Magento 2 Pagineprezzi Integration

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Magento 2 pagineprezzi Connector

Being a part of the Kelkoo group, Pagineprezzi is a price comparison engine that operates in Italy. And below, we shed light on how to connect Magento 2 to the platform. Besides, you will find a brief description of Pagineprezzi.

The service is not as tremendous as international shopping engines are, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t connect your Magento 2 website to it. Indeed, there are categories with a few dealers only, so you can successfully provide your offers there. For instance, the domestic appliance category includes only 82 dealers and 165,606 offers. Moreover, there are just three dealers in “Do You Travel”.

Magento 2 pagineprezzi Connector

As for some trends, they are Frontal washing machine, Pellet stove, Kenwood car radio, Ferrari sparkling wine, Wool gloves, Console ps vita, Leather shoulder bags, Hair straightener, Dainese jacket, Video games ds, Leather belts, Baby sweaters, LG smartphone, Running Nike shoes, Spin bike, Samsung TV, Imperia pasta machine, Robot vacuum cleaner, etc. As you can see, people are looking for various goods in many categories. Thus, you can effortlessly find your buyers on Pagineprezzi. And below we shed light on how to connect Magento 2 to the shopping engine.

How To Choose Magento 2 Pagineprezzi Connector

Although the connection between the Magento 2 store and Pagineprezzi is quite simple, we don’t recommend you to select the most simple connector to synchronise both platforms together. Below, you can see why.

First of all, a simple one-way connector never gets any data back. While the Pagineprezzi doesn’t provide it now, the new functionality may be added later since there is a trend among shopping engines to give the customers a cart right on the platform so that no redirection to a merchant’s website takes place. As a result, order data is generated on the shopping engine and provided to the e-commerce store. If you use a one-way connector, you should move order data manually or install a new extension increasing the system load and cost of the integration.

Also, note that both one-way and two-way connectors may be limited regarding data they transfer. Not every tool can move product images to a third-party platform. As a result, you should add them manually. Alternatively, it is possible to install a supplementary tool that will add the missing functionality, but you will face the same problems we’ve just mentioned.

Even if your extension moves all the necessary data between Magento 2 and an external system, it may still be a solution that we don’t recommend. The ecosystem offers lots of reliable extensions designed to provide the integration between Magento 2 and a certain platform only. With each new integration, you should install a new connector dramatically increasing the aforementioned problems. Luckily, we know the solution – you need a universal import/export tool designed to connect Magento 2 to any platform.

As Magento 2 developers, we’ve been looking for a fully-featured import tool for an extended period analysing all leading market solutions. The long research pushed us towards creating our own tool, and now we are proud of the Improved Import Export Magento 2 module that is the most flexible, user-friendly, and robust solution of its kind in the whole Magento ecosystem.

The extension can connect Magento 2 to nearly everything. It provides a two-way integration that can be fully automated. Since the Improved Import Export plugin supports cron, you can create any custom schedule of updates, choose a predefined time interval of updates, or run updates manually. A different approach may be applied to import and export processes.

Furthermore, there is a broad variety of integration formats. The module allows you use CSV, XML, TXT, Google Sheets, and API to connect Magento 2 to the desired platform. Thus, all common formats are covered providing the ability to integrate your e-commerce website with literally everything.

And there are several options of file sources. First of all, the Improved Import Export Magento 2 module allows moving data files to your local server. As a third-party platform does not support this option, you can send/receive files via a remote server or cloud storage. Furthermore, there is an opportunity to import data via URL that is a quite handy feature.

And to eliminate the necessity to edit data files manually, the extension offers mapping so that you can edit every import/export file right within Magento 2 backend in a user-friendly manner. The mapping grid is available in every profile and it allows matching default Magento 2 attributes to custom attributes in much fewer steps than you used to. It is also necessary to mention that the Improved Import Export Magento 2 extension allows applying mapping presets – the corresponding mapping scheme is created within just a few clicks.

As for the Magento 2 Pagineprezzi connector, you can get it for free as a part of the Improved Import Export extension. Note that the module offers multiple other connectors out of charge. For further details, contact our support and follow the link below:

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