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The following blog post will help you retrace the evolution of the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 module. The article gathers updates associated with the extension’s new version from the very beginning. At the time of 1.0.0, it was a basic import solution with an existing import jobs architecture and import cron automation. With the next few versions, the module got such enhancements as product attribute import on the fly, transfers from FTP, SFTP, URL, Dropbox, custom mapping, etc. Each new release made the Improved Import stronger and stronger. However, it was still an import-only tool until 1.5.0 was released. With this version, our extension became capable of both import and export processes. You can peruse the detailed evolution of the module and see its latest features below. 

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3.8.7 (released 17.04.2024)


  • Magento 2.4.7. Support. The latest version of the extension supports Magento 2.4.7.
  • Customer Import. Support for separate street columns “_address_street_1”, “_address_street_2”, “_address_street_3”, “_address_street_4” when importing customer & addresses.
  • Improved Consecutive Export. Now, it is possible to export also last updated entities.
  • Export Mapping. The “salable_qty” column has been added to the export mapping section when exporting products with MSI data.
  • Order Export. A new event, “sales_order_save_commit_after,” to run order export jobs has been added.
  • Customer Import. A new customer import attribute has been added – “allowed_assistance.” It can enable/disable the Allow Remote Shopping Assistant feature.
  • Order History Import. Now order comments can be imported by the order’s “increment_id”. “status_history:entity_id” and “status_history:parent_id” are not required anymore.
  • Custom Options Price Import. It is now possible to import store-specific custom option prices.
  • Export Filters. Export filters support the following conditions: “=” “!=” “>” “<=” “contains” “not contains.”
  • Image Import. Additional logging has been added for deferred image import.
  • Performance. Customer import has improved memory consumption.
  • Data Storage. The DB’s “mapping” column type has been changed to “mediumblob” in the “firebear_import_jobs” table to allow the storage of more data.
  • Product Import. The ability to unassign products from the category has been added.
  •  Order Export. It is now possible to export order data in one line to XML and JSON formats.


  • Fixed bug when product Attribute Value is not imported when using the “<create_attribute>” node.
  • Fixed PHP “Undefined array key” warning when importing products from a Magento 1 file.
  • Fixed PHP “Array to string conversion” warning when exporting orders with gift card products.
  • Fixed PHP “Undefined array key “customer_email“” warning when importing orders.
  • Fixed problem when order data was not filtered by store view during the export.
  • Fixed problem when “salable_qty” was not correct after importing products with MSI columns.
  • Fixed problem with product cache when importing products with the Enabled Cache Products option.
  • Fixed problem with swatches import when Remote Storage is enabled.
  • Fixed SQL “Integrity constraint violation” error when importing customer addresses without “entity_id.”
  • Fixed problem with importing attribute options for specific store view (translations).
  • Fixed UI issue with category mapping.
  • Fixed problem with export attribute options when the main option was not exported.
  • Fixed problem with export to XML when the “Only fields from Mapping” option is enabled.
  • Fixed php “Deprecated Functionality: strlen()” error when exporting products with attribute options.
  • Fixed “Status History entity_id is empty in rows” error when deleting orders.
  • Fixed problem with export job history popup. The problem occurred because of JS issues with job filters.
  • Fixed problem when order’s “Purchased From” changed unexpectedly during the order import.
  • Fixed the “Call to undefined method” issue when exporting advanced prices.
  • Fix bug with unavailable export mapping attributes.
  • Fix issue with product import when MSI is disabled.

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3.8.6 (released 20.09.2023)


  • Log Files Management Automation. The latest version provides the ability to clear import/export log files automatically. Two options are available: “Clear import/export logs by cron” and “Days Saved in Log”. 
  • Developer Improvement. The “categoriesMapping” method is now public. 
  • Product Online Import. The extension does not disable products when the “product_online” field is empty in the import file.
  • Image Import. The following improvements to the image import process were introduced in 3.8.6:
    • A new product import option called “Keep original image name” is available. When enabled, it keeps the original image name when importing images by URL. 
    • Import images by URL when the URL contains a port number.
    • Import images by URL when the URL contains spaces.
  • Products not in Import List. The “Update Products that are not in the import list” feature now has the following new options:
    • Set products to “Out of stock” status
    • Set products qty to 0
    • Set products to “Out of stock” status and set products qty to 0
  • Google Drive Import. The extension now replaces the existing export file on Google Drive instead of creating a new file with a duplicated name.
  • Order Import. Support for one-line addresses when importing orders.


  • Fixed an order import problem when a customer was not linked when using a specific store view.
  • Fixed a PHP error “Deprecated Functionality: preg_split()” when importing order addresses with empty street data.
  • Fixed a product export issue when exporting products for a specific store view, when products from all store views were exported.
  • Fixed a PHP import error “Base table or view not found” when Magento uses a table prefix.
  • Fixed a category import problem when custom separators were not supported.
  • Fixed a conflict with the core Magento import that caused a PHP error “Undefined array key SKU”.
  • Fixed a problem when running a “customer_composite” import clears bunches stored in the database.
  • Fixed a JS error “Failed to load the “Firebear_ImportExport/form/element/switcher” template”.
  • Fixed a problem with the export mapping component when values are shifted randomly.
  • Fixed a PHP error “Warning: Undefined array key” when importing products from XML.
  • Fixed a PHP error “Deprecated Functionality: strlen()” when exporting orders on PHP 8.2.
  • Fixed a PHP error “Warning: Undefined array key” when importing products from a JSON file, caused because newly created attribute values were not cached.
  • Fixed a problem with importing bundle products when old bundle associations were not removed.
  • Reverted the export order column that contains the full street information.
  • Fixed a problem when a wrong customer was exported with an order export when the customer exists with the same “entity_id” as the current order.
  • Fixed a category export when the admin user was assigned to a custom role.

3.8.5 (released 14.07.2023)


  • Google Sheets Export. In 3.8.5, you can export all the supported entities from Magento 2 to Google Sheets. Previously, only product export was possible.
  • Magento Remote Storage. Now, you can import files and images from remote storage. More info on Adobe website
  • Remove Bundle Product Association”. 3.8.5 adds the ability to remove bundle child associations during import.
  • Third-Party Dependencies. The “weew/helpers-array” third-party dependency has been removed.  
  • Find & Replace. The improved Find & Replace functionality extends the list of allowed attributes and adds the ability to apply multiple changes to the same attribute. 
  • Order Address Export. 3.8.5 adds the ability to export order address street into a separate column. 
  • RMA Export. It is now possible to export RMA returns for Adobe Commerce.
  • Attribute Import. The improved attribute import functionality allows using the same attribute code in multiple rows. This can be used when importing attributes to multiple attribute sets. 
  • New Product Export Fields. In 3.8.5, you can find new fields in export jobs for products: “parent_url” and “parent_sku”. They are available in the mapping section.


  • Replaced deprecated “Magento\InventorySalesApi\Api\IsProductSalableInterface” usage with “Magento\InventorySalesApi\Api\AreProductsSalableInterface”. 
  • Fixed error with export to OneDrive account due to API changes. 
  • Fixed the problem with importing files when the import directory is a symlink. 
  • “store_id” from a simple product is now used when using the “Configurable creation” functionality. 
  • Fixed product stock status on the frontend after the import by updating data in the “cataloginventory_stock_status” table. 
  • Fixed unexpected auto-filling of fields on Import/Export job admin pages. 
  • Changed the logic for order increment id reservation during order import when the “Use auto-increment for order increment_id” option is enabled. Consider table “sequence_order_*” by using “Magento\SalesSequence\Model\Manager” core class. 
  • Fixed the problem with tier price export when prices were exported only for the first bunch of products. 
  • Fixed the problem with importing tier prices to “All” websites.
  • Fixed the problem with custom option translations. Now custom_options can be located in different rows in the import file. 
  • Google Sheets export by pages. Previously data was exported at once, sometimes causing memory limit errors.
  • Fixed the problem with attribute export when only attributes with the associated attribute set were exported. 
  • Fixed the problem with exporting translations of multiselect attributes. 
  • Fixed the problem with exporting attributes when columns “options:*” were empty.
  • Fixed the problem with image import when whitespaces were used in the “additional_images” import attribute. 
  • Fixed the problem with “Consecutive Export” that occurred while running export manually from the admin interface. 
  • Fixed the problem with product export when custom table preFixed is used in Magento. 
  • Fixed the problem with importing files with filenames written in uppercase. 
  • Fixed the problem with json import when a multi-dimensional json structure is used. 
  • Fixed the “The path contains a non-existent category” error that occurred during category import when the import couldn’t recognize the current category ID in the path. 
  • Fixed the “Nesting level too deep” PHP error when importing categories. 
  • Fixed a PHP error with “array_change_key_case” when importing data from Google Sheets. 
  • Fixed the problem when text attribute values with leading zeroes “0” were imported as integer numbers without leading “0”.
  • Fixed the problem with XML order export when only the order entity was exported.

Improved Import Export Magento 2 Roadmap – vote for the most exciting features and we will implement them first. Leave your suggestions in the comments and we will add them to the poll.

3.8.4 (released 29.05.2023)


  • Product Import. The “User Defined” checkbox on the Bundle Options tab of a product page in the Magento admin is linked to the “can_change_qty” column in a product import file.
  • Order Import. The “order_id” and “order_item_id” fields are now optional in the “item:downloadable_link_data” column when importing orders with downloadable links.
  • Customer Import. A customer group code (“_customer_group_code”) has higher priority than a group ID (“group_id”) during customer import.
  • MSI Product Export.  It is possible to decide whether you need to export salable quantities during product export or not. The export job’s “Add MSI data to export” option enables salable quantity export. If it is turned on, an export file contains the “msi_stock_[stock_id]_salable_qty” and “msi_stock_[stock_id]_is_salable” columns, where “[stock_id]” is a numerical ID of your stock. For instance, msi_stock_1_salable_qty or msi_stock_2_salable_qty.
  • Product Export.  Product export now contains the “parent_sku” column. If a simple product is a child of a few different products, parent products are separated by a comma in the “parent_sku” attribute column.
  • MSI Product Import.  Improved Import & Export automatically changes a stock status based on qty value if the “msi_[source_code]_status” column is omitted, where “[source_code]” is the code of a particular inventory source, such as default, de, or en (e.g., msi_default_status, msi_de_status, msi_en_status). The status is set to “in stock” if qty>0 and “out of stock” if qty=0.
  • Product Attributes. The extension exports product attributes in the same order as on the “Map Attributes” tab.
  • Product Import.  Improved Import & Export converts product weight during import according to the “Weight Factor” value in the import job settings. The default value is “1” – the weight value is exactly as in the import table. To convert kg to g need to set the value to “1000”. To convert g to kg, set the value “0.001”.
  • Order Export. You can export order addresses in a single line with the help of the export job option named “Data in one line”. This feature works only for export. If addresses are separated in different columns in one line – they will not be imported.
  • Category Export. Both a file and mapping tab associated with category export now contain the “parent_id” column.
  • Shipment Import.  The shipment import field named “shipment_track:source_code” provides the ability to create a shipment from the specific stock source.
  • XSLT Field Type. The XSLT field type has been changed to “mediumblob”, which supports more than 65535 symbols.
  • Developer Improvement. The “preparePlatformRowForDb()” public method has been added to the Product class to enable the use of plugins.


  • Fixed issue when not all categories were exported due to collection reset.
  • Fixed issue when the global price for a product was exported instead of a website-specific price.
  • Fixed the “Advanced Price” replace behavior. Now it works based on a specific website.
  • Fixed issue with category name export. Initially, names based on the global store view were exported instead of store-specific names.
  • Fixed issue with undefined ‘getMultipleCategorySeparator()’ method while running the core Magento import.
  • Fixed problem when 0 ‘children_count’ was saved to DB during category import.
  • Fixed problem when empty lines were exported during shipment item export.
  • Fixed problem with export category level separator when it was applied only to the first category level.
  • Fixed the category separator on the “Map Categories” import tab. Initially, only ‘/’ was displayed even if another separator was selected. It used to cause problems with categories that already had “/” in their names.
  • Fixed the “Implicit conversion from float to int” error caused by conflicts with some third-party extensions.
  • Fixed problem with the address “imcrement_id”. This column can be used to identify the correct address if an import file does not contain “entity_id”.
  • Fixed problem when only the last bunch of data was exported to a zip file.
  • Fixed the “columnNameInvalid in rows” error when saving Import Job with the “Save & Run” button.
  • Fixed problem when stock qty was not updated using the core Magento import with the enabled MSI modules.
  • Fixed problem when an import process was interrupted if images were not found on a remote OneDrive account. Now, a job shows a warning and keeps running.
  • Fixed the “Object could not be converted to string” error during orders export.
  • Fixed problem with Reviews import when an invalid column error was shown for the “vote:…” column.
  • Fixed issue when a product was accidentally assigned to a “Default source” despite the import file didn’t contain any stock data.
  • Fixed the “Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘items’)” JS issue when clicking on the Validate button on the import job page.
  • Fixed memory leak associated with category import caused by the infinite recursive calls.
  • Fixed memory leak associated with product import caused by loading all store products instead of a specific bunch during Product Video Urls loading. 
  • Fixed the “Column cannot be null” error when importing empty values for the “out_of_stock_qty” column during product import.
  • Fixed problem with the export date filter when data was exported till the current time instead of the end of the day.
  • Fixed the export filter field and the “Yes/No” field when products with “No” value were not found.
  • Fixed problem when the configurable product’s “disabled” status became “enabled” even if the import file didn’t contain the status column. 
  • Fixed problem when duplicated attribute options were created during attribute import.

3.8.3 (released 03.04.2023)

This release adds support for Magento 2.4.6 (including M2 Open Source, Commerce, Adobe Commerce and Mage OS) and PHP 8.2.


  • Zend_Validate_Regex is replaced with Laminas\Validator\Regex.
  • Zend_Mime is replaced with Magento\Framework\HTTP\Mime.
  • Zend_Validate is replaced with Firebear\ImportExport\Model\ValidatorChain.
  • Zend_Uri dependency is removed.

3.8.2 (released 22.03.2023)


  • XSLT. The ‘indent’ attribute is now supported.
  • Product export. It is possible to export image labels to separate columns.
  • Product import. You can disable products that do not exist in an import file on specific websites.
  • Product import. It is possible to set products out of stock when they are not available in the import list.
  • Customer import/export. The extension supports new fields for customer import and export: ‘_customer_group_code’, ‘_tax_class_name’, and ‘_tax_class_id’
  • Customer import. It is possible to create customer groups during import.
  • Order import. It is possible to generate ‘increment_id’ on import.
  • Email notifications. The ‘CC’ method has been added.
  • XML, JSON Import. ‘Path to products’ has been improved. The improvement helps to find products in complex XML structures. For example, if products are situated deep in the structure and have different names.
  • New events for developers. The new version includes the following new events for developers: ‘firebear_import_run’, ‘firebear_import_success’, and ‘firebear_export_failure’ events.


  • Fixed issue with child product visibility. When an import file does not contain the visibility attribute, it no longer causes a problem.
  • Fixed issue with price rounding. The extension now rounds prices to ‘0.49’ or ‘0.99’ if the corresponding option is enabled.
  • Fixed issue with custom option translations.
  • Fixed issue with multiple value separator.
  • Fixed issue with skipped rows when ‘Only update’ behavior is selected.
  • Fixed issue with empty ‘Select Sheet to Import From’ when importing from XLSX.
  • Fixed issue with duplicated customers when ‘Share Customer Accounts’ is set to ‘Global’.
  • Fixed order export issue when values are mixed in the ‘items:’ and ‘product:’ columns.
  • Fixed category import issue associated with ‘,’ in a name.
  • Fixed the ‘URL key for specified store already exists’ issue on category import.
  • Fixed import issue for the ‘product_online’ attribute for the scope ‘Global’.
  • Fixed bundle product import issue for bundle options with ‘bundle_values’.
  • Fixed downloadable product import issue associated with the ‘links_purchased_separately’ attribute.
  • Fixed error in ‘Map Attribute’ caused by multiple ajax requests.
  • Fixed issue when new attribute values are not displayed on the Frontend.
  • Fixed product export issue when the exported ‘video_url’ attribute is empty.
  • Fixed error that prevented files exported to Google Drive and One Drive from being downloaded in the Magento admin.
  • It is possible to import ‘price’ custom options for ‘text’, ‘file’, and ‘date’ types.
  • The ‘Disable Product not in list’ feature disables products on all websites.
  • Fixed CLI error ‘Job with id “” does not exist.’
  • The custom value separator is no longer ignored for Multiple Select Attributes.
  • It is now possible to update attributes for specific websites and stores.
  • Fixed import error “Warning: Undefined variable $data in /var/www/html/vendor/firebear/importexport/Model/Import/Product.php.”
  • Fixed custom options import error “Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails” when the “Include Option Id” setting is enabled.
  • Fixed category export issue when exported files contained empty values for the scope ‘All store views’.
  • Fixed product export issue associated with the Exception “Item (Magento\Eav\Model\Entity\Attribute\Option) with the same ID “100” already exists.”
  • Now, it is possible to assign simple products to configurable products when using Custom Logic.
  • You can copy images to parent configurable products.
  • Fixed issue associated with a wrong ‘visibility’ value for simple products.
  • Fixed customer import issue for XLSX files associated with the “Recoverable Error: Object of class DateTime could not be converted to string” error.
  • Fixed batch export error “There is no data for the export.”
  • Multiple shipment generation is possible for order import.
  • Fixed empty category column issue for product export.
  • Fixed custom options import issue when unique titles were not imported for specific store views.
  • Fixed problem with the ‘stat()’ function on the cloud Pro architecture.
  • Removed ‘jquery/ui’ dependency.

3.8.1 (released 7.11.2022)


  • Full compatibility with Magento 2.4.5
  • Added possibility to assign customer group to customers using the customer group name with “Customers Main” entity. The following fields have been added to the “Customers Main” export and import: _customer_group_code (name of the customer group), _tax_class_name (name of the tax assigned to the customer group), _tax_class_id (ID of the tax assigned to the customer group). The customer group can only be created if the tax class specified already exists at the store.
  • Added ability to use auto-increment for order increment_id. Meaning that if you do not have an increment_id – it will be generated and assigned automatically. Useful when importing orders from your CRM or ERP, or integrating with a marketplace.
  • Added feature “Update Products that are not in the import list” for product import. Which allows to set products inside your catalog, which are missing from the imported file as: out of stock, quantity=0, out of stock with quantity=0, disabled.
  • Added system events for import and export jobs which can be used as hooks during the integration.


  • Fixed issue with importing downloadable product links
  • Fixed issue when the email notification on the failed job would not trigger
  • Fixed issue with importing product with ‘only update’ behavior with ‘Undefined index:sku’ exception
  • Fixed issue with importing YouTube/Vimeo videos a for a specific store view, when video data is not displayed for the default store view
  • Fixed issue with importing categories with the incorrect type of the “path” column
  • Fixed issue with filtering orders by invoice dates when exporting orders
  • Fixed issue with updating a category path when importing categories
  • Fixed issue with copying relates_skus, crossell_skus and upsell_skus from a simple product to a configurable product when ‘Custom logic for creation of configurable products’ is enabled
  • Fixed issue with copying category ids from a simple product to a configurable product when ‘Custom logic for creation of configurable products’ is enabled
  • Fixed issue with exporting orders, when an increment_id is specified for each row
  • Fixed issue with importing products with custom options
  • Fixed issue with updating a category path when importing categories when path has invalid value
  • Fixed issue where patches were not being applied
  • Fixed issue with URL rewrite generator for the configurable product
  • Fixed issue with incorrect category name in an export file after moving the category
  • Fixed issue with updating a salable qty when importing products

3.8.0 (released 16.05.2022)


  • Compatibility with Magento 2.4.4 Open Source and Adobe Commerce with PHP 8.1
  • Setup scripts changed to a declarative scheme
  • Added ‘Import base image as small and thumbnail’ setting to the import product job
  • Added ‘additional images’ and ‘additional image labels’ fields to the product attributes list for copy values when creating configurable products
  • Added row split by store_view_code during product import
  • Added ‘name’ field of the product for the ‘Reviews’ export


  • Fixed issue with the ‘Custom logic for creation of configurable products’ functionality when using custom rules
  • Fixed issue with importing an order with multiple shipments
  • Fixed issue with ‘Export page by page’ functionality
  • Fixed issue with URL when importing multiple rows for the same product, now the URLs do not have a duplication issue
  • Fixed issue with adding advanced pricing during product import, it is now added properly
  • Fixed issue with the re-import of images that were deleted from the media directory
  • Fixed issue with extra import file types when the ‘Use API’ is enabled
  • Fixed issue with creating custom options when exporting products
  • Fixed issue with incorrect category image name after importing categories
  • Fixed issue when the associated products were not added to the grouped product if the import table had a specific store view value
  • Fixed issue with products caching functionality when using platforms during import
  • Fixed issue with an empty category field in a configurable product when created using custom logic
  • Added an ‘overflow’ css property to the categories mapping fields
  • Fixed issue with importing products when the catalog price scope is a website
  • Fixed issue with saving category URL key and category URL path
  • Fixed issue with an empty store_name field in the categories export file
  • Fixed issue with replacing advanced pricing because of the missing IDs in Magento
  • Fixed issue with different number of row customizers when running export jobs from different scopes
  • Fixed issue with archiving import file after importing from remote sources
  • Fixed issue with importing product with ‘Only update’ behavior when the ‘Undefined index:sku’ exception occurs
  • Fixed issue with the endless paginated export of products
  • Fixed issue with ‘Map Categories’ mapping section
  • Fixed issue with importing categories from an Excel XLSX file
  • Fixed issue with URL key validation when importing categories
  • Fixed issue with importing products with same URL keys when they are on different stores not being possible
  • Fixed ‘Passing null to argument of type string is deprecated’ issue (compatibility with PHP version 8.1 and Magento version 2.4.4)
  • Fixed issue with nesting level of tags in templates (compatibility with Magento version 2.4.4)
  • Replaced some calls to deprecated js functions with calls to recommended functions (compatibility with JQuery version 3.3.2 and Magento version 2.4.4)
  • Fixed issue with mappings on the product import/export edit page (compatibility with Magento version 2.4.4)
  • Fixed issue with export when source is REST API and file format is ODS, XLSX or JSON
  • Fixed issue with import via sFTP (compatibility with Magento version 2.4.4)
  • Fixed issue with copying multiple additional images from a simple product to configurable when creating a configurable product on the fly
  • Fixed issue with running ‘queue:consumers’ commands (Compatibility with Magento 2.4.4 and php8.1)
  • Fixed issue with product export (Compatibility with Magento 2.4.4 and php8.1)
  • Fixed issue with data export to OneDrive (Compatibility with Magento 2.4.4 and php8.1)
  • Fixed issue with data export to Google Sheets
  • Fixed issue with the order view page after order import
  • Replaced the ‘box/spout’ library with the ‘openspout/openspout’ library (Compatibility with Magento 2.4.4 and php8.1)
  • Fixed issue with a product import when ‘Round Special Price to 0.49 or 0.99’ setting is enabled (Compatibility with Magento 2.4.4 and php8.1)
  • Fixed issue with importing images
  • Fixed issue with order export (Compatibility with Magento 2.4.4 and php8.1)

3.7.2 (released 17.02.2022)


  • Product name column has been added to product reviews export to help you identify the products
  • Downloadable product link has been added for order export and import


  • Fixed issue with regeneration of url-keys by name attribute when updating products with ‘sku’ and ‘name’ columns
  • Fixed issue with copying category ids from a simple product to a configurable product when ‘Custom logic for creation of configurable products’ is enabled
  • Fixed issue with incorrect creation of configurable variations after each bunch, when a configurable product and its variation in different bunches
  • Fixed issue with updating stock status
  • Fixed issue with empty columns in an export file after exporting products with the ‘Only fields from Mapping’ option enabled
  • Added resizing of images to the image import process queue
  • Fixed issue where it was not possible to update image labels for products
  • Fixed issue with order filtering by Sales Order Products
  • Fixed issue with incorrect tier prices export when exporting products
  • Fixed “Test XSL Template” error when XML file as URL is used and XSLT configuration is enabled
  • Fixed issue when using PHP function in XSL (registerPHPFunctions)
  • Fixed issue with incorrect copying of an attribute values when using the “Custom logic for creation of configurable products behavior
  • Fixed issue with products export where an image becomes hidden for all store views instead of for a specific store view
  • Fixed issue with custom logic ‘Product attributes to copy value’ for relates_skus
  • Fixed issue with the YouTube video import, where particular URL format has been required
  • Fixed issue with importing URL rewrite for cms-pages and products
  • Fixed issue with creating new columns in the database to store logs when upgrading to a new version of the extension
  • Fixed issue with running import jobs in a chain
  • Fixed issue with an attribute ‘Replace’ behavior
  • Fixed issue with getting OneDrive redirect URI
  • Fixed issue with ‘Delete’ behavior with the “URL rewrite” entity for import jobs
  • Fixed issue with configurable products not being displaying at the store’s frontend after being created via import

3.7.1 (released 15.10.2021)


  • Fixed issue when creating configurable product during import resulted in adding system attribute values from child products even if these attributes have not been specified.

3.7.0 (released 20.09.2021)


  • Added filter by product categories for product export jobs
  • 20-30% speed improvements for the import jobs with code refactoring
  • Added possibility to store job logs inside the database for multi-server Magento 2 setup


  • Raised the version of “salsify/json-streaming-parser” module from ~6.0 to ~8.0
  • Fixed issue with the “Map Attributes” section mapping validation
  • Fixed issue with the validation strategy when importing a file with less rows than the maximum number of allowed errors
  • Fixed issue with the wrong order of options after importing attributes
  • Fixed issue when importing images with different roles for products when the role hasn’t been assigned
  • Fixed issue with updating the status and visibility of configurable products when using the ‘Custom logic for creation of configurable products’ setting
  • Fixed issue with ‘Disable products which are not in the file’ functionality when using the ‘MagMi’ platform for product import
  • Fixed issue with OneDrive permission problem and root slash
  • Fixed issue with the parallel launch of jobs not being executed properly
  • Fixed issue with export filter for product ‘quantity’ not working properly
  • Fixed issue with importing orders when the order isn’t correctly displayed at the store’s dashboard
  • Fixed issue with json serializer with malformed UTF-8 characters error
  • Fixed issue with CmsPage and CmsBlock export job filters not displaying relevant attributes
  • Fixed issue with Product export job filter by stock status
  • Fixed issue with import product category errors not allowing to rename categories
  • Fixed issue with updating the Salable Quantity of the product during import
  • Fixed issue with import configurable and simple products when using a Magento 1 platform

3.6.2 (released 15.09.2021)


  • Removed Laminas library dependency for proper Magento 2.4.3 support

3.6.1 (released 18.08.2021)


  • Fixed serializer for compatibility with Magento 2.4.3

3.6.0 (released 3.08.2021)


  • Improved Import & Export version 3.6.0 supports only Magento 2.3.x and 2.4.x versions. The latest version of Improved Import & Export to support Magento 2.2.x is 3.5.2
  • Added possibility to schedule the jobs to run one after another
  • Added possibility to associate child simple product reviews to parent configurable and bundle products during product import
  • Box/Spout library version support upgraded to ^3.1 to properly work with other extensions on the market
  • Added possibility to add tracking number to the orders without importing product SKUs and completing the order
  • Added possibility to import only fields from attribute mapping for the following entities: products, orders, categories, customers main, customer addresses, and customers and addresses (single file from Magento 1)


  • Fixed issue with duplicate images in the database, when importing products for all store views
  • Fixed issue with the incorrect updates of customizable options when importing simple products with ‘Add/Update’ behavior
  • Fixed issue with “Clear Attribute Values” feature with ‘Only Update’ behavior
  • Fixed issue with downloadable products missing information in the export file, courtesy of Magento 2 native import behavior
  • Fixed “Item with the same ID already exists” error after importing a downloadable product
  • Fixed issue with imported products not being available, when importing with ‘Remove All Images’ and ‘Remove Images from Directory’ enabled at the same time
  • Fixed issue with tabulation separator providing incorrect import results
  • Fixed issue with downloadable products when ‘group_title’ attribute value was not imported
  • Fixed issue with sending emails without the error log and before process completes
  • Fixed issue with export products when ‘base_image’, ‘base_image_label’, ‘thumbnail_image’, ‘thumbnail_image_label’ attributes values were not with ‘Only field from mapping’ feature set to ‘Yes’
  • Fixed issue with product import when ‘use_config_manage_stock’ attribute hasn’t been updated to ‘Yes’
  • Fixed error ‘Undefined index: copy_simple_value’
  • Fixed issue when importing products with ‘image’ attribute and without ‘store_view_code’ attribute wouldn’t update the images at all store views
  • Fixed issue when ‘Delete file after import’ wouldn’t work
  • Fixed issue with validation strategy ‘Skip error entries/Stop on Error’ not working when running an import job by CRON
  • Fixed issue with behavior ‘Delete’ not deleting products if the file didn’t have ‘product_type’ attribute
  • Fixed issue error ‘Integrity constraint violation’ when importing orders

3.5.2 (released 21.06.2021)


  • Added possibility to enable login and password encryption for FTP and SFTP sources. The setting is available under Stores > Configuration > Firebear Improved Import & Export
  • Added possibility to import and export products with the quantity per warehouse. If Magento 2 MSI extension is installed, you can import and export products with additional attributes msi_{warehouse_name}, msi_{warehouse_name}_qty, msi_{warehouse_name}_status
  • Added support of OneDrive as an import and export source. One OneDrive account per store can be added in the extension settings
  • Added possibility to delete an imported file after the import process completes if you are uploading a file to the store
  • Added possibility to use ‘tab’ (just type in ‘t’) as a multiple value separator, and field separator, enabling use of the .tsv files
  • Added possibility to import ALL files from the specified folder, works with sources: file, FTP, SFTP
  • Added possibility to import .zip archives. You still need to select the proper file type which is contained in the archive.
  • Added possibility to specify EMPTY_VALUE constant. You can use any symbol to specify that the field should have an empty value after import completes.
  • Improved URL generation pattern, you can now use [product_attribute_code] to include any product attribute value into the final URL
  • Now it will not be possible to create multiple export jobs which target the same output file. When duplicating the export jobs the output file path is reset and you need to fill it again. Also, the prefix ‘Duplicate of original_job_name’ will be added to the duplicated job.
  • Speed improvements for configurable products import


  • Fixed issue with product images when Remove All Images and Remove Images from Directory options were enabled together
  • Fixed issue where Skip Errors Validation system wouldn’t work when importing from command line
  • Fixed issue with importing product images from Google Drive and DropBox filesystem
  • Fixed issue when it was not possible to import product price rules by attribute set condition
  • Fixed issue when it was not possible to save the address of the URL if the URL resulted in 404 error
  • Fixed issue with the default product stock update when the imported file doesn’t contain stock attributes
  • Fixed issue when it was not possible to export products page by page
  • Fixed issue with the product images import when the path to the image is not URL
  • Fixed issue with importing orders with Json file type
  • Fixed issue with updating category names using entity_id
  • Fixed issue with the export filters missing multi-select attributes
  • Fixed issue with customers sometimes not being confirmed after the import
  • Fixed issue with the category import when the incorrect value specified for the ‘position’ attribute
  • Fixed issue with the advanced pricing import with ‘Replace’ behavior adding new lines of the advanced pricing
  • Fixed issue with the category mapping tab when several pages are added
  • Fixed issue with the Generate Unique URL if duplicate not working with the URL Generation Pattern
  • Fixed issue with the Advanced Pricing export when the price has been fetched by the entity link field
  • Fixed issue with the product image database entries being duplicated for each store in the multi-store environment
  • Fixed issue with the category mapping preserving cached paths when new import source is selected
  • Fixed issue with FTP and SFTP sources not working properly in several cases and not being able to connect
  • Fixed issue with updating category attribute ‘is_anchor’ for multi-store environment due to the inherited Magento 2 behavior
  • Added URL key validator

3.5.1 (released 19.02.2021)


  • Magento 2.4.2 support and compatibility
  • Find & Replace filters for Import jobs – allows searching for attribute values and replacing phrases or individual words or numbers with new values
  • Index management – it is now possible to choose which indices should be reindexed after the import is finished
  • Archive file after import – it is now possible to archive imported files downloaded to Magento 2 server right after the import is finished
  • Archive file after export – it is now possible to archive exported files right after the export is finished
  • Archive file before consecutive export – it is now possible to archive exported files before the consecutive run of the export job to preserve previously exported file
  • Attribute Mapping section pagination added – now every 10 rows of mapping are grouped into a page to improve the import job load speed 
  • Magento 1 product mapping preset has been reenabled and is now available
  • Improved import job pages loading speed


  • Fixed issue when trying to save a job from the job grid
  • Fixed issue where Json file type and ‘URL’ import source would receive three or more calls to retrieve the import file
  • Fixed conflict between ‘Disable products not in list’ and ‘Enabled Cache Products’, when cached products were considered as not in the list and were disabled after consecutive import
  • Fixed issue with Categories import, when ‘Use default value’ checkbox was not applied to ‘URL Key’ field after import
  • Fixed issue with adapter classes loaded through DI.xml or ObjectManager
  • Fixed issue with export jobs running automatically on Magento 2 System Events even when disabled
  • Fixed issue when export files were not available for download from Magento 2 admin panel when export job was executed from the command line
  • Password field now properly hides any input
  • Restricted use of the same file path for multiple export jobs – now every export job should have a unique destination
  • Fixed issue product import resulting in Option.php error
  • Fixed issue with REST API when using import
  • Fixed issue with undefined index issue on Import job save
  • Fixed issue when ‘Advanced Pricing’ entity files couldn’t validate on Magento 2 Cloud
  • Fixed issue with ‘Map Attributes’ section displaying attributes only for ‘Products’ entity

3.5.0 (released 7.12.2020)


  • It is now possible to import and export jobs from one Magento 2 instance to another
  • Product URL generation by pattern is now available
  • All password fields are now properly hide and protect entered values
  • Added log message to the console to show that the product image is downloaded from the import source
  • Improvements to XSLT Translation


  • Fixed issue with the the undefined tooltip at the export job page
  • Fixed issue with the incorrect sorting of the attributes for the order entity, when only fields from the mapping feature are selected on the export job page
  • Fixed issue with importing ‘product attributes’ entity when switching from dropdown to textswatch type
  • Fixed issue with the array to string conversion, when the widgets entity selected
  • Fixed issue with importing credit memos
  • Fixed issue with the tier price update, when the percentage_value attribute updated
  • Fixed issue with the price rules creating extra rows during export
  • Fixed issue with updating product images
  • Fixed issue with the disallowed XML file format
  • Fixed issue with the ‘category’ entity validateRow when used with the required attributes
  • Fixed issue with updating URL key at the store view level
  • Fixed issue with the Allowed Errors Count setting, it now properly counts the errors
  • Fixed issue with the the incorrect export file structure, when the file format is XML or JSON, and the entity is a sales order
  • Fixed issue with the error while creating object for Magento\MediaGalleryIntegration\Plugin\SaveImageInformation for Magento 2.4.x
  • Changed the list of the allowed file extensions specifying which export file formats are available for download
  • Out of stock qty attribute is now added to the product attribute mapping section

3.4.6 (released 18.09.2020)


  • Added functionality to update the order in which configurable product variations should be displayed at the frontend
  • Added functionality to reindex only required indices after import process is finished, instead of reindexing all indices


  • Added missing swatch attribute values into the mapping section
  • Added possibility to export tier prices for products in the same file, using custom tier price attribute of Improved Import Extension
  • Product option values are now added to the order export file
  • Fixed issue with validation errors output
  • Fixed issue with the shipment track generation
  • Fixed issue with json validation for order export
  • Fixed issue with product import process leading to 500 internal server error
  • Fixed issue with DotMailer for M2.3.3-p1
  • Fixed issue with changing XSLT templates if wrong XSLT attached not being possible
  • Fixed issue when extra fields were added to file during order export with enabled ‘Only fields from mapping’ option.
  • Fixed issue with the number of columns not corresponding to the number of rows in the header for ODS export files
  • Fixed issue with ‘category’ url not being updated for different store views
  • Removed custom options from Magento’s default __EMPTY__VALUE__ constant
  • Fixed issue with products export to GoogleSheet having a limitation if exporting more than 500 rows

3.4.3 (released 24.07.2020)


  • Compatibility with Magento 2.4 Open Source, Commerce, Cloud
  • Import and export job mapping section improvements
  • You can now add product attributes to the exported file of the ‘Order’ entity for better reference


  • Use default value for “enable product” in store views
  • Fixed issue with ‘Category’ entity export for ALL STORE VIEWS in Magento 2.4.0
  • Fixed issue with ‘Product attributes’ entity export
  • Fixed issue with Issue with Magento_Inventory disable for customers then it breaks the import
  • Fixed issue with output not needed in processor
  • Fixed issue with product ‘url_key’ generation
  • Fixed issue with ‘Products’ entity when exporting ‘attribute_code’ of multiple attribute sets

3.4.1 and 3.4.2  (released 16-17.06.2020)

  • Quick fixes for Magento Marketplace submissions, installation, and dependencies

3.4.0 (released 11.06.2020)


  • Image import transferred to PRODUCT QUEUE (only for Magento 2.2 Commerce and 2.3 Open Source and Commerce versions) – Improved Import will use RabbitMQ if installed, or DB queue, to import images after the products are imported
  • Enabled Cache Products – for ‘Products’ entity you can now enable caching by row. If new rows are added to the file, or existing rows changed, only the new and changed rows will be imported. Row hashes are cached.
  • Major import speed improvements for ‘Products’ entity
  • Import categories with ‘entity_id‘ attribute as identifier – to import categories per store view with different languages, names, and paths
  • Full support of Magento 2.3.5


  • Improvement to uploader class for image.
  • Fixed issue with ‘Attribute’ entity import with the ‘Append’ behavior
  • Fixed issue with mapping of the ‘Order’ entity attributes
  • Fixed issue with logging import jobs when Email Notifications are enabled
  • Fixed issue with ‘Customers and addresses’ entity files not validating properly before import
  • Fixed issue with importing configurable products with custom logic, when links to images refer to store root
  • Fixed issue where during ‘Only update’ behavior URLs for products that have already been created were re-generated automatically if url_key attribute in the import table was empty
  • Fixed issue where bundle products were missing from the frontend after re-importing the same file
  • Fixed issue with ‘Cart Price Rules’ entity, where ‘Replace’ behavior has been adding new rules
  • Fixed issue with ‘Reviews’ entity, where after re-importing file ratings have been doubled at the frontend
  • Fixed issue with ‘Orders’ entity, where order totals were missing after re-importing a file without full attribute list

3.3.2 (released 21.04.2020)


  • Added email notifications upon successful and failed import and export jobs. Notifications can include job log file up to 10Mb.
  • Added support for Json file type for export jobs
  • Added feature to generate shipment and invoice for orders when importing tracking code with the order entity – order status updates upon importing tracking codes
  • Added customer groups id validation


  • Added console error if deleting customer when he is a company admin when importing customers with ‘Delete’ behavior
  • Added store view code filter for export page
  • Added behavior ‘replace’ and fixed mapping for ‘search synonyms’ entity import
  • Added ‘skus’ field validation
  • Temporary files are now properly removed after export
  • ‘Stock Sources’ entity is no longer displayed if module ImportExportMsi is not installed
  • PHP 7.0 – removed protected constants as those aren’t allowed in
  • Fixed issue with undefined variables
  • Fixed issue with SQL column count error
  • Fixed undefined variable warning
  • Fixed issue with date format when saved for special_price_from_date being saved wrong
  • Fixed issue with exporting XLSX and ODS files to FTP and SFTP
  • Fixed store view code filter of export page for CE
  • Fixed issue with validating customer’s address entity if same entity id is at another customer. Error is not properly displayed in the log.
  • Fix missing data for column ‘category_ids’ when exporting products with mapping, and added column ‘category_ids’ when exporting products without mapping
  • Fixed issue with importing product for various store view codes
  • Fixed issue with behavior ‘replace’ for ‘quotes’ entity
  • Fixed issue with behavior ‘replace’ for ‘search terms’ entity
  • Fixed issue with preparing entity name for console output
  • Fixed issue with ‘id’ column for ‘search terms’ entity
  • Fixed issue with exporting advanced pricing with mappings enabled
  • Fixed issue with ‘reviews’ entity export removing extra data
  • Fixed issue with ‘widget’ entity export remove extra data
  • Fixed issue where the review published date was not imported properly

3.3.1 quick adjustments for Product Feeds (released 26.02.2020)


  • Added support of entities limitation count for product export


  • Fixed issue where product categories value has been exported empty
  • Method made public in Model\Export\Product.php for add-on attachments

3.3.0 (released 26.02.2020)


  • Export process speed improvements
  • Added new entity Newsletter Subscribers (read more)
  • Added new import and export source Google Drive (read more)
  • Added export to Google Sheets (read more). It is now full circle integration.
  • Added filter by store view for entity ‘CMS blocks’
  • Now, when importing categories and url_key и url_path attributes are empty or missing the category URL is automatically generated using name attribute


  • Fixed issue where replace behavior with entity ‘Orders’ has been adding new orders
  • ‘Remove current mappings’ selector now properly clears attribute values
  • Fixed issue with entity ‘Orders’ filter by SKU not importing proper data
  • Fixed issue where you could import entity ‘Catalog Price Rules’ with only a single attribute
  • Fixed issue where product attributes couldn’t be allocated to proper store view after the import
  • Fixed issue where all filters for entity ‘Catalog Price Rules’ were of the ‘text field’ type
  • Fixed issue with opening jobs with FTP and SFTP import sources
  • Fixed issue with custom_theme_value not being imported properly for ‘CMS Page’ entity
  • Fixed issue where the success message has been missing after importing ‘Catalog Price Rules’ entity
  • Fixed issue where it has not been possible to import XLSX file with source ‘Direct URL’

3.2.4 (released 21.01.2020)


  • Fixed issue with the number of products being different after exporting and re-importing
  • Added improvement to product URL key generation on import
  • Fixed issue with downloading an exported file if the REST API source is selected
  • Added improvement to product image uploads from external URLs, now the Import properly checks if images already exists by filename
  • Fixed issue where importing bundle products with dynamic price wouldn’t set the product price to dynamic
  • Added ‘attribute set’, ‘store id’ and ‘group:name’ filter for Product Attributes export
  • Fixed issue with deleting mapped attributes from the Map Attributes section
  • Added improvement for the category URL key generation if the entity with the same URL key already exists
  • If store view field for Products is empty or missing in the imported file, the admin value will be assigned to it automatically
  • Custom URL rewrites are now properly validated when generating URLs for imported categories
  • Added correct reset data for filters

3.2.3 (released 10.12.2019)


  • Images for swatch attributes can now be uploaded via ‘Attribute’ entity
  • Added option to resize product images after the import process, for cases when watermarks are enabled in Magento 2 Enterprise. Uses native Magento 2 libraries and can use additional library found in the manual.
  • Product video URLs from YouTube and Vimeo can now be included inside product image attributes


  • Free Migration Add-on improvements – disable Magento 2 Enterprise and Cloud staging preview when migrating to avoid errors
  • Fixed issue with JS showing import job features when wrong entity selected
  • Fixed issue with export product grid sometimes breaking
  • Fixed compilation issue with Magento 2.2.x
  • Fixed issue with directory separators if the filename is not followed by the slash
  • Fixed sql issue with Magento 2 Enterprise and Cloud instances for entity ID columns
  • Fixed issue with creating Configurable Products and image copy
  • Fixed issue with empty import source when any platform is selected for import
  • Fixed issue with decoding transaction additional_information in json format. The unnecessary decoding has been removed
  • Numeric validation for attribute code has been added to Attribute entity import

3.2.2 (released 19.11.2019)


  • Added new entity Catalog Price Rules import and export
  • Excel files can now fetch sheets through other sources


  • Fixed issue with php 7.3.11 breaking on using continue in switch statements
  • Widget entity import and export format updated
  • Fixed issue with saving attribute_set_id for eav_attribute_group table
  • Fixed issue with category name not exporting store view level
  • Fixed issue with file path field missing in import jobs
  • URL key now properly cleared with ‘Only Update’ behavior
  • Fixed issue with configurable product with values like 0 or 00

3.2.1 (released 7.11.2019)


  • PHP 7.3.11 support for Magento 2.3 added. Issue with breaks on using continue in the switch statement

3.2.0 (released 31.10.2019)


  • PHP 7.3 full support
  • Full compatibility with Magento 2.3.3 versions
  • Timestamp added for each log entry
  • Added a selector allowing to remove product associated images from the server to free up server space, if import constantly imports new images
  • Widget import rework to include all attributes


  • Added custom Search terms mapping
  • Added custom Search synonyms mapping
  • Added Remove all address association checkbox for Customer addresses import. Firstly remove all addresses when customer addresses import
  • Fixed issue with ‘Search Synonyms’ import if mapping default value is empty
  • Fixed all filters for export jobs
  • Fixed Search Terms export issue with filters
  • Fixed issue with Map Attributes Default value for all rows and empty rows
  • Fixed form break when category id is not found
  • Fixed import remote images issue
  • Fixed issue with importing attributes to General group
  • Fixed Categories import ‘replace’ behavior
  • Fixed Reviews import ‘replace’ behavior. ‘Replace’ must add nothing, only replace existing reviews
  • Fixed issue with export folders couldn’t be created for some systems
  • Fixed issue with permissions for newly created folder while exporting
  • Fixed issue with exporting to FTP recursively creating a folder
  • Fixed issue with ‘cart price rules’ entity hanging the page when edit job on Magento 2.3.3
  • Fixed View History – when two or more job tabs are open in the browser
  • Fixed issue with HTTPS type image URLs import
  • Fixed error on import building address information based on customer information if missing
  • Fixed if ‘isset’ category_position not adding products to the proper category
  • Removed duplicates for attribute mapping
  • Defined variable for uploader
  • SFTP will now properly create a new folder if the folder does not exist
  • Improved ‘Root Category’ selection
  • Improved downloadable products import
  • Extension details link was removed from the extension menu
  • Configurable Products custom logic has been moved to function based

3.1.8 (released 16.09.2019)


  • Added URL rewrites entity for import and export
  • Added Widgets entity for import and export
  • Added Product Reviews entity for import and export
  • Added Catalog Search Terms entity for import and export
  • Added Search Synonyms entity for import and export
  • Added Gift Card entity for import and export (Magento 2 Commerce/Cloud only)
  • Added Page Hierarchy entity for import and export (Magento 2 Commerce/Cloud only)
  • Added Visual Merchandise – product category position attribute – import and export
  • Added possibility to ‘disable’ products in your Magento 2 if they are not in the imported table
  • Added support for multisheet Excel XLSX files – you can select the sheet to import from
  • Added possibility to specify the URL path to images in the Image File Directory field in addition to FTP path
  • Added new cron group to register import or export job crons in the same group
  • Dropbox source improvements: folder select, whitespaces in filenames, latest file
  • Change cron group for dynamic cron handling.
  • Upsell and Crossell products can now be removed on import completion
  • Categories can now be imported and exported per store view
  • Attribute option values can now be deleted during import
  • Attributes can now be imported and exported for specific store view


  • Fixed issue where products would export for all store views instead of default only
  • Fixed issue where the images with the same filename were uploaded to the server
  • Fixed issue with attribute option values not imported for particular store views
  • Fixed issue with the order export where the extension log wouldn’t give proper error
  • Fixed issue with product import exception generate_url
  • Fixed change format curl-request in Dropbox.
  • Fixed issue where default attribute value could be deleted
  • Fixed unserialized error in the job form
  • Fixed issue where date filters wouldn’t work for order export
  • Fixed issue where downloadable products wouldn’t import on schedule, only manually
  • Fixed issue where rice rules were not applied for existing products (added categories to price rule conditions)
  • Fixed issue where long XSLT code was preventing the jobs from editing
  • Fixed issue where all file validation errors were cleared
  • Fixed undefined error when importing Advanced Pricing
  • Fixed issue with exporting customer addresses with invalid _website attribute
  • Fixed wyomind integration class definition
  • Fixed issue with pipe separator for varchar attribute changed to ‘comma separated’
  • Fixed issue where configurable products with only a single variation couldn’t be created
  • Fixed issue with Text Swatch attribute type import, if there was a change in description new value were added
  • Fixed issue with Text Swatch exporting admin value instead of admin description
  • Fixed issue with Categories import with ‘/’ as a separator breaking category pathing for CSV files
  • Fixed issue with pipe separator changing to comma for CSV files
  • Fixed issue with Product Attributes import with ‘0’ value
  • Fixed issue with attributes mapping unable to set default value to ‘0’
  • Fixed issue with Advanced Pricing importing only the last value in the row
  • Fixed issue with saving export jobs with undefined filter resulting in js error
  • Fixed issue with ‘Import source’ field sometimes missing values on first job loads
  • Fixed issue with ‘additional_attributes’ column not being removed when ‘Divide additional attributes’ setting enabled
  • Fixed issue with importing Magento 1 payment information converting serialize data to json
  • Fixed issue with simple products not being attached to grouped products during import
  • Fixed issue with ‘Replace’ behavior sometimes giving console error during job execution
  • Fixed issue with the Product entity import giving ‘url is not unique’ error with ‘replace’ behavior
  • Fixed issue with SOAP API file validation
  • Fixed issue with Advanced Pricing export job exporting not all price data
  • Fixed issue with the export jobs exporting data for all store views if no store view has been selected
  • Fixed issue with setFinishedAt function called before import process is finished
  • Fixed issue where product image and status were not imported if attribute mapping has been enabled
  • Fixed issue with line breaks when exporting text areas
  • Fixed issue with date and time filters for export jobs sometimes functioning improperly
  • Fixed issue with Map Attribute sections sometimes deleting incorrect mapping row
  • Fixed issue with ‘replace’ behavior adding new entities for Customers and Category entities
  • Fixed issue with not working Category Level Separator
  • If image is not found the proper message is now displayed in the extension log and console
  • Depending on the selected entity, some of the options are not properly hidden
  • Updated file validation criteria when importing Product Attributes
  • For importing product attributes added an error message if the attribute_set (required attribute) is empty
  • Missing attributes have been added to Map Attributes section for ALL entities
  • Store view selector is now properly displayed only for the entities that support multiple store views
  • Updated sample files in both GitHub and Master Table Google Sheet
  • Swatches attribute type values can now be properly imported with additional_attributes column
  • Refactored export model configuration, merget config from config.xml and di_export.xml
  • EntityInterface implemented into the export models
  • Split database setup is not properly supported for Order entity
  • Implemented retry functionality when deadlock mysql error occurs
  • Magento Order Management is now proprely supported
  • Configurable products from Magento 1 MagMi CSV tables can now be properly created in Magento 2
  • Import job and console log now properly display error message if the product has empty SKU value
  • Products are now exported page by page to avoid timeout issue



  • Speed improvements when importing and exporting huge data files
  • Speed improvements for loading collections
  • Files for the jobs can now be uploaded using API
  • Added selector to Remove all assigned categories from existing products before import job execution
  • General extension code improvements
  • Magento 2 Page Builder is supported by CMS blocks and CMS pages entities


  • Fixed all installation issues under different conditions
  • Removed ‘Magento 2’ attribute mapping preset
  • Improved file validation from FTP and SFTP sources
  • Fixed issue with XLSX files having incorrect column count resulting in not all entities imported
  • Fixed issue with grouped products ‘catalog_product_relation’ attribute not being read properly
  • Fixed issue with URL rewrites not being saved on product URL change during import
  • Fixed issue with fatal error being displayed when products had duplocate url_key’s
  • Fixed issue with filter section breaking upon adding new filters
  • Fixed issue with filter and map attributes sections not being displayed for some entities
  • Fixed issue with replace behavior not working with ‘order’ entity
  • Fixed issue with category mapping section sometimes hanging the page when there are too many entries
  • Fixed issue with import job giving ‘Please make sure attribute “name” is not empty’ for no reason
  • Fixed issue with use_product_image_for_swatch attribute when swatches option enabled
  • Fixed issue with configurable product thumbnail image not updated properly
  • Fixed issue with exporting orders with ‘Only attributes from mapping’ option enabled
  • Fixed issue when simple products with custom options caused orders to give ‘Submit shipment’ error
  • Fixed issue with exporting bundle products using ‘;’ as multi-value separator giving error messages
  • Fixed issue with importing products with mapping sometimes giving exception errors
  • Proper error message is now displayed when product_type attribute is missing from product import file
  • Fixed issue with B2B add-on when exporting quotes into XLSX file types
  • Fixed issue with B2B add-on with products not being removed from the quotes (abandoned carts)
  • Importing products no longer puts products out of stock by default (Magento 2 heritage)
  • Fixed issue with import jobs permanent loading screen on first load
  • Fixed issue with validating ‘Customers and addresses’ files
  • Fixed issue for CMS blocks import job validation errors on attribute mapping
  • Fixed issue with deleting all products giving 500 error
  • Fixed issue with Map Attributes section behavior when deleting mapped attributes
  • Fixed issue with Shopify products sometimes missing images after import when migrating to Magento 2
  • Fixed issue with broken Map Attributes section block
  • Fixed issue with switching entities caused the link to the file to stay
  • Fixed “can’t save job” issue
  • Fixed issue with ‘Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined’ error
  • Fixed issue with file validation in native Magento 2 import
  • Fixed issue with ‘delete’ behavior removing not all products
  • Fixed issue with root category in the imported file causing issue with categories import
  • Fixed issue with validating Json file types
  • Fixed issue with editing import job with entity ‘orders’ giving an exception error
  • Fixed issue with ‘The import was successful’ message missing from the log
  • Fixed issue when exporting products without url_key attribute
  • Fixed issue with downloadable products not being imported if the job runs automatically
  • Fixed issue with Typeof verification
  • Fixed issue with attribute options not being imported sometimes
  • Fixed issue with ‘Advanced Pricing’ not being imported properly
  • Fixed issue with ‘Customer finance’ file validation



  • Adjustments to the extension’s backend menu
  • Added Rest API and an export source
  • Added input of a range of values for the filter by price. Range added with a hyphen, e.g. 10-60 or 0-25
  • Implemented unification of filter values for a fixed price and a percentage discount
  • Added support of removing old categories of the configurable products created on the fly
  • Added the ability to add related, cross-sells or up-sells products to “Custom logic for creation of configurable products” – such products are added automatically from the similar attributes of the first simple product in the table
  • Improved export speed by avoiding extra data download


  • Fixed issue with export filters for entities: CMS blocks, CMS pages, Attributes
  • Fixed issue with validation of the incorrect product_type value
  • Addressed potential issues with the behavior ‘Only Update’ when ‘Remove Product Website‘ feature is enabled
  • Fixed issue with ‘bundle_type’ attribute import
  • Fixed Magento 2 issue with undefined index (
  • Fixed issue with broken mapping section design
  • Fixed issue with Advanced Pricing export filters displaying only product attributes
  • Fixed issue with Map Attributes section not displaying for particular entities
  • Fixed issue with missing job sections when conflicting with third-party software
  • Added valuesForOptions for all supported entities
  • Fixed issue with category url_key
  • Fixed issue with catalog_product_relation
  • Fixed issue with category use_default getting removed on category update
  • Changed the algorithm for generating a request for sample of data in accordance with the set values of the selected filters
  • Fixed issue with SOAP options not being accept while making the call.
  • Fixed issue with native Magento 2 import validation
  • Fixed errors when importing orders
  • Fixed issue with the save_rewrites_history product attribute saving after import
  • Fixed empty values for Virtual Swatch and Text Swatch attribute options
  • Fixed issue with XLSX file having empty rows
  • Fixed issue with replacing orders during import
  • Fixed issue with ‘Remove Product Categories’ option interface class
  • Fixed issue with filename issue in the url
  • Fixed issue with displaying error messages when running export jobs from the console
  • Fixed issue tire_prices column having extra spaces
  • Fixed issue with JSON parsing finding first array
  • Fixed issue with applying ‘Multiple Value Separator’ setting in import jobs when importing grouped products using “associated_skus” column
  • Fixed issue with fieldset visibility issue on the import job form
  • Fixed issue with attribute value mapping when API returns an array
  • Fixed typo error in source_types.xml



  • Huge product import speed improvements: memory overflow was fixed, custom options import was refactored
  • Added feature to remove images for both simple and configurable products during import


  • Fixed issue when only first custom option was validated while product import
  • Fixed customer address import issue. When a file format is ODS
  • Fixed issue with import XSLX file. When a file contains empty cells for the last column
  • Fixed issue with Allowed Errors Count option. When Validation Strategy is Stop on Error
  • Fixed issue show map fields of advanced pricing
  • Fixed issue show filter fields of advanced pricing
  • Empty user agent parameter issue during export an image from CDN
  • Fixed issue with custom options import. When the Map Attributes feature is used



  • Remove existing categories from imported products and assign only the categories from the imported file
  • Remove existing store views from imported products and assign only the store views from the imported file
  • Import product categories by IDs with categories_id attribute (categories should already exist at the store)


  • Added support of increment_id for importing customer addresses, which gives the ability to update existing addresses
  • Added support for query type image URLs
  • Added UrlKey Manager to check existing product URLs
  • Removed extra whitespaces from REST api for JSON options
  • Issue with Magento 2.2.7 History Model defined as private in parent class
  • Issue when the row does not contain complete information about product custom options
  • Issue with mapping same attribute with different system attributes
  • Issue with additional images multivalue separator. Added a condition to check for the previous version
  • Foreign key issue when using ProxySQL
  • Issue with absolute path of хml file (magento 2.1.8)
  • Issue with ‘category’ and ‘product_websites’ attributes for products not exporting when multiple store_views are selected
  • Issue with fresh installation of the extension
  • Issue with importing a single product in several bunches
  • Issue with swatch option update during product import procedure
  • Issue with importing bundle products in Magento 2.1
  • Issue with the stop on error option during the import process
  • Issue with directory separator in the export file path



  • Magento 2.3 support added


  • Issue with cron expression is not set
  • Issue when the row does not contain complete information about custom options
  • Custom columns were added to the System Attribute drop-down in ‘Map attributes’ block
  • Remove extra whitespaces from xml import form definition
  • Issue with bundle product attributes: price_type, sku_type, weight_type
  • Added validation of the field “custom_layout_update”



  • Magento 2.3 support added


  • Issue when importing empty attributes ‘available_sort_by’ and ‘default_sort_by’
  • Issue with duplicated options
  • Issue when importing orders with empty country_id
  • Issue with “Clear Attribute Values” option
  • Issue with import of customers and addresses
  • Issue when replacing products: Invalid value for Attribute Set column (set doesn’t exist?)
  • Issue when simple products are not attached to configurable
  • Compilation issue: Incompatible argument type. Magento compiler allow only one parent::__construct() calls



  • Map Attributes – Apply Default Values to – decide if default value should be applied to empty or all rows
  • Attribute value mapping – decide which exact attribute values you want to update, paste them and the new value
  • Root Category – select root category to reference category paths in the import file
  • Round prices and special prices – automatically adjust prices to .99 or .49 whichever is closer
  • Export job event system – whenever the Magento 2 event happens the job is automatically executed
  • Attribute set update – an additional product attribute which defines if the existing product’s attribute set should or should not be updated
  • Configurable product custom logic – copy simple product attributes for configurable – now you can copy selected attribute values of the simple products to configurable product


  • Simple custom options are not imported properly
  • Issue with ‘Category Levels separated by’ setting
  • additional_attributes attribute missing in the attribute mapping column
  • Issue with Only Update behavior importing stock values
  • Issue with text swatch attribute displaying as a dropdown
  • Fixed Product Tax issue with updating existing products
  • Job page loading speed improved
  • Imported configurable products are no longer automatically put in stock after import
  • Configurable products are no longer created if there are no variations or a single variation
  • Issue with importing products with the same URL key creating multiple products
  • Updated links to the sample files inside import jobs
  • Issue with product export missing bundle and downloadable attributes
  • Issue with downloadable product links not being updated on import
  • Issue with filter conditions
  • Issue with checking for existing SKUs in the database
  • Issue with customer composite entity type import
  • Issue with exporting products with ‘Divide Additional Attribute’s option enabled


  • Added support of Excel XLSX file format
  • Added support of OpenOffice ODS file format
  • Added support of REST API  – XML files with XSLT templates and custom Json files
  • Added support of SOAP API – XML files with XSLT templates and custom Json files
  • Added improved Json file compatibility
  • Added new entity Product Attributes – now all attributes, attribute sets and groups can be exported and imported to Magento 2
  • Added consecutive export procedure – the export jobs can now remember already exported entities and export only NEW entities added since the last run
  • Export date and time can now be added automatically to the file name
  • All files from the specified folder can now be imported in a single job
  • Swatch attribute values, both color and image, can now be imported along with products
  • Default product variations of Improved Configurable Product extension can now be imported
  • Added compatibility with the following third-party extensions:
    • MageWorx Advanced Product Options
    • MageStore Inventory Management
    • Wyomind Advanced Inventory
    • MageDelight Price per Customer


  • Added order import and export
  • Added support of Json file import


  • Added custom field for attribute mapping
  • Added reset mapping button


  • Added support of XSLT transformation for XML file export


  • Added support of XSLT transformation for XML file import


  • Addressed cannot import conditions for CartPriceRules issue
  • Addressed cannot add categories in mapping issue
  • Addressed cannot add tier prices issue
  • Addressed cannot change name of category for different stores issue
  • Addressed change CSV for Export Orders issue


  • Addressed cannot change mapping categories issue
  • Addressed cannot add new values for attribute issue


  • Added Categories import and export
  • Added category mapping
  • Dozens of import / export mapping & filters fixes and improvements
  • Bugfixes


  • Added Shopify migration mapping preset
  • Added price adjustment rules for imported products
  • Added CMS pages import
  • Added Cart Price Rules import
  • Big fixes


  • Full support of Google Sheets, Import Jobs can target Google Sheets as a source;
  • Google Master Table for quick introduction to import procedure;
  • Tier prices can now be imported along with the product catalog in a single column;
  • Language/locale settings per Import Job;
  • Models refactoring according to Magento marketplace Extension Quality Program;
  • Create configurable products on the fly;
  • Custom logic for creating configurable products;
  • Fixed product tax import;
  • Dozens of import / export mapping & filters fixes and improvements


  • Added hardvalue for the Entity field;
  • Adjusted values for fields of the bundle products;
  • Added possibility of automatic reindex after import;
  • Improved import process in Magento 2 administrator area, now it is possible to handle huge import jobs from the browser;
  • Logs to console via administrator area;
  • Adjusted area code in the console;
  • ‘Only update’ behavior added to Import Jobs;
  • New fields for the Export filters.


  • Full Magento 2.2 , 2.2.1 and 2.1.10 – Open Source (Community), Commerce (Enterprise) and Cloud Editions support
  • general refactoring
  • add export jobs similar to import jobs with mapping
  • refactoring and improvements for import mapping
  • hardcoded values / default values on mapping export
  • Magento 1 pre set for import jobs
  • export orders jobs with mapping and filters
  • add file validation on import job
  • advanced pricing import performance issue
  • filtering for export for all entities by attributes
  • interaction for default values when should be unique , x1, x2 etc.
  • default / hardcoded value suffix & prefix
  • detailed logging
  • sample files included to extension pack & download from manual
  • unzip / untar file before import
  • upload CSV directly to import job on import form (in web browser)


  • Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed an issue where strategy validation did not work with value “skip on entries”
  • Restructured code for form of Import Jobs:
    • Form at style of Accordeon *Add features:
    • Add inline edit for field Cron in Grid
    • Add validate of file after entered data for file
  • Add Export Jobs:
    • Add grid
    • Add form
    • Add commands
    • Add crontab


  • Bugfixes
  • Code cleanup


  • Downloabale products import fixes
  • Categories import fixes and improvements
  • Magento 2 Cloud edition specific fixes


  • Implement custom mapping for product import
  • Import from FTP , SFTP , URL
  • Import from Dropbox
  • Performance and security tests and improvements


  • Product Attributes on the fly import from CSV file
  • Import product attributes on the fly
  • Import categories from dedicated CSV file


  • Import jobs achitecture development
  • Import cron automation implemented

Improved Import & Export FAQ

In addition to the extension’s evolution, we’d also like to introduce you to the key functionalities and features of the Improved Import & Export module. Below, you can see questions that our customers always ask about our tool. Below, you will discover more facts about Improved Import & Export.

What is the role of Improved Import & Export in daily Magento 2 processes?

The Improved Import & Export extension’s role in the daily duties is crucial. The module is designed to automate various data transfers, saving tons of time. The solution runs both import and export processes in the background, automating product updates, stock updates, order synchronization with external systems, etc.

What entities can Improved Import & Export transfer between Magento 2 and other systems?

The module is capable of moving all core entities introduced in Magento 2. Improved Import & Export knows how to transfer all product types, including downloadable and bundle products, product attributes and attribute sets, advanced pricing, categories, customers, customer addresses, orders, tracking codes, documents, static blocks, store pages, price rules for both catalog and cart, product reviews, gift cards, search terms and synonyms, page hierarchy, widgets, URL rewrites, subscribers of your newsletter, MSI warehouses and sources, etc. Besides, various B2B entities are supported. You can easily move companies, company roles, shared catalogs, requisition lists, and negotiable quotes between Magento 2 and other systems. If an entity you want to import or export is not supported at the moment, ask us to add the missing functionality.

What are import sources supported?

With the Improved Import & Export extension, you get support for numerous file sources. Along with such standard solutions as FTP and SFTP, it lets you transfer data from various platforms, such as Google Drive, Google Sheets, OneDrive, and Dropbox. Also, you can import files from a direct URL or upload them right to your Magento 2 installation.

What are file types supported?

While Magento works with CSV files only, this question is often asked. Nobody wants to convert the output of external systems to CSV. The Improved Import & Export extension lets you avoid this routine task. It not only works with various file sources but also supports numerous file types. In addition to CSV, the tool can import XML, Excel XLSX, Open Office ODS, and JSON. Furthermore, all files of this type can be transferred as ZIP or TAR archives.

Is it possible to automate data transfers and run updates on schedule?

Since the Improved Import & Export supports cron, you can create schedules to automate your data transfers. At the same time, the module provides the ability to create a system of rules and triggers. When specific conditions are met, the Improved Import & Export plugin launches the corresponding processes.

Can I import data that doesn’t follow Magento 2 requirements?

The Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension supports mapping, providing vast opportunities for transferring data from external sources. You can transfer any data in a format incompatible with Magento 2 to your e-commerce website. The mapping functionality lets you inform Magento about referring an attribute/column from the imported file to the corresponding Magento 2 attribute. We offer mapping presets, which are predefined schemes applied within a few clicks, and a mapping interface, which is a section where you can create relations between external and internal attributes manually. Consequently, it is possible to move data in various formats from any external source.

How fast is the Magento 2 import?

The speed of import processes depends on numerous factors. On average, the module needs one minute to move about 3k entities into the system. However, such factors as file formats, server configurations, or the necessity to transfer images may slow down the Magento 2 import.

What additional value is associated with Improved Import & Export?

The extension offers several free add-ons. For instance, you can leverage Product Feeds to transfer products from Magento 2 to eBay, Facebook, and Amazon out of charge. Besides, there is also the free MSI add-on at your service. This tool extends support for warehouses and automates various processes related to this functionality.

Does Improved Import & Export support customizations?

The extension’s code is open. It means that you can apply any changes to its standard functionality. However, it is usually a tricky task for people who have never worked with the tool. Therefore, we recommend you ask us for customizations. Since we know every corner of our module, it won’t take much time and effort to implement the desired changes. At least, we will do that faster than any third-party developers.

What is a refund period for Improved Import & Export?

If you didn’t like the Improved Import & Export extension, we would provide a 30 days money-back guarantee. But don’t make hasty conclusions: chances are, you didn’t apply the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension to your business case properly. Ask us for support services to figure out why the module doesn’t work for you.

Is it safe to use Improved Import & Export?

There are two reasons to consider Improved Import & Export secure. First of all, Firebear is a team of Magento-certified specialists. Only the best specialists create the module. Besides, our plugin had passed lots of security checks before the Magento Marketplace accepted it. Now, it is available there, ensuring safety.

What are other services associated with the extension?

We offer additional support, extension customization, and integration with external systems along with the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension and its add-ons. In the first case, we help with issues that occur while you work with the module. In the second case, we help you implement any particular feature that your business requires. In the third case, we configure Improved Import & Export to satisfy your data transfer demands.