Import/Export cookbook: How to update Magento 2 product price and quantity using import and export. HINT: it’s fast and easy

Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension documentation is huge! I know. It is aimed to cover every aspect of the extension.

However, you do not need to read it all, or understand each and every attribute of every entity. In this article, I will show you how to mass update Magento 2 product prices and quantity (stock) using import and export procedures.

Why would you need to update Magento 2 product price and quantity?

When managing a large product catalog, sometimes you need to manually update a large number of product price and quantity values. For example, your supplier raised prices, and you have your warehouse manager sending you updates on what’s left in stock.

What are your options?

  • Magento 2 mass actions – this won’t help you as you can only specify a single value for multiple products, not updating products individually
  • Updating product by product in your Magento 2 backend – this will take a considerable amount of time, accounting for internet speed connection and page loading time.

Solution? Export your product catalog using Improved Import and Export Magento 2 extension. Get rid of unnecessary attributes. And use Google Sheets to upload new prices and quantity values.

In this article I will give you instructions and steps on how to do it in a fast and easy way.

Exporting product catalog

To edit product catalog – you first need to get product catalog. Word.

Step 1: create an export job

Navigate to System > Improved Import / Export > Export Jobs and click the ‘Add New Job’ button.

Step 2: configure export job

You do not need to fill each job setting, fill only the fields I specify below, to quickly export product catalog:

  • Job Title – name the job
  • Entity – select ‘Products’
  • Store View – select ‘Only Admin Values’ to export only default store values
  • Export Source – select ‘File’
  • File path – specify the path where to export the file. E.g. copy and paste: /var/import/my_products.csv


You can end it here and get your full Magento 2 product catalog exported. However, you can use filters and export only required products, and only attributes you are going to update

Step 3: export only quantity and price attributes

Inside Map Attributes section add three fields, and select three product attributes in System Attribute column:

  • sku – unique product identifier, you will need it to import products with the updates back
  • price – attributes where the product price is saved
  • qty – attribute where the product quantity is saved

And check ‘Only fields from Mapping’ selector to export only the three attributes you have selected instead of exporting every product setting.

Your Map Attributes section should look like this:

Step 4: filter products if required

You don’t have to export a WHOLE product catalog. Instead export only products you need to update.

Scroll down to the Filters section and apply necessary filters. I will export products with the SKU including “firebear”

Step 5: export and get a product list

Hit the ‘Save & Run’ button in the upper-right corner of the screen to get the products exported.

You will get a file with the required products with the attributes you have selected, which are ready for the update.

I have got myself a CSV file which looks like this and that I have opened with Google Sheets:

Editing product catalog

The best place to edit CSV files is the Google Sheets. I cannot stress enough how easy and fast it is. Especially when you can have several managers from your team working on a single document that you share with few clicks.

Step 1: Upload file to Google Sheets

Edit the file with your team the way you need.

Step 2: share google sheets for importing back to Magento

Click ‘Share’ button in the upper-right corner of the screen and set view permissions ‘by link’.

Importing product catalog back

Do not convert the Google Sheets back to CSV. With Improved Import & Export you can paste the link to the Google Sheet table, and import it to the store.

Step 1: create an import job

Navigate to System > Improved Import / Export > Import Jobs and click the ‘Add New Job’ button.

Step 2: configure import job

You do not need to fill each job setting, fill only the fields I specify below, to quickly import product updates to your Magento 2 store:

  • Job Title – name the job
  • Entity – select ‘Products’
  • Import Behavior – select ‘Add/Update’
  • Import file type – select CSV file type
  • Import Source – select ‘Google Sheets’
  • URL – paste URL of the Google Sheet where you have edited product price and quantity

Intermedia: adding product QTY value

If you are uploading a file that the supplier sent you, with the quantity of the products sent to your store, – you may want to ADD this QTY value to the existing product stock at your Magento 2.

For example:

  • You have 100 product A in stock
  • Your supplier sends you another 50 QTY of product A
  • You can specify quantity=50 in the file you are importing and ADD it to existing 100 inside your store.

To do this – enable Add product QTY to existing value setting inside the Import Settings section of the Import Job.

Step 3: validate file and import

Inside the Import Source section click the ‘Validate file’ button, and click the ‘Save & Run’ button at the upper-right corner of the screen. Then ‘Run’ again.

Step 4: check the result

Now that the import job is complete you can proceed to Catalog > Products and check the updates prices and quantity.

Step 5: do not delete the Google Sheet, save it

Do not delete the Google Sheet file you have created. Save it for another price and stock update, along with the import job you have created.

This is it! You have just updated your product catalog prices and quantity attributes using import procedure. This is a much-much easier and faster way to updating your product catalog.

Get Magento 2 Improved Import & Export extension

FAQ: how to update Magento 2 product price and quantity using import

Q: Do I need to export all Magento 2 product attributes to update price and quantity?

A: No, you only need attributes sku, price, and qty. SKU is required to identify the product which price and quantity you are updating.

Q: Can I export only required attributes with native Magento 2 import/export?

A: No, Magento 2 doesn’t let you filter products or export only a set product attributes. You need to use an extension for that. For example Improved Import & Export for Magento 2 by Firebear Studio.

Q: How can I edit Magento 2 CSV export files?

A: The best solution is to upload it to Google Sheets and edit there. Excel tends to break the formatting and mess with the date and time settings base on your location. Which may lead to inability to import the file back to Magento 2.