Magento 2 Prisguiden Integration

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Magento 2 Prisguiden Connector

If Norwegian market seems an attractive place for scaling your e-commerce business, don’t waste your chance to connect your Magento 2 store to Prisguiden – one of the biggest price comparison engine of the country. The following post discusses Magento 2 Prisguiden integration and proposes a reliable solution that will help you represent all your catalog on the platform within just a few clicks.

Prisguiden is a popular platform that operates on the market for almost 20 years helping Norwegian customers make right buying decisions. The monthly traffic of the shopping engine is about 600,000 visitors.

As a merchant, you can quickly reach customers when they are looking for your particular products. If your offer is the best, get ready to have new buyers on your online store! The platform offers effective profiling of your entire product range. Besides, you can easily integrate your Magento 2 website with Prisguiden and run all updates automatically with the help of the tool described below.

Another good thing about Prisguiden is that you don’t have to pay if no traffic occurs. You pay only when someone clicks on your products, and the shopping engine redirects him/her to your store. And there is a small establishment fee.

Magento 2 Prisguiden Connector

Also, note that the platform offers the ability to link your store to Prisguiden without any additional tools. You only need to provide access to an updated price list. The updates are run automatically so that you are always visible with your products and offers. How secure is that? We cannot answer this question, but the tool described below is not only safe but also provides the ability to transfer all possible data from your store as well as get the corresponding output back.

It is also necessary to mention that Prisguiden provides regular reports and statistic panel so that you can always monitor your traffic. To check whether your products are visible when customers search for them, browse popular offers. At the same time, you can receive price alert for the products your potential customers follow.

How to Select Magento 2 Prisguiden Connector

Now when you know some core aspects of the platform, we can talk about various connectors designed to run the Magento 2 Prisguiden integration. To provide any price comparison engine with product data, you can use any simple export extension, but we don’t recommend you to do so. There are several problems you may face with on your way to integration with the help of a simple export module.

And the first one is the difference between Magento and third-party attributes. You can easily generate a product data file even with the help of the default Magento 2 export interface, but it is still necessary to edit it manually since every external system has its requirements regarding the structure of a data file. The procedure should be performed every time you run the export, so it becomes quite annoying. The problem is actual for both the default Magento 2 interface and some simple third-party solutions.

Next, some tools lack automation, so you should run each price update manually. And don’t forget about the necessity to edit the generated export file before sending it to the external system; otherwise, the system won’t accept it.

There is also a problem related to the inability to get any information back. There are platforms that not only require product data but also offer something back. For instance, a marketplace or a shopping engine may provide an order data file. Thus, if you use an export solution, you will need to import the file manually or install an additional extension. In the second case, the cost of the integration will rise. At the same time, you increase the consumption of system resources.

You should also beware of tools that transfer information partly. Don’t let them create the illusion of the desired integration. If an extension supports only a part of data required by a third-party platform, you have to provide the remaining information manually or install an additional extension facing the problems mentioned above.

The last thing we’d like to draw your attention to is the lack of multipurposeness. There is no problem when only one integration is planned, and you use a connector developed for this integration only. But with each new integration, you increase the budget of running a multichannel business as well as resource consumption and the probability of conflicts between the installed modules.

A huge list of problems that may occur while you are trying to establish a new integration. To avoid them, we recommend you to install the Improved Import Export Magento 2 extension. It includes the Magento 2 Prisguiden connector as well as offers the ability to run multiple other integrations.

The module provides intuitive import and export profiles designed to transfer data between Magento 2 and almost any third-party system. The profiles are based on cron allowing you to create any schedule of FULLY AUTOMATED updates. You can create different schedules for import and export processes. At the same time, it is possible to choose one of the predefined time intervals. Besides, you can run a profile manually before the update.

To solve the problem of different data standards, the Improved Import Export extension offers mapping. The appropriate section is added to every profile. Note that you need to create a mapping scheme only one time – the same scheme is used for all further updates. No manual data file editing is required with the module. Furthermore, you can apply mapping presets – predefined mapping schemes that automatically match Magento 2 attributes to corresponding attributes of the selected third-party platform.

It is also necessary to mention that the extension supports multiple file formats and several data sources. You can run any integration (including Magento 2 Prisguiden integration) using such formats as TXT, CSV, and XML. Besides, the Improved Import Export Magento 2 module offers Google Sheets support. If these standards are not enough, we can use API to establish the connection (contact our support team for further details). As for data sources, they include a local server, a remote server, and multiple cloud storages – enough for every synchronisation.

The aforementioned Magento 2 Prisguiden is available as a part of the Improved Import Export Magento 2 extension for free along with dozens other connectors. To find more information about the extension, follow the link below and contact our support if you have any questions:

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