FireBear Improved Configurable Product for Magento 2 – Extension Change Log

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Improved Configurable Product for Magento 2
Extension Manual | Guide to configurable products

Improved Configurable Product for Magento 2 – the complete enhancement for configurable product, allowing for dynamic content updates, custom options for configurable products and many more.


  • Configurable products now support custom options
  • Fixed issue with change images and enabled delivery
  • Fixed issue with adding product to cart with enabled/diabled matrix
  • Fixed issue with disabling all options module


  • Added price range support
  • Added preset options in category page
  • Added dynamic updates of meta-data and price-data
  • Added different canonical tags for each simple product
  • Remade config menu
  • Updated composer
  • Fixed issue with UrlRewrite classes in magento <2.1.7
  • Fixed issue with module Magenerds_BasePrice
  • Fixed issue with minicart
  • Magento Marketplace fixes
  • Minor bugfixes


  • Breadcrumb trail is now updated dynamically
  • Added console command to generate URL rewrites for not visible simple products
  • Pre-selected variations now work with the dropdowns
  • Updated supported php version
  • Swatches template updated
  • Fixed issue with configurables displaying same option at the category page
  • Fixed issue with More information bloc
  • Addressed conflict with FireGento MageSetup
  • Minor bugfixes


  • Product attribute block is now updated dynamically
  • Swatches are now updated when simple products are selected from product listing
  • Fixed issue with css classes
  • Fixed issue with base image not updating when cannot add item to cart
  • Fixed issue with dropdown option type
  • Fixed issue with ‘Change browser history URL’ in admin
  • Fixed JS conflict when chosing swatches
  • Fixed issue with pre-selected options when product contains multiple attributes like color and size


  • Added ‘default product variation’ functionality
  • Adjusted fulltext search
  • Three new custom fields can now be added to the product pages


  • Code refactoring
  • Composer updates
  • Added tier prices support


  • Dynamic updates of product name, sku, description, short description and browser history URL
  • Added autoload section
  • Swatches support
  • Added meta data for simple products


  • Initial release