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improved import and export - Magento 2 extension
Improved Import & Export for Magento 2
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Improved Import Export Magento 2 Roadmap – vote for the most exciting features and we will implement them first. Leave your suggestions in the comments and we will add them to the poll.

3.3.0 (released 26.02.2020)


  • Export process speed improvements
  • Added new entity Newsletter Subscribers (read more)
  • Added new import and export source Google Drive (read more)
  • Added export to Google Sheets (read more). It is now full circle integration.
  • Added filter by store view for entity ‘CMS blocks’
  • Now, when importing categories and url_key и url_path attributes are empty or missing the category URL is automatically generated using name attribute


  • Fixed issue where replace behavior with entity ‘Orders’ has been adding new orders
  • ‘Remove current mappings’ selector now properly clears attribute values
  • Fixed issue with entity ‘Orders’ filter by SKU not importing proper data
  • Fixed issue where you could import entity ‘Catalog Price Rules’ with only a single attribute
  • Fixed issue where product attributes couldn’t be allocated to proper store view after the import
  • Fixed issue where all filters for entity ‘Catalog Price Rules’ were of the ‘text field’ type
  • Fixed issue with opening jobs with FTP and SFTP import sources
  • Fixed issue with custom_theme_value not being imported properly for ‘CMS Page’ entity
  • Fixed issue where the success message has been missing after importing ‘Catalog Price Rules’ entity
  • Fixed issue where it has not been possible to import XLSX file with source ‘Direct URL’

3.3.1 quick adjustments for Product Feeds (released 26.02.2020)


  • Added support of entities limitation count for product export


  • Fixed issue where product categories value has been exported empty
  • Method made public in Model\Export\Product.php for add-on attachments


3.2.4 (released 21.01.2020)


  • Fixed issue with the number of products being different after exporting and re-importing
  • Added improvement to product URL key generation on import
  • Fixed issue with downloading an exported file if the REST API source is selected
  • Added improvement to product image uploads from external URLs, now the Import properly checks if images already exists by filename
  • Fixed issue where importing bundle products with dynamic price wouldn’t set the product price to dynamic
  • Added ‘attribute set’, ‘store id’ and ‘group:name’ filter for Product Attributes export
  • Fixed issue with deleting mapped attributes from the Map Attributes section
  • Added improvement for the category URL key generation if the entity with the same URL key already exists
  • If store view field for Products is empty or missing in the imported file, the admin value will be assigned to it automatically
  • Custom URL rewrites are now properly validated when generating URLs for imported categories
  • Added correct reset data for filters

3.2.3 (released 10.12.2019)


  • Images for swatch attributes can now be uploaded via ‘Attribute’ entity
  • Added option to resize product images after the import process, for cases when watermarks are enabled in Magento 2 Enterprise. Uses native Magento 2 libraries and can use additional library found in the manual.
  • Product video URLs from YouTube and Vimeo can now be included inside product image attributes


  • Free Migration Add-on improvements – disable Magento 2 Enterprise and Cloud staging preview when migrating to avoid errors
  • Fixed issue with JS showing import job features when wrong entity selected
  • Fixed issue with export product grid sometimes breaking
  • Fixed compilation issue with Magento 2.2.x
  • Fixed issue with directory separators if the filename is not followed by the slash
  • Fixed sql issue with Magento 2 Enterprise and Cloud instances for entity ID columns
  • Fixed issue with creating Configurable Products and image copy
  • Fixed issue with empty import source when any platform is selected for import
  • Fixed issue with decoding transaction additional_information in json format. The unnecessary decoding has been removed
  • Numeric validation for attribute code has been added to Attribute entity import

3.2.2 (released 19.11.2019)


  • Added new entity Catalog Price Rules import and export
  • Excel files can now fetch sheets through other sources


  • Fixed issue with php 7.3.11 breaking on using continue in switch statements
  • Widget entity import and export format updated
  • Fixed issue with saving attribute_set_id for eav_attribute_group table
  • Fixed issue with category name not exporting store view level
  • Fixed issue with file path field missing in import jobs
  • URL key now properly cleared with ‘Only Update’ behavior
  • Fixed issue with configurable product with values like 0 or 00

3.2.1 (released 7.11.2019)


  • PHP 7.3.11 support for Magento 2.3 added. Issue with breaks on using continue in the switch statement

3.2.0 (released 31.10.2019)


  • PHP 7.3 full support
  • Full compatibility with Magento 2.3.3 versions
  • Timestamp added for each log entry
  • Added a selector allowing to remove product associated images from the server to free up server space, if import constantly imports new images
  • Widget import rework to include all attributes


  • Added custom Search terms mapping
  • Added custom Search synonyms mapping
  • Added Remove all address association checkbox for Customer addresses import. Firstly remove all addresses when customer addresses import
  • Fixed issue with ‘Search Synonyms’ import if mapping default value is empty
  • Fixed all filters for export jobs
  • Fixed Search Terms export issue with filters
  • Fixed issue with Map Attributes Default value for all rows and empty rows
  • Fixed form break when category id is not found
  • Fixed import remote images issue
  • Fixed issue with importing attributes to General group
  • Fixed Categories import ‘replace’ behavior
  • Fixed Reviews import ‘replace’ behavior. ‘Replace’ must add nothing, only replace existing reviews
  • Fixed issue with export folders couldn’t be created for some systems
  • Fixed issue with permissions for newly created folder while exporting
  • Fixed issue with exporting to FTP recursively creating a folder
  • Fixed issue with ‘cart price rules’ entity hanging the page when edit job on Magento 2.3.3
  • Fixed View History – when two or more job tabs are open in the browser
  • Fixed issue with HTTPS type image URLs import
  • Fixed error on import building address information based on customer information if missing
  • Fixed if ‘isset’ category_position not adding products to the proper category
  • Removed duplicates for attribute mapping
  • Defined variable for uploader
  • SFTP will now properly create a new folder if the folder does not exist
  • Improved ‘Root Category’ selection
  • Improved downloadable products import
  • Extension details link was removed from the extension menu
  • Configurable Products custom logic has been moved to function based

3.1.8 (released 16.09.2019)


  • Added URL rewrites entity for import and export
  • Added Widgets entity for import and export
  • Added Product Reviews entity for import and export
  • Added Catalog Search Terms entity for import and export
  • Added Search Synonyms entity for import and export
  • Added Gift Card entity for import and export (Magento 2 Commerce/Cloud only)
  • Added Page Hierarchy entity for import and export (Magento 2 Commerce/Cloud only)
  • Added Visual Merchandise – product category position attribute – import and export
  • Added possibility to ‘disable’ products in your Magento 2 if they are not in the imported table
  • Added support for multisheet Excel XLSX files – you can select the sheet to import from
  • Added possibility to specify the URL path to images in the Image File Directory field in addition to FTP path
  • Added new cron group to register import or export job crons in the same group
  • Dropbox source improvements: folder select, whitespaces in filenames, latest file
  • Change cron group for dynamic cron handling.
  • Upsell and Crossell products can now be removed on import completion
  • Categories can now be imported and exported per store view
  • Attribute option values can now be deleted during import
  • Attributes can now be imported and exported for specific store view


  • Fixed issue where products would export for all store views instead of default only
  • Fixed issue where the images with the same filename were uploaded to the server
  • Fixed issue with attribute option values not imported for particular store views
  • Fixed issue with the order export where the extension log wouldn’t give proper error
  • Fixed issue with product import exception generate_url
  • Fixed change format curl-request in Dropbox.
  • Fixed issue where default attribute value could be deleted
  • Fixed unserialized error in the job form
  • Fixed issue where date filters wouldn’t work for order export
  • Fixed issue where downloadable products wouldn’t import on schedule, only manually
  • Fixed issue where rice rules were not applied for existing products (added categories to price rule conditions)
  • Fixed issue where long XSLT code was preventing the jobs from editing
  • Fixed issue where all file validation errors were cleared
  • Fixed undefined error when importing Advanced Pricing
  • Fixed issue with exporting customer addresses with invalid _website attribute
  • Fixed wyomind integration class definition
  • Fixed issue with pipe separator for varchar attribute changed to ‘comma separated’
  • Fixed issue where configurable products with only a single variation couldn’t be created
  • Fixed issue with Text Swatch attribute type import, if there was a change in description new value were added
  • Fixed issue with Text Swatch exporting admin value instead of admin description
  • Fixed issue with Categories import with ‘/’ as a separator breaking category pathing for CSV files
  • Fixed issue with pipe separator changing to comma for CSV files
  • Fixed issue with Product Attributes import with ‘0’ value
  • Fixed issue with attributes mapping unable to set default value to ‘0’
  • Fixed issue with Advanced Pricing importing only the last value in the row
  • Fixed issue with saving export jobs with undefined filter resulting in js error
  • Fixed issue with ‘Import source’ field sometimes missing values on first job loads
  • Fixed issue with ‘additional_attributes’ column not being removed when ‘Divide additional attributes’ setting enabled
  • Fixed issue with importing Magento 1 payment information converting serialize data to json
  • Fixed issue with simple products not being attached to grouped products during import
  • Fixed issue with ‘Replace’ behavior sometimes giving console error during job execution
  • Fixed issue with the Product entity import giving ‘url is not unique’ error with ‘replace’ behavior
  • Fixed issue with SOAP API file validation
  • Fixed issue with Advanced Pricing export job exporting not all price data
  • Fixed issue with the export jobs exporting data for all store views if no store view has been selected
  • Fixed issue with setFinishedAt function called before import process is finished
  • Fixed issue where product image and status were not imported if attribute mapping has been enabled
  • Fixed issue with line breaks when exporting text areas
  • Fixed issue with date and time filters for export jobs sometimes functioning improperly
  • Fixed issue with Map Attribute sections sometimes deleting incorrect mapping row
  • Fixed issue with ‘replace’ behavior adding new entities for Customers and Category entities
  • Fixed issue with not working Category Level Separator
  • If image is not found the proper message is now displayed in the extension log and console
  • Depending on the selected entity, some of the options are not properly hidden
  • Updated file validation criteria when importing Product Attributes
  • For importing product attributes added an error message if the attribute_set (required attribute) is empty
  • Missing attributes have been added to Map Attributes section for ALL entities
  • Store view selector is now properly displayed only for the entities that support multiple store views
  • Updated sample files in both GitHub and Master Table Google Sheet
  • Swatches attribute type values can now be properly imported with additional_attributes column
  • Refactored export model configuration, merget config from config.xml and di_export.xml
  • EntityInterface implemented into the export models
  • Split database setup is not properly supported for Order entity
  • Implemented retry functionality when deadlock mysql error occurs
  • Magento Order Management is now proprely supported
  • Configurable products from Magento 1 MagMi CSV tables can now be properly created in Magento 2
  • Import job and console log now properly display error message if the product has empty SKU value
  • Products are now exported page by page to avoid timeout issue



  • Speed improvements when importing and exporting huge data files
  • Speed improvements for loading collections
  • Files for the jobs can now be uploaded using API
  • Added selector to Remove all assigned categories from existing products before import job execution
  • General extension code improvements
  • Magento 2 Page Builder is supported by CMS blocks and CMS pages entities


  • Fixed all installation issues under different conditions
  • Removed ‘Magento 2’ attribute mapping preset
  • Improved file validation from FTP and SFTP sources
  • Fixed issue with XLSX files having incorrect column count resulting in not all entities imported
  • Fixed issue with grouped products ‘catalog_product_relation’ attribute not being read properly
  • Fixed issue with URL rewrites not being saved on product URL change during import
  • Fixed issue with fatal error being displayed when products had duplocate url_key’s
  • Fixed issue with filter section breaking upon adding new filters
  • Fixed issue with filter and map attributes sections not being displayed for some entities
  • Fixed issue with replace behavior not working with ‘order’ entity
  • Fixed issue with category mapping section sometimes hanging the page when there are too many entries
  • Fixed issue with import job giving ‘Please make sure attribute “name” is not empty’ for no reason
  • Fixed issue with use_product_image_for_swatch attribute when swatches option enabled
  • Fixed issue with configurable product thumbnail image not updated properly
  • Fixed issue with exporting orders with ‘Only attributes from mapping’ option enabled
  • Fixed issue when simple products with custom options caused orders to give ‘Submit shipment’ error
  • Fixed issue with exporting bundle products using ‘;’ as multi-value separator giving error messages
  • Fixed issue with importing products with mapping sometimes giving exception errors
  • Proper error message is now displayed when product_type attribute is missing from product import file
  • Fixed issue with B2B add-on when exporting quotes into XLSX file types
  • Fixed issue with B2B add-on with products not being removed from the quotes (abandoned carts)
  • Importing products no longer puts products out of stock by default (Magento 2 heritage)
  • Fixed issue with import jobs permanent loading screen on first load
  • Fixed issue with validating ‘Customers and addresses’ files
  • Fixed issue for CMS blocks import job validation errors on attribute mapping
  • Fixed issue with deleting all products giving 500 error
  • Fixed issue with Map Attributes section behavior when deleting mapped attributes
  • Fixed issue with Shopify products sometimes missing images after import when migrating to Magento 2
  • Fixed issue with broken Map Attributes section block
  • Fixed issue with switching entities caused the link to the file to stay
  • Fixed “can’t save job” issue
  • Fixed issue with ‘Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined’ error
  • Fixed issue with file validation in native Magento 2 import
  • Fixed issue with ‘delete’ behavior removing not all products
  • Fixed issue with root category in the imported file causing issue with categories import
  • Fixed issue with validating Json file types
  • Fixed issue with editing import job with entity ‘orders’ giving an exception error
  • Fixed issue with ‘The import was successful’ message missing from the log
  • Fixed issue when exporting products without url_key attribute
  • Fixed issue with downloadable products not being imported if the job runs automatically
  • Fixed issue with Typeof verification
  • Fixed issue with attribute options not being imported sometimes
  • Fixed issue with ‘Advanced Pricing’ not being imported properly
  • Fixed issue with ‘Customer finance’ file validation



  • Adjustments to the extension’s backend menu
  • Added Rest API and an export source
  • Added input of a range of values for the filter by price. Range added with a hyphen, e.g. 10-60 or 0-25
  • Implemented unification of filter values for a fixed price and a percentage discount
  • Added support of removing old categories of the configurable products created on the fly
  • Added the ability to add related, cross-sells or up-sells products to “Custom logic for creation of configurable products” – such products are added automatically from the similar attributes of the first simple product in the table
  • Improved export speed by avoiding extra data download


  • Fixed issue with export filters for entities: CMS blocks, CMS pages, Attributes
  • Fixed issue with validation of the incorrect product_type value
  • Addressed potential issues with the behavior ‘Only Update’ when ‘Remove Product Website‘ feature is enabled
  • Fixed issue with ‘bundle_type’ attribute import
  • Fixed Magento 2 issue with undefined index (
  • Fixed issue with broken mapping section design
  • Fixed issue with Advanced Pricing export filters displaying only product attributes
  • Fixed issue with Map Attributes section not displaying for particular entities
  • Fixed issue with missing job sections when conflicting with third-party software
  • Added valuesForOptions for all supported entities
  • Fixed issue with category url_key
  • Fixed issue with catalog_product_relation
  • Fixed issue with category use_default getting removed on category update
  • Changed the algorithm for generating a request for sample of data in accordance with the set values of the selected filters
  • Fixed issue with SOAP options not being accept while making the call.
  • Fixed issue with native Magento 2 import validation
  • Fixed errors when importing orders
  • Fixed issue with the save_rewrites_history product attribute saving after import
  • Fixed empty values for Virtual Swatch and Text Swatch attribute options
  • Fixed issue with XLSX file having empty rows
  • Fixed issue with replacing orders during import
  • Fixed issue with ‘Remove Product Categories’ option interface class
  • Fixed issue with filename issue in the url
  • Fixed issue with displaying error messages when running export jobs from the console
  • Fixed issue tire_prices column having extra spaces
  • Fixed issue with JSON parsing finding first array
  • Fixed issue with applying ‘Multiple Value Separator’ setting in import jobs when importing grouped products using “associated_skus” column
  • Fixed issue with fieldset visibility issue on the import job form
  • Fixed issue with attribute value mapping when API returns an array
  • Fixed typo error in source_types.xml



  • Huge product import speed improvements: memory overflow was fixed, custom options import was refactored
  • Added feature to remove images for both simple and configurable products during import


  • Fixed issue when only first custom option was validated while product import
  • Fixed customer address import issue. When a file format is ODS
  • Fixed issue with import XSLX file. When a file contains empty cells for the last column
  • Fixed issue with Allowed Errors Count option. When Validation Strategy is Stop on Error
  • Fixed issue show map fields of advanced pricing
  • Fixed issue show filter fields of advanced pricing
  • Empty user agent parameter issue during export an image from CDN
  • Fixed issue with custom options import. When the Map Attributes feature is used



  • Remove existing categories from imported products and assign only the categories from the imported file
  • Remove existing store views from imported products and assign only the store views from the imported file
  • Import product categories by IDs with categories_id attribute (categories should already exist at the store)


  • Added support of increment_id for importing customer addresses, which gives the ability to update existing addresses
  • Added support for query type image URLs
  • Added UrlKey Manager to check existing product URLs
  • Removed extra whitespaces from REST api for JSON options
  • Issue with Magento 2.2.7 History Model defined as private in parent class
  • Issue when the row does not contain complete information about product custom options
  • Issue with mapping same attribute with different system attributes
  • Issue with additional images multivalue separator. Added a condition to check for the previous version
  • Foreign key issue when using ProxySQL
  • Issue with absolute path of хml file (magento 2.1.8)
  • Issue with ‘category’ and ‘product_websites’ attributes for products not exporting when multiple store_views are selected
  • Issue with fresh installation of the extension
  • Issue with importing a single product in several bunches
  • Issue with swatch option update during product import procedure
  • Issue with importing bundle products in Magento 2.1
  • Issue with the stop on error option during the import process
  • Issue with directory separator in the export file path



  • Magento 2.3 support added


  • Issue with cron expression is not set
  • Issue when the row does not contain complete information about custom options
  • Custom columns were added to the System Attribute drop-down in ‘Map attributes’ block
  • Remove extra whitespaces from xml import form definition
  • Issue with bundle product attributes: price_type, sku_type, weight_type
  • Added validation of the field “custom_layout_update”



  • Magento 2.3 support added


  • Issue when importing empty attributes ‘available_sort_by’ and ‘default_sort_by’
  • Issue with duplicated options
  • Issue when importing orders with empty country_id
  • Issue with “Clear Attribute Values” option
  • Issue with import of customers and addresses
  • Issue when replacing products: Invalid value for Attribute Set column (set doesn’t exist?)
  • Issue when simple products are not attached to configurable
  • Compilation issue: Incompatible argument type. Magento compiler allow only one parent::__construct() calls



  • Map Attributes – Apply Default Values to – decide if default value should be applied to empty or all rows
  • Attribute value mapping – decide which exact attribute values you want to update, paste them and the new value
  • Root Category – select root category to reference category paths in the import file
  • Round prices and special prices – automatically adjust prices to .99 or .49 whichever is closer
  • Export job event system – whenever the Magento 2 event happens the job is automatically executed
  • Attribute set update – an additional product attribute which defines if the existing product’s attribute set should or should not be updated
  • Configurable product custom logic – copy simple product attributes for configurable – now you can copy selected attribute values of the simple products to configurable product


  • Simple custom options are not imported properly
  • Issue with ‘Category Levels separated by’ setting
  • additional_attributes attribute missing in the attribute mapping column
  • Issue with Only Update behavior importing stock values
  • Issue with text swatch attribute displaying as a dropdown
  • Fixed Product Tax issue with updating existing products
  • Job page loading speed improved
  • Imported configurable products are no longer automatically put in stock after import
  • Configurable products are no longer created if there are no variations or a single variation
  • Issue with importing products with the same URL key creating multiple products
  • Updated links to the sample files inside import jobs
  • Issue with product export missing bundle and downloadable attributes
  • Issue with downloadable product links not being updated on import
  • Issue with filter conditions
  • Issue with checking for existing SKUs in the database
  • Issue with customer composite entity type import
  • Issue with exporting products with ‘Divide Additional Attribute’s option enabled


  • Added support of Excel XLSX file format
  • Added support of OpenOffice ODS file format
  • Added support of REST API  – XML files with XSLT templates and custom Json files
  • Added support of SOAP API – XML files with XSLT templates and custom Json files
  • Added improved Json file compatibility
  • Added new entity Product Attributes – now all attributes, attribute sets and groups can be exported and imported to Magento 2
  • Added consecutive export procedure – the export jobs can now remember already exported entities and export only NEW entities added since the last run
  • Export date and time can now be added automatically to the file name
  • All files from the specified folder can now be imported in a single job
  • Swatch attribute values, both color and image, can now be imported along with products
  • Default product variations of Improved Configurable Product extension can now be imported
  • Added compatibility with the following third-party extensions:
    • MageWorx Advanced Product Options
    • MageStore Inventory Management
    • Wyomind Advanced Inventory
    • MageDelight Price per Customer


  • Added order import and export
  • Added support of Json file import


  • Added custom field for attribute mapping
  • Added reset mapping button


  • Added support of XSLT transformation for XML file export


  • Added support of XSLT transformation for XML file import


  • Addressed cannot import conditions for CartPriceRules issue
  • Addressed cannot add categories in mapping issue
  • Addressed cannot add tier prices issue
  • Addressed cannot change name of category for different stores issue
  • Addressed change CSV for Export Orders issue


  • Addressed cannot change mapping categories issue
  • Addressed cannot add new values for attribute issue


  • Added Categories import and export
  • Added category mapping
  • Dozens of import / export mapping & filters fixes and improvements
  • Bugfixes


  • Added Shopify migration mapping preset
  • Added price adjustment rules for imported products
  • Added CMS pages import
  • Added Cart Price Rules import
  • Big fixes


  • Full support of Google Sheets, Import Jobs can target Google Sheets as a source;
  • Google Master Table for quick introduction to import procedure;
  • Tier prices can now be imported along with the product catalog in a single column;
  • Language/locale settings per Import Job;
  • Models refactoring according to Magento marketplace Extension Quality Program;
  • Create configurable products on the fly;
  • Custom logic for creating configurable products;
  • Fixed product tax import;
  • Dozens of import / export mapping & filters fixes and improvements


  • Added hardvalue for the Entity field;
  • Adjusted values for fields of the bundle products;
  • Added possibility of automatic reindex after import;
  • Improved import process in Magento 2 administrator area, now it is possible to handle huge import jobs from the browser;
  • Logs to console via administrator area;
  • Adjusted area code in the console;
  • ‘Only update’ behavior added to Import Jobs;
  • New fields for the Export filters.


  • Full Magento 2.2 , 2.2.1 and 2.1.10 – Open Source (Community), Commerce (Enterprise) and Cloud Editions support
  • general refactoring
  • add export jobs similar to import jobs with mapping
  • refactoring and improvements for import mapping
  • hardcoded values / default values on mapping export
  • Magento 1 pre set for import jobs
  • export orders jobs with mapping and filters
  • add file validation on import job
  • advanced pricing import performance issue
  • filtering for export for all entities by attributes
  • interaction for default values when should be unique , x1, x2 etc.
  • default / hardcoded value suffix & prefix
  • detailed logging
  • sample files included to extension pack & download from manual
  • unzip / untar file before import
  • upload CSV directly to import job on import form (in web browser)


  • Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed an issue where strategy validation did not work with value “skip on entries”
  • Restructured code for form of Import Jobs:
    • Form at style of Accordeon *Add features:
    • Add inline edit for field Cron in Grid
    • Add validate of file after entered data for file
  • Add Export Jobs:
    • Add grid
    • Add form
    • Add commands
    • Add crontab


  • Bugfixes
  • Code cleanup


  • Downloabale products import fixes
  • Categories import fixes and improvements
  • Magento 2 Cloud edition specific fixes


  • Implement custom mapping for product import
  • Import from FTP , SFTP , URL
  • Import from Dropbox
  • Performance and security tests and improvements


  • Product Attributes on the fly import from CSV file
  • Import product attributes on the fly
  • Import categories from dedicated CSV file


  • Import jobs achitecture development
  • Import cron automation implemented