Magento 2 SuperClix Integration

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In the following post, we discuss the Magento 2 SuperClix integration. If you are going to increase your sales by partnering with an affiliate network, you’ve come to the right place. Below, you will find a brief description of SuperClix and the Magento 2 SuperClix connector.

Being an affiliate network since 2000, SuperClix already gained the reputation of a reliable partner. The company operates in three countries: Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. It offers more than 500 affiliate programs so that businesses of all sizes and occupations can leverage SuperClix.

As a merchant, you can get full service in affiliate marketing with SuperClix entirely concentrating on your business. The platform eliminates the need to hire additional specialists or work with other agencies to create a robust affiliate campaign. Eliminate unnecessary expenditures like post-view: SuperClix is a network with a built-in agency and excellent/experienced experts. Thus, no voucher spam or post-view fees are held. The acquisition of new affiliate partners is possible via a vast affiliate database of the platform. Note that SuperClix offers only verified partners so that all spam is eliminated.

Magento 2 SuperClix Connector

Choose the “Full Service” program, and you won’t need neither your affiliate managers nor other external service providers or agencies. SuperClix worries about the most cost-effective services to be provided. As a result, you can save cash with the transparent and affordable programs.  Starting from a monthly turnover of only 200 Euro per month, SuperClix offers a broad range of services, but how to connect Magento 2 to the platform?

Magento 2 SuperClix Connector

You may face lots of various issues while selecting a Magento 2 SuperClix connector. Since we’d like to prevent you from future headaches, check the list of the most common problems related to connectors.

The connector is unable to create multiple integrations. There are tons of Magento connectors designed for a single integration only. They offer all the necessary features that make the connection as seamless as possible. You don’t have to be afraid of complex configurations and additional customisations. Just install the module, click on several buttons, and the connection is established. Unfortunately, you won’t create more than one connection with such a handy tool. And while it seems that there is no problem in this limitation, you will face lots of inconveniences in future choosing platform-specific connectors.

First of all, the budget of all integrations will rise dramatically after you connect several more platforms to your e-commerce store. Even if each connector is relatively cheap, multiple connectors cost more than a single universal extension responsible for numerous integrations.

At the same time, by installing multiple modules instead of one, you substantially increase the system load and resource consumption. The probability of conflicts between the installed tools and already used extensions rises dramatically. And you cannot prevent all these headaches unless you choose a single solution instead of multiple modules.

The connector transfers data in one direction only. You may be confused by other merchants thinking that a simple export solution is always enough to serve most integrations. And since SuperClix requires a data feed but provides no data back, your Magento 2 SuperClix connector can be responsible for export routine only. We don’t think so, and these are two reasons that may change your opinion.

First of all, the Magento 2 SuperClix integration may evolve in future. If a platform adds new functionality that requires Magento 2 import to be utilised, you won’t be able to satisfy the new requirements with a simple export extension.

The second important reason to choose an import/export tool instead of an export solution is caused by the requirement mentioned above – the ability to create multiple integrations. Since there are a plethora of platforms that utilise both directions to transfer data between the service and your Magento 2 store, you won’t be able to use a simple export tool to establish the connection. To solve the problem, you either need an additional extension (get ready for increased expenditures and system load) or spend extra time importing the corresponding data manually. Neither of the proposed solutions seems attractive. Therefore, the only choice of the Magento 2 SuperClix connector includes a universal import/export Magento 2 extension. And we recommend using the Improved Import Export Magento 2 module by Firebear. Our tool not only provides the ability to move data between Magento 2 and all possible third-party platforms and systems but also offers tons of useful features.

To make import and export processes independent, we split import and export profiles into two different grids. Thus, if your new connection requires only the export functionality, there is no need to spend time and effort configuring the appropriate import profile. To make your routine even more comfortable, the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension introduces cron support. It means that you can create any custom schedule of updates and the module will work independently. Alternatively, it is possible to select one of the predefined time intervals to run the update. Furthermore, every profile can be launched manually in the asynchronous import/export mode.

Now, when you know that the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 module helps to automate the integration, we need to draw your attention to another great time-saver the extension provides – the mapping interface. Since Magento 2 has unique requirements to the data file structure as well as own attributes, it is necessary to match them to the third party requirements every time you run the export procedure (the same conditions are valid for import). Since many solutions don’t provide a mapping interface, you should match the default attributes to third-party attributes manually. The improved Import & Export Magento 2 module forever solves this problem by introducing the tiny grid added to every import/export profile. You have to match attributes only one time. Next, the extension will use the created scheme for all further export or import procedures.

Moreover, there are mapping presets that save the situation even more. For specific platforms, we offer predefined mapping schemes. You don’t have to match any attributes manually – just apply the preset you need, and the mapping scheme will be created manually.

Besides, the Improved Import & Export extension offers multiple file formats and connection types including CSV, XML, TXT, Excel, and Google Sheets. There is also a possibility to establish a connection between your Magento 2 store and a third-party platform using API. As for file sources, the module enables you to move data via FTP/SFTP or Dropbox. In case of import, you can transfer files to your e-commerce storefront by URL.

And the Magento 2 SuperClix connector fully supports all these features! You can get it out of charge as a part of the Magento 2 Improved Import & Export extension. Note that the module combines multiple other free connectors. If you have any questions regarding the connector and the plugin, contact our support team. Follow the link below for further information:

Download/Buy Firebear Improved Import & Export Magento 2 Extension