How To Synchronize Magento 2 With Any Online Marketplace To Import/Export Product Data

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Magento 2 Omnichannel Extension

Do you know that Magento 2 is not only a reliable platform for building online storefronts – it is also a fully featured tool for connecting multiple branches of your business together? After a few manipulations are applied, you can use Magento 2 as a hub for omnichannel retail. Furthermore, the platform makes the multi-channel approach more affordable to everyone. Nowadays when large marketplaces like Google Shopping, eBay, and Amazon rule the world, you cannot just sell your products via a single website. To cover as many buyers as possible, your goods should be represented on top marketplaces, which generates million-dollar sales every day.


Magento 2 Integrations: Drop Shipping Platforms, Price Comparison Engines, Online Marketplaces

Furthermore, Magento 2 is a perfect platform for dropshipping! Of course, it doesn’t provide the desired functionality out of the box, but you can always get the missing features with the help of third-party tools. Ths, with drop shipping and the integration with marketplaces, you can substantially expand your business and increase sales, turning Magento 2 into a central hub where all parts of your omnichannel marketing are connected into an integral system. But how to link multiple platforms to the e-commerce store providing two-way data flow?

Feed Export Extensions & Their Issues

Although it may seem that you need dozens of various extensions to establish the connection, there is nothing to be afraid of. Yes, multiple modules allow exporting data feeds to specific marketplaces. For instance, we’ve already reviewed Amasty Product Feed Extension, Xtento Product Feed Export Module, and others. They are reliable modules that provide the ability to create a comprehensive data feed following all requirements of the selected platform, but two drawbacks are common to all similar solutions. While they cover all significant marketplaces, there are always several platforms that are not supported. It is not the biggest problem since you can ask module developers to solve the issue, but the real drawback is export-only functionality. Thus, by installing one of the data feed modules, you get only a one-way connection from your Magento 2 website to the platform of your choice. As a result, it is entirely impossible to turn the e-commerce storefront into a central hub that connects all business channels together. May the developers be helpful in solving this issue as well?

Magento 2 Omnichannel Extension

Unfortunately, not. The problem of all Magento 2 feed export extensions is in their nature: each export solution is designed to move data from your store – not vice versa. Therefore, you need another tool designed to perform import procedures. Note that it is impossible to move each file to Magento 2 due to strict format requirements, so the tool must support mapping; otherwise, your dreams about a central e-commerce hub on the basis of Magento 2 will remain dreams. Thus, you need two means to achieve the goal above partly, because none of them supports drop-shipping functionality. But what if there is a universal solution that combines import and export functionality?

Universal Import & Export Integrator

We have good news: our Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension is designed to cover both sides of data feed management. The module allows not only to import/export information necessary for online marketplaces and Magento 2, but it also provides the ability to apply mapping, or even use presets that modify feed data according to the requirements of each platform. As a result, you can fully automate the synchronization paying attention to other important aspects of your business. Let’s take a look at core features of Improved Import & Export related to data feed management.

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Magento 2 Data Feed Management Features

  • Presets for all popular shopping engines and more: you don’t even need to apply mapping since there are import/export presets designed to establish a seamless connection between your Magento 2 website and selected marketplaces. If any preset is unavailable – let us know, and we will create it;
  • Fully automated feed generation and export: with Improved Import & Export you won’t spend much time on feed generation routine. Just select the necessary preset, connect data output to the marketplace, and create the export schedule. Next, the extension will do everything automatically. At the same time, it is possible to run export asynchronously whenever you need.
  • Fully automated data import: the same principle works for data import from marketplaces and other external sources. It is only necessary to create a schedule and provide details about the connection. Asynchronous import is supported as well.
  • Unlimited product feeds: the Improved Import Export Magento 2 extension allows connecting your store to any marketplace, and you can create an infinite number of import/export templates.
  • All data feed types are supported: the module supports not only the standard CSV, TXT, and XML, but also Google Docs and Excel files. Thus, you will never face any limits when it comes to file formats of export/import.
  • All product types are supported: seamlessly move your simple, configurable, grouped, bundle, and custom product types to any marketplace and get the appropriate data back. Turn your Magento 2 store into the heart of your business.
  • Diversity of feeds: the Improved Import Export extension lets you create data feeds for multiple stores, currencies, and VAT rates. If you trade worldwide, it’s a must-have feature that provides the ability to cope with numerous local requirements.
  • Full support for attributes: you can import/export any Magento attribute within the feed, so all custom features will be preserved and spread through your omnichannel business. Furthermore, if any attribute, attribute set, or attribute value is absent in your Magento 2 database, it will be created automatically during the import procedure.
  • Flexible filters: it is not a secret that shopping engines don’t need all information about your products, and with the Improved Import Export module you can provide them only with the necessary data. The extension offers robust filters that allow exporting only the required information.
  • Untar, unzip: and if a marketplace provides data as a zip or tar archive, our module will easily unpack it automatically.
  • Tier prices support: you no longer have to create tier prices manually after your product feed was exported to a shopping engine. The Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension allows adding this information to the feed.
  • Export to local/remote destinations: supported sources include FTP, SFTP, URL, and Dropbox. More sources will be added soon.

iPaaS Approach to Magento 2 Integration

Also, note that our extension partly introduces the iPaaS approach to Magento 2 integration. Since it allows using Dropbox as a source of data files, the cloud technology is used allowing to synchronize two platforms. The old enterprise service bus (ESB) approach tends to become less popular within the next few years. And the Integration Platform as a Service approach is its most possible replacement. Unlike ESB, the iPaaS model requires neither on-premises hardware nor middleware or additional software. Tools are delivered right from the public cloud. As for our extension, it should be installed in a more traditional way. Besides, it is necessary to configure every integration manually. Indeed, you have to do the same routine in case of iPaaS but on the cloud platform website. Our extension lets you implement all the configurations right in the Magento 2 backend in a conventional manner. For further information about iPaas services, follow this link: Magento 2 iPaaS Systems & Cloud Automation Platforms.

Magento 2 iPaaS systems

Now, let’s focus on several import features of Improved Import & Export. We have developed a unique technology which easily connects Magento 2 to marketplaces via API. In case API is not available, our extension crawls products data more traditionally. The information is moved to Google Sheet and then to your e-commerce store. Thus, you can not only run import seamlessly, but also connect any drop shipping solution to Magento 2 Open Source, Commercial, or Cloud Edition. The tool allows moving products, modifying their prices or other data, and selling them everywhere. Due to the two-way connection, both product data and stocks are synced automatically and always up to date!

As for drop shipping, it may be implemented due to the connection between Magento 2 and Oberlo. The system allows you to import dropshipped products directly into the Magento 2 store and ship them directly to your customers. The service already enables thousands of people to run their dropshipping stores. But let’s return to our mutton.

Magento 2 Integrations with Price Comparison Engines & Marketplaces

Below, you can find a list of shopping engines and online marketplaces that can be easily connected to Magento 2 with the help of Improved Import & Export. Install our module and you will easily integrate Magento 2 with the following services.

Magento 2 Integrations with Drop Shipping Platforms

The following section of the article contains manufacturers and providers that offer drop shipping services. Due to the extended flexibility of the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension, you can easily leverage the Magento 2 drop shipping integration. Just choose a platform that suits your business model. We will add new platforms on a regular basis.

And you can easily connect your Magento 2 website to all these e-commerce platforms and services with the help of the Improved Import & Export extension. There is no need to install various third-party modules developed for one or several marketplaces. Actually, you only need Firebear’s tool with the appropriate presets, and the two-way connection will be easily established between the selected third-party platforms and your Magento 2 storefront.

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