message informing them about discount activation after meeting the specified conditions. It is also possible to set a price threshold that will enable discount in a shopping cart.

You can utilize various promotional means to provide customers with a coupon code link. The Magento 2 coupon link builder module can be used in almost any promo campaign, especially email and affiliate marketing campaigns. Besides, you can offer discount coupons on your blog and social media pages. To increase the effectiveness of a special deal, you can set a time limit on coupon use, provide one-time usage codes, add coupon links to Buy X Get Y Free or Free Shipping promotions, and more. Another possibility of implementing coupon code URLs in your promo offers is giveaways and contests. Moreover, you can create “Share with a Friend” campaigns with multi-use coupon links to incentivize your clients to forward a URL to other people, which will help to bring more potential customers to your web store. Since the Magento 2 coupon link module can automatically generate multiple codes for coupons, you can distribute an unlimited number of unique URLs to customers.


To configure the extension, navigate to Stores → Settings → Configuration → Web Solutions NYC → Coupon Link. First, enable the module to be able to apply its functionality on your website.

Next, it is necessary to create a cart price rule for applying coupon codes in the cart. Admin users are free to configure rules in any required way under Marketing → Promotions → Cart Price Rules. It is necessary to select a “Specific Coupon” option in the Coupon settings and specify a permanent coupon code. These two options will allow to include a specified discount code in a URL link. Here, it is also possible to enable auto generation of multiple coupon codes after saving the rule.

To create a correct coupon URL, you should use the following link pattern:

So, e.g., for web domain and coupon code testcoupon, a coupon link will look like this:

That’s it. As you can see, the module’s configuration is extremely simple and straightforward. Now, let’s see how the Coupon Link extension works from a customer perspective.


As we’ve described above, you can send coupon links to your customers via email, insert them in your blog and social media articles, etc. After a coupon code recipient clicks on the URL, they will be forwarded to your website where they will see a message about coupon usage.

After adding selected products to a shopping cart, frontend users will see another message about discount code activation.

A discount amount applied to the order subtotal is also displayed on the cart page.

Final Words

The Coupon Link extension for Magento 2 is a flexible tool for generating and distributing coupon codes with the auto-apply feature. The module extends the default Magento 2 functionality by enabling online store owners to create URLs with discount codes automatically applied on the shopping cart page. Using the features provided by the extension, merchants can implement various promotions in their marketing strategy and drastically improve the customer shopping experience. Due to the auto generation option for multiple codes, the module improves default coupon management and saves admin time and effort on routine tasks.

Coupon Link for Magento 2 costs $499, and you can buy it here:

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