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Facebook is one of the biggest social networks. It has 1.4 billion daily active users and more than 800 million monthly sales transactions. That is why a presence on Facebook is so crucial for every eCommerce business.

Facebook allows you to set up a shop on your business page. Once set up, the Facebook users can browse, share and like your products. The users can purchase the products using one of the two ways that Facebook offers. The first way is by clicking “Checkout on Website” and get redirected to your website. The second way is by purchasing through Facebook Messenger.

Having a shop on Facebook also makes it possible to tag your products on Instagram. Instagram has introduced the product tagging feature in 2017. Instagram traffic has increased 44% since adding this feature, strengthening the assumption that users love shopping through Instagram.


To set up a Facebook shop, you need to import your products from your Magento shop to the Facebook shop. Shopify, Bigcommerce and other platforms have native integration with Facebook. However, Magento 2 still lacks such integration. To import your products from Magento 2 to Facebook, you either need to upload the products manually, or use an extension.

The Mexbs Facebook Shop Extension helps you to do just that. It imports your Magento 2 products to Facebook. On the Facebook side, it makes the products act similarly to the Shopify and Bigcommerce native integrations. That is it allows displaying the product options drop downs. It also sends the customer directly to the Magento checkout, once the customer clicks the “Checkout on Website” button. These features create a maximally smooth user experience. That results in lower cart abandonment rate.

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How does it work?

Create your Facebook Shop within a few easy steps

To create your Facebook shop, you will first need to have a Facebook Page. Once you have a Facebook page, follow the comprehensive extension’s manual to set up your Facebook Shop. The whole process is straightforward even for a non-technical person.

Select the products that you want to be in the Facebook Shop

Once the extension is installed, and the shop has been created, using the comprehensive extension’s manual, select the products that you want to show in your Facebook shop. They also will be available to promote with Facebook Dynamic Ads.

Run the sync manually any time, or wait for the cron to run it

You can run the products synchronization any time you want. Otherwise, you can wait for the cron to do it. Once the products synchronization is done for the first time, the products will show up in your Facebook shop. That’s it! Your Facebook store is up and running.

Here is an example of how your Facebook shop may look like –

Magento 2 Facebook


Display configurable products in the Facebook shop, and let the customer select the product options directly on Facebook

Avoid clogging your Facebook shop with tons of similar products. That can be very confusing for the customers. It can cause a decrease in conversions. Instead, display configurable products that group all the similar products. Display options dropdowns to let the customer select the product options directly on Facebook. Once the customer chooses the options, the product image will change to the image of the selected configuration.

Note: Facebook only allows the configurable product attributes to be: color, size, material, and pattern.

Magento 2 Facebook

Send the customer directly to the Magento checkout

Create a smooth buying experience by sending the customer directly to the checkout. Once the customer clicks “Check Out on Website” – he is sent directly to the checkout with the product in his cart. It also works for configurable products – the customer selects the product options on Facebook. When he clicks “Check Out on Website” – Magento adds the product with the selected options to the cart and sends the customers directly to the checkout.

Note: for the bundled products or products with custom options, the customer will be sent to the product page to select the options.

Select what products will be in the Facebook Shop

The extension allows selecting what products will be synced with the Facebook shop. You might want to sync only some of your Magento products with your Facebook shop. It can be useful when Facebook users belong to some specific segment and will be interested just in some of your products.

Supports multistore

The extension allows syncing products between different store views and different Facebook shops. If you have multiple stores under one Magento installation, you most likely have multiple Facebook shops. The extension lets you sync the products of each store with the corresponding Facebook shop.

The extension keeps the sync logs

The extension maintains the logs of the syncs (product imports). These logs show what products were synced. They also indicate whether the sync triggered by cron or manually. They display the status of the sync and the store view. It is essential to have logs that you can look in, in the case that something goes wrong.

The extension allows creating mappings of attributes

If you have some custom product attributes you can use the extension mapping tool. The tool allows mapping between the Magento attributes and the Facebook shop fields.  It can be useful when the product attribute codes are different than the Facebook fields. Out of the box, the extension tries to fetch the data from the product attributes that have the same code as the Facebook product fields. If the extension doesn’t find the product attribute, it will display a comprehensive error message, explaining what product attributes or mappings are missing.

Is this Extension the right choice for me?

Here are the cases for which the extension can provide a solution. If one of them describes your needs, this extension will fulfill them.

  • You want to start selling on Facebook within a few easy steps. The extension and the comprehensive user manual will guide you step by step towards your Facebook shop creation.
  • You want to start promoting your products on Facebook, using Facebook Dynamic Ads. The extension and the comprehensive user manual will guide you how to sync your products with Facebook Business Manager Catalogs. Afterward, you can start creating your Facebook Ads and promoting your website.
  • You want to tag your Facebook products on Instagram. In this case, Facebook requires that you will have either a Facebook shop or a Business Catalog. The extension and the user manual will guide you how to set up your Facebook Shop and a Business Catalog.

How it looks on the backend

Select and mark the products that you want to be synced with your Facebook shop.

Magento 2 Facebook

Run the products sync manually any time, or wait for the cron to run it.

Magento 2 Facebook

Look into the sync logs to track the sync activity.

Magento 2 Facebook

Create mappings for the product attributes that have different codes that the Facebook product fields.

Magento 2 Facebook

Why should I trust MexBS?

All MexBS extensions are Magento Marketplace approved. That is, they were all tested and qualified by the Magento Marketplace team. Recently, Magento interviewed the Mexbs CEO, Sveta Oksen about the innovation in the field of Magento extensions.

Mexbs Policy

  • Free lifetime support
  • Free installation
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • 100% open source

Final words

If you are not selling on Facebook yet, it’s a good time to start. MexBS Facebook Shop Integration is a great tool to be up and running on Facebook within a few easy steps. Its current price is $129.

Get MexBS Facebook Shop Integration Extension for Magento 2