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Magento 2 billiger connector

Below, we shed light on how to connect Magento 2 to – a popular price comparison engine that operates in Germany. Do you want to start a business in Germany, enrich your European presence, or just want to explore the depths of e-commerce? You are in the right place: the following post describes the popular service, discusses the most common issues related to third-party connectors, and offers the solution designed for the seamless Magento 2 integration.


Being Germany’s best-known and most used price comparison, offers more than 2 million products and 50 million offers for them. Thus, the platform is the strongest concerning content in Germany.

Almost 60 thousand shops are represented on The product spectrum ranges from mobile phones, PCs, and other consumer electronics to household and garden supplies, fashion, sports, and leisure items. Moreover, offers price comparison for electricity and gas fares and even flights!

As a customer, you can see relevant product information, including product videos, reviews, and user reviews on Thus, provides not only a clear price comparison but also a comprehensive product overview. As a Magento 2 owner, you should move this data to the portal, and we will describe this process later.

Magento 2 billiger connector

Beside, offers extended services with Sparberater. During a search for a particular product in a browser, the addon shows the cheapest deals, current discounts, and coupon promotions for the desired product right below the navigation bar. Thus, if you offer the best price, you will always reach your target audience.

Now, we should say a few words about the existing connectors. Unfortunately, they may be divided into two groups according to their significant drawbacks. The first big group consists of connectors that work in one direction only. Usually, these are export extensions that are good for moving data to a comparison engine, but they will never get anything back. And this is a problem if you want to work on since the platform allows customers to purchase products right on the website without going to webshops.

Also, note that some tools provide limited capabilities when it comes to an export procedure. For instance, you need to move images and videos from your Magento 2 store to a third-party platform, but it is impossible – you have to do everything manually. And no one wants to participate in this annoying routine.

It was the first group of connectors, but even if a tool supports the two-way connection and smoothly moves images, videos and other data, it doesn’t prevent you from using the extension which belongs to the second group of bad modules.

Even the most reliable connector is often limited because it is designed to work with one platform only. It’s not a problem if you want to connect your store to only, but if more than one integration is planned, we recommend you to use a universal solution that can connect Magento 2 to multiple third-party platforms and services.

And the most reliable tool is Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension by Firebear. Our module not only eliminates the issues mentioned above but also adds lots of other important features.

The interface of the extension is divided into two core sections: Import Profiles and Export Profiles. The first one is responsible for moving data into Magento 2. For each new integration, you create a new import job. Note that the import process may be fully automated since the extension utilizes cron. There are several predefined schedules as well as the ability to create a custom one. Besides, you can launch jobs manually. The functionality is absolutely the same when it comes to export.

Thus, the Magento 2 integration becomes more clear: you install the Improved Import Export extension and create two different profiles: one for moving product information to the price comparison engine and another one for importing order data from there. For instance, you can export data to once a week and get order information back on a daily basis. It’s up to you to decide what schedule to create.

Another essential feature of the module is a support for a broad range of file formats. In addition to CSV which is supported by Magento 2 by default, our extension allows using TXT, XML, and Excel files. Google Sheets, and even API. If you need non-standard filetype support, feel free to discuss your ideas with the support team.

Since we live in a world of multiple standards and formats, it is quite hard to connect two system together because each has its unique requirements to data moved to/from the platform. Here at Firebear we always aware of this problem. So to simplify the daily routine of every Magento merchant, we’ve introduced the mapping functionality with the Improved Import & Export module. Every import and export profile includes a separate section with a mapping grid where you can match the default Magento 2 attributes to custom attributes of any third-party platform.

magento 2 import custom data CSV XML TXT

The extension provides mapping presets that simplifies the process even more. You only have to select a platform for the integration, and the module will apply the corresponding mapping scheme, which is already created by our specialists. But what about the Magento 2 integration?

The best news is that you can get the Magento 2 connector for free with the Improved Import & Export Magento extension. Contact the support team for further details. To find more information about the module, follow this link:

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