Magento 2 PreisRoboter Integration

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Magento 2 Preisroboter Connector

PreisRoboter is a cross-store price search engine and independent price comparison with over 50 million products, and below we shed light on how to connect Magento 2 to the service. In the following post, you will find tips on how to choose a Magento 2 PreisRoboter connector.

If a customer wants to order more RAM for a computer or a new book, he/she often compare variously available propositions before ordering. Being a good price comparisons website, PreisRoboter offers multiple categories that allow a systematic search for products related to games, sports and leisure, technology, healthcare, beauty, etc. Surrounded by ads and information about the best deals in different categories, the products are clearly represented on the platform. In just a few clicks a customer can compare not just product prices but also various opinions provided with the selected product.

The use of PreisRoboter for customers is free. The platform charges fees from merchants for various services. Also, note that it offers mobile apps that increase the audience of your potential customers if you decide to connect Magento 2 to PreisRoboter.

Magento 2 Preisroboter Connector

The platform offers categories for electronics (camcorders, digital cameras, mobile phones), computers (printers, notebooks, video projectors), household items (refrigerators, washing machines), hobbies, sports and leisure games. Visit for further information.

To provide the platform with your product data, you can provide all common formats of product/price lists. Product lists for other product search engines and price comparisons can also be used for data export: pangora.csv, metashopper.csv, kelkoo.txt, froogle.txt, or similar. But if you don’t have them, we are here to help you.

How to Select Magento 2 PreisRoboter Connector

You will need a Magento 2 PreisRoboter connector to create a bridge between your Magento 2 website and the price comparison engine. The problem is in the diversity of such tools. Since there are many options, you may choose a connector that brings more troubles than opportunities.

First of all, beware of one-way connectors. They usually satisfy basic needs of the integration but are useless when it comes to something more complicated. For instance, a one-way connector (often, it is an export extension) may easily transfer your price list to PreisRoboter, but it will never get anything back. Of course, the platform doesn’t offer any output that can be moved to Magento 2, but the situation may change a lot in the future. Many price comparison engines already provide customers with the opportunity to create orders without being redirected to a merchant’s website. In this situation, a connector should give the import functionality.

Chances are, PreisRoboter will provide the same functionality in the nearest future. Therefore, a one-way connector is not an option we can recommend for the Magento 2 PreisRoboter integration. Of course, you can install an additional tool when the new functionality will be enabled on the platform, but it will increase the cost of the integration as well as system load.

And don’t forget that many connectors provide limited functionality when it comes to certain data types. For instance, some tools don’t let you move product images to the desired platform. Consequently, you either have to do this manually or install an additional module. In the second case, the price of the integration will be increased as well as the resource consumption. Therefore, we recommend you to read the description of every connector you choose carefully.

The last problem we’d like to draw your attention to is the inability to connect Magento 2 to multiple platforms. There are lots of Magento connectors designed for a particular integration only. Thus, if you plan to run a multichannel business, you need as many extensions to be installed as the number of planned integrations is. This scenario leads to dramatic consequences. The cost of being multichannel rises dramatically with each new integration. At the same time, you significantly increase system load covering all integration. And don’t forget about the probability of conflicts between extension that rises with each newly installed module. You don’t want to face all these issues, do you?

To avoid unnecessary headaches, we recommend you to utilise a universal connector designed for multiple integrations. For instance, the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension allows turning your Magento 2 website into a hub where all connections are synchronised. There is no need to install and configure multiple modules – you only need a single solution.

The module provides separate profiles for import and export operations. Both are flexible enough to connect your store to any third-party system and fully automate the integration and further synchronisation.

The improved Import Export extension is based on cron so that it is possible to create any custom update schedule. You can also choose the predefined time intervals for data updates as well as run every profile manually. Also, note that different update schedules may be created for import and export processes related to the same integration.

The diversity of integration formats is the broadest in the Magento ecosystem. The Improved Import Export extension allows you to exchange data via CSV, XML, TXT, Google Sheets, Excel files, and API. At the same time, you get multiple file sources supported by the plugin. Thus, it allows moving data through local and remote services, cloud storages, and right via URL.

Another feature we’d like to draw your attention to is mapping. Now, you can forever forget about the manual editing of data files. Even PreisRoboter points the attention of merchants to its own requirements regarding file attributes. It means that you cannot run an ordinary product export and provide the output to the platform. You need to map default Magento 2 attributes to the attributes of PreisRoboter. With our Magento 2 PreisRoboter connector, it is possible right via the backend section of your e-commerce store. Furthermore, there are mapping presets that allow avoiding manual matching.

With all these features, the Magento 2 PreisRoboter connector provided within the Improved Import Export Magento 2 extension offers the most user-friendly conditions for the integration. Not that you can get the connector for free as a part of the extension. For more details, follow the link below and contact our support team.

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