Magento 2 MyShopping Integration

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Magento 2 MyShopping Connector

Continuously operating since 2005, has become Australia’s leading comparison shopping service that combines thousands of online stores and millions of products in a customer-friendly catalogue. As a Magento 2 merchant, you can easily connect your e-commerce website to the platform reaching new buyers and increasing sales. In the following post, we discuss the Magento 2 integration and provide tips on how to choose a right Magento 2 MyShopping connector.

As we’ve just mentioned, MyShopping is Australia’s leading price comparison engine. It attracts over 3 million unique visitors monthly. And most of them are ready to buy customers looking for the best offers to spend their money on. Get your business listed with and make your business exposed to millions of the platform’s visitors.

And note that it costs nothing to list your products and website on But the service charges fees when a shopper clicks on your website. The CPC model allows increasing budget expenditures making investments more precise. The platform makes it easy to monitor and manage your marketing spend. You can always find out how your money is being spent and what is the conversion rate. And features a sales tracking code. Only a few Australian online merchant sites can be proud of that.

Magento 2 MyShopping Connector

The platform allows using the MyShopping rated store logo. Thus, you can build customer confidence. Note that customers can rate their shopping experience on MyShopping by leaving reviews on your business.

You can start selling on the platform right now. The positive aspect is that there’s no commitment: you don’t have to sign any contracts. Just sign up for free and move your products to MyShopping. It is also necessary to mention that there is no monthly minimum. If you sell nothing, it is still possible to keep your account active or cancel it at any time. But how to provide the shopping engine with product data in the most efficient way?

You need a proper Magento 2 MyShopping connector. And since there are lots of tools that pretend to provide the necessary functionality, we should discuss some common issues saving you from a range of problems.

You might have already seen various Magento 2 export extension that claims to be great time-savers when it comes to the Magento 2 third-party platform integration. Even if they are good enough (most of them aren’t) you may still face various problems. For instance, the platform you want to connect your e-commerce store to generates data files for Magento 2, but your export solution cannot move them back to the system. And it shouldn’t. Thus, you can either move everything manually or install an additional import solution. But to modules are usually more expensive than a single solution. At the same time, by installing two tools instead of a single one you increase the consumption of precious resources that can be used more efficiently.

There is another problem related to one-way connectors. Some of them don’t move data partly. It means that you still have to move certain information manually or with the help of another module. Note that the issue is often related to product images; and if you have hundreds of products, the manual transfer of photos may become a painful routine.

Even if the selected connector moves all types of data in both ways, it doesn’t mean that you are looking at the connector you need. There is also a problem related to the lack of multipurposeness. Many Magento 2 connectors can establish a seamless bridge between your store and the corresponding third-party system, but they are designed for a single integration only. If it is a Magento 2 MyShopping connector, you cannot use it for the Magento 2 Rakuten integration. Is it a huge problem?

It becomes more and more visible with each new integration. The more channels you connect to Magento 2 – the more extensions are used. As a result, you radically increase costs related to running a multichannel business. Besides, the consumption of resources and platform load rise dramatically. And don’t forget about conflicts that may occur among new modules.

How to Select Magento 2 MyShopping Connector?

We know the answer – you need a solution designed to move all types of data from Magento 2 to any third-party platform and receive the corresponding output back. It is the only requirement to a reliable Magento 2 MyShopping connector. While the platform doesn’t generate any data that should be imported to Magento 2, you still need this functionality for other integrations. So what tool do we recommend?

Meet the Improved Import Export Magento 2 extension by Firebear. This tool was developed by our team to improve the default Magento 2 functionality as well as create an extension that will leave all existing import/export solutions far behind. To achieve this goal, the Improved Import Export Extension offers the following features:

Separate Import and Export Profiles. After installing the extension, you will find two new sections in the Magento 2 backend: Import Jobs and Export Jobs. If your integration requires one-way connection only, you don’t have to deal with the unnecessary work. In case of the Magento 2 MyShopping synchronisation, it is only necessary to create a new export profile.

Cron Support. Since all profiles are based on crone, you can create any custom schedule of updates. At the same time, the Improved Import & Export extension offers a range of predefined time intervals that can be used for the automated update. If you need to launch import or export out of schedule, it is also possible via the synchronous mode.

Multiple File Formats. The module allows creating a bridge between Magento 2 and third-party platforms via CSV, XML, TXT, Google Sheets, or API. These standards are enough to satisfy even the most demanding requirements.

Multiple Import/Export Sources. The Magento 2 Improved Import Export extension provides the ability to run file exchange via a local or remote server. Alternatively, you can use cloud storages or even direct URLs.

Mapping. The mapping functionality is added to all profiles. You can leverage a user-friendly interface to match default Magento 2 attributes to any custom ones. The necessity to edit each import/export file manually is eliminated. Moreover, there are mapping presets in the extension’s interface. Within just a few clicks, you can apply a necessary mapping scheme matching all attributes automatically.

To get the Magento 2 MyShopping connector, you need to purchase the Improved Import Export Magento 2 extension. The connector is free, and it is provided together with multiple other connectors. For further information, contact our support team and follow this link:

Download/Buy Firebear Improved Import & Export Magento 2 Extension