Magento 2 Amazon Integration

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Magento 2 Amazon Synchronization

Still don’t know how to connect your store to the most extensive online retail platform in the world? Then you’ve come to the right place. Below, we shed light on the most fully-featured tool the easily turns your Amazon store and Magento 2 store into an integrated system with all controls in the Magento backend. Meet the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension by Firebear. In the following post, we describe Amazon, shed light on the Magento 2 Amazon connector, and compare it with other similar tools.

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Being the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon also provides cloud services. Its original occupation was bookselling which quickly expanded to a wide variety of consumer goods and digital media. Furthermore, the company sells its own electronic devices.

At the same time, there is AWS – a cloud computing platform that provides online services for websites and client-side applications. Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Simple Storage Service (S3) are among offered solutions.

The company includes multiple individual websites, customer service centers, software development centers, as well as fulfillment centers across the globe. In 2015, it even surpassed Walmart regarding market capitalization in the US. Now, Amazon is:

  • the fourth most valuable public company in the world;
  • the most significant Internet company by revenue in the world;
  • the eighth largest employer in the US.

Now, let’s say a few words about the domain While in 2008 it attracted only 615 million visitors annually by 2008. Within the next eight years, their amount raised significantly by 130 million customers per month to the US website only.

Magento 2 Become Integration

In addition to the services mentioned above, Amazon allows third-party sellers to sell products in the marketplace. The company derives around 40% of revenue from them. It reported over 1.3 million sellers sold products through the marketplace a decade ago, and now their quantity has raised dramatically.

The marketplace looks attractive from the perspective of business scaling. And to connect it your Magento website and establish a two-way synchronization, you need Improved Import & Export. If you already bought our extension, you will get a reliable Magento 2 feed manager for free.

As for the Magento 2 Amazon integration, the extension allows connecting the online storefront with the popular online marketplace seamlessly. The most crucial problem of the Magento 2 Amazon synchronization is the inability to create a system that offers the two-way sync. Most third-party extensions act as export solutions only. As a result, the data is moved from your e-commerce storefront, and when you sell something via Amazon, it is necessary to create an order and apply stock changes in the Magento backend manually.

Does a reliable Magento 2 feed manager have such limitations? Of course, not! And the Improved Import & Export extension doesn’t have the drawback mentioned above. The module creates the connection into both directions and transfers information seamlessly. You can quickly create advanced product data feeds with its help moving them to Amazon and getting all the necessary information back.

Two other vital aspects of the Magento 2 Amazon integration with Improved Import Export are mapping and presets. The first feature allows importing any custom file format to Magento. You should only match the custom attributes to the default ones.
To simplify this process, even more, the extension offers presets. There is no need to match every attribute manually since the Improved Import & Export module know the requirements of Magento 2 and Amazon, so the connection runs smoothly.

magento 2 import custom data CSV XML TXT

To synchronize Magento 2 and Amazon, it is only necessary to select the appropriate preset and create a schedule to run data exchange automatically!

Note that the Magento 2 Amazon integration is provided for free as a part of our Improved Import & Export extension. You should purchase the module to synchronize the storefront and the online marketplace. There are almost 100 integrations provided by the extension for free. The feed compatibility is checked and confirmed on a regular basis.

Download/Buy Firebear Improved Import & Export Magento 2 Extension

Get Free Product Feed Export add-on for Magento 2