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Magento 2 Criteo Connector

Criteo is a leading provider of commerce marketing services. It offers a vast ecosystem with millions of shoppers; and below, we discuss all possible perspectives of the Magento 2 Criteo integration. The following article describes Criteo as well as sheds light on core problems of a typical Magento 2 SMTHNG connector. The most efficient Magento 2 Criteo connector is offered at the end as well. To make the long story short, let’s say a few words about the commerce marketing network.

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Being based in Paris, Criteo increases its international presence every year. The company includes a strong team of employees. Now, it is almost three thousand people all over the world. 27 Criteo offices are now available worldwide.

As for the volume of work, it can be illustrated with the following stats. During 2016, Criteo analysed $500B in transactions and served more than 900b ads. Looks very-very promising, but let’s take a look at other company’s aspects.

Criteo specialists and algorithms continuously analyse what’s going on with the client’s business. The output of each analysis unveils data on how today’s mobile-first shoppers behave. As a Magento 2 merchant, you can learn more about the way your clients browse and buy across the planet so that you can reach them at every step.

Machine-learning technology, data and performance at scale, and measurable ROI are core aspects of success provided by the Magento 2 Criteo integration. To provide the ultimate range of services, Criteo uses a robust engine that includes the following three components: Kinetic Design, Product Recommendations, and Predictive Bidding. All three elements power the network with the best-in-class solutions developed to serve the same goal – drive results.

Magento 2 Criteo Connector

Next, there is the Criteo Shopper Graph solution. It is a pool of granular data that consists of three components: interest, identity, and measurement. Due to such combination, you can easily explore your shoppers and understand their needs.

Reporting is another essential part of the Criteo network. It is designed to monitor and optimise all marketing efforts. Get ready to work with profound insights on performance, budgets, and cross-sell opportunities in real time, because you are worth it!

And there is a significant possibility of integrations, but what about the Magento 2 Criteo connector?

Before talking about the best way to integrate Magento 2 with Criteo, we should name at least two core problems related to all Magento connectors. That will help you avoid bad modules in case you would like to find an alternative solution to the tool provided below.

So the first significant problem associated with a generic Magento 2 SMTHNG connector is the lack of the two-way data flow. Usually, such tools are responsible for export only. It means that you can provide a third-party platform with your Magento 2 data but won’t have an opportunity to get something back. Unless you choose another connector with the opposite functionality or do everything manually.

The use of a supplementary extension has one major problem: you increase the budget of the integration. If you want to save money and import everything manually, you will face lots of difficulties from unsupported file formats to incompatible data file structure. Do you want to change file formats and match custom attributes to the Magento 2 attributes manually? We don’t think so, but let’s take a look at another problem of a generic connector.

It is often designed to create only one integration. Thus, you cannot use a Magento 2 Rakuten connector to build a bridge between your e-commerce store and Amazon. In case of an omnichannel business, the budget of all integrations rises enormously, because you need at least one tool to establish one bridge. What can we recommend to avoid all these difficulties?

The Firebear team has developed a universal import/export solution that provides lots of opportunities for ALL POSSIBLE integrations. Meet the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension. The module creates a two-way connection and works with most third-party platforms.

To provide the top-notch functionality, Improved Import Export offers two kinds of profiles: import and export. Both support multiple file formats (CSV, XML, TXT, Google Sheets, etc) and numerous sources (local and remote servers + cloud storages). Besides, you can effortlessly create any custom schedule since the extension leverages cron. For instance, the Magento 2 Criteo connector allows exporting data to the platform on a daily basis and get the output once a week.

But the real time-saver is introduced with the mapping grid. You no longer have to edit multiple documents matching the attributes of two different systems to each other. Everything can be performed on the mapping grid. Furthermore, the Improved Import Export Magento 2 extension offers mapping profiles for multiple systems. As a result, you don’t even need to apply mapping manually. Just choose the system you need to connect your store to and use the profile (if the module provides it). As a result, your mapping grid will be modified according to the requirements of the platform.

And the best thing is that you can get the Magento 2 Criteo connector for free as a part of Improved Import & Export. For further information, follow the link below, and don’t hesitate to contact our support team!

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