Magento 2 Partner Ads Integration

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Magento 2 Partner Ads Connector

Partner Ads is one of the biggest affiliate networks in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. If these markets are planned for your further expansion, you will find this post useful. Below, we shed light on the Magento 2 Partner Ads integration and provide tips on how to choose a reliable connector.

Although the Partner Ads network is based in Denmark, it covers two more countries: Sweden and Norway. The company also has advertisers and affiliate partners in other countries, but the main focus is on the three markets we’ve just mentioned.

Partner Ads offers collaboration which creates results and pushes online businesses to a new level. Advertisers want more sales, leads, and listings – the company knows for sure how to satisfy their needs. Partner ads helps to achieve this through the network of affiliate partners – companies and individuals with websites and other channels who act as advertisers. They receive payment for the provided services in the form of fixed rates or commission.

Magento 2 Partner Ads Connector

Here are some more facts about the company. Partner Ads exists since 2002. It offers more than 700 partner programs from various advertisers and gathers over 2,000 active affiliate partners. More than 468,000 sales and leads were delivered to advertisers in 2017. The average conversion rate in the network was almost 5% – an impressive rate many e-commerce merchants are dreaming about. While all these facts look intriguing, you still don’t know how to connect Magento 2 to Partner Ads, but we are here to help you.

What Magento 2 Partner Ads Connector to Choose

You may face multiple problems choosing a Magento 2 Partner ads connector. While the diversity of extensions is a good feature of the Magento ecosystem, it also leads to some negative consequences. Along with reliable solutions, you can find lots of tools that provide more problems than benefits. How to avoid unnecessary headaches, you will ask?

Well, we’ve prepared several tips on how to choose a reliable Magento 2 Partner Ads connection below. Besides, you will find a solution that fully copes with our requirements, but let’s start with common drawbacks.

One-Way Connection

Although one-way connection is enough to integrate Magento 2 with some services, we don’t recommend to use modules that provide it. An ordinary export solution will never help you to get the output generated by a third-party platform back. For instance, your store provides product data to a marketplace which offers order data back. How can a one-way solution maintain such integration?

The answer is obvious. To solve the problem, you need to import data manually or install an additional plugin that will do the corresponding processes automatically. Since two plugins usually cost more than one and consume more resources than a single solution, you increase the price of the integration and get additional troubles related to the system load.

Even if the desired platform generates no output, we still don’t recommend you to use a one-way tool. Several years ago, a price comparison engine wass associated with a platform that redirects its clients to merchant websites where they place orders. Today, more and more price comparison engines provides customers with the ability to place a new order without being redirected to a merchant’s storefront. As a result, order data is provided to partner websites. And while originally it was possible to use export solutions to establish the connection between an e-commerce store and an engine, now it is necessary to install an additional tool responsible for the import of order data. Considering this situation, we recommend you to think about the future growth of the platform you are going to connect to and use a solution that will cover its future needs.

Lack of Multipurposeness

Even if you’ve discovered a perfect Magento 2 Partner Ads connector it may not be enough. If the extension is aimed at one platform only, you may face several unpleasant issues in the future.

Chances are, you won’t stop after connecting your e-commerce store to Partner Ads. The perspective of running an omnichannel business is always attractive, but if you use multiple connectors, the price of running multiple channels dramatically increase. Besides, the system load and possibility of conflicts between modules rise dramatically with each new installed extension. Therefore, we recommend you to replace multiple connectors with a single solution.

The lack of a reliable and affordable import/export extension in the Magento ecosystem motivated us to develop the Improved Import & Export module. It is designed to create a two-way flow of data from Magento to any third-party platform that supports common integration standards. The extension offers the following benefits that make every integration, including the Magento 2 Partner Ads integration, as easy as possible.

Flexible Profiles. The Improved Import Export Magento 2 plugin provides flexible import and export profiles with lots of features and advanced possibilities related to every integration.

Automated Integration. Since the extension fully leverages cron, you can easily create any custom schedule of updates making the integration fully independent and automated. If you don’t want to deal with the cron syntax, it is possible to choose one of predefined time intervals for data updates. Furthermore, it is possible to run updates before the planned date if necessary via the asynchronous mode.

Multiple File Formats. By default, Magento supports only CSV. It is a greate file format for running data exchange, but not all third-party platforms accept it. To solve this problem, the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension offers the support for XML which is also provided by many competitive solutions. To become the leading market solution, we’ve added the support for TXT and Google Sheets. Furthermore, the Excel support is also planned. Besides, the extension allows connecting to third-party platforms via Google Sheets and API.

Multiple Sources. And you can easily move data files through different sources. In addition to your local server. The Improved Import Export module supports data transfer via remote servers and cloud storages. Besides, you can run URL import.

Mapping. To solve the problem related to manual data file editing, the extension introduces mapping. The feature is designed to match default Magento 2 attributes to the attributes of the platform you want to connect your store to in the most user-friendly manner. The mapping grid is available in both import and export profiles. Furthermore, the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension offers mapping presets so that you can apply the necessary mapping scheme within just a few seconds.

As for the Magento 2 Partner Ads you can get it for free after purchasing the Improved Import & Export module. The extension provides multiple other free connectors. You just need the latest version of the plugin to be installed. For further information, contact the support team. You can find the extension here:

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