Leverage Magento 2 and Reach New E-Commerce Heights with Lumao

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

Meet the team of developers from France called Lumao. It gathers the best developers specializing in Magento 2. Being a certified Magento partner, the agency delivers the best coding experiences associated with the platform. And we are happy to announce our partnership with Lumao. The agency streamlines our Improved Import & Export along with other tools to integrate Magento 2 websites with any external systems in the most efficient and seamless manner. If you’re looking for a team of experts, you’ve come to the right place.

About Lumao

The company is famous for the development of outstanding custom modules and fully-featured Magento projects. Furthermore, it offers flexible integrations which incorporate our Improved Import & Export as well as various other connectors. Hosting on high availability cloud servers is another benefit of Lumao. You can also get a monthly maintenance package. Other important aspects that characterize Lumao include:

  • 3,5k+ working hours;
  • 170+ projects;
  • 130+ clients;
  • 15k+ lines of code.


Take a look at the following services that Lumao offers to its clients:

  • Development – custom development services cover any Magento modifications that follow the requirements of the most demanding business cases;
  • Application Support – after a custom project is created, Lumao specialists provide its ongoing maintenance and support;
  • Marketing – of course, different services associated with all possible marketing strategies are at your disposal;
  • SEO – with Lumao, you will make your Magento 2 website more attractive for both store visitors and search engines;
  • Hosting – the agency delivers cloud hosting options associated with the SaaS model;
  • Performance – if you already have an e-commerce website but it doesn’t work well, Lumao offers a performance audit that will help you discover all the existing bottlenecks and then fix them;
  • Integration – Lumao will help you synch your Magento 2 website with any external system or platform using our Improved Import & Export along with other tools we offer.

Other Conditions

Lumao is proud to base its workflow on the following three pillars: planning, building, and delivering. Let’s say a few more words about them. 

When it comes to planning, company specialists and a client discuss the terms necessary to implement the projects. They agree on a schedule to deliver the e-commerce website in accordance with the customer’s deadline. 

The building phase incorporates a transparent website creation. At this stage, Lumao specialists introduce new features on a daily basis so that a client can control the implementation of their ideas.

As for delivering, a production release takes place once in two weeks. It brings to life the changes that a client has previously validated.

These three aspects help to maintain the most efficient and customer-friendly workflow where clients are always informed about the development progress. 

Firebear Partner Loyalty Program

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Firebear delivers flexible partnership terms that can be easily adapted to your business demands. Contact us to learn more about our Loyalty Program.