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As we’ve already mentioned, Firebear extends its borders by reaching new ecosystems. We’ve started as a company focused on Magento and done a lot to make it better in several directions: import/exportconfigurable productscryptocurrencies, etc. However, it is time to get to new dimensions, so we are very excited to announce the Firebear SAP Business One Shopware 6 Integration extension. We develop this project along with our Improved Import & Export Plugin for Shopware. What are the key features and characteristics of our new tool? You will find out below. 

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Our team already has vast experience connecting Magento to all possible external platforms. If you want to migrate to Shopware, drop us a message. If you need to connect your Magento 2 storefront to SAP Business One, check our Improved Import & Export extension and its SAP Business One Integration Add-on. If your business requires integrating your Shopware 6 website with the popular ERP system, you’ve come to the right place. However, let’s say a few words about both SAP B1 and Shopware before going any further. 

SAP Business One Brief Overview

Most people consider SAP Business One one of the best ERP systems for small and medium businesses. Although it has some disadvantages, all the basic tools necessary to control fundamental business processes are at your service. 

Besides, the system provides the ability to add more features, following your growing e-commerce demands. Thus, the platform grows with your needs showing exceptional flexibility.

SAP Business One provides an intuitive interface, where you can find all the system’s controls. The administrative section is quite user-friendly to master within a short period without help from third parties. 

Another platform’s primary focus is in-depth insights into your e-commerce activities. SAP Business One delivers real-time data enabling more efficient decision-making. 

Other core features include:

  • On-premise installation to let you store everything on your servers;
  • Cloud deployment to leverage the most flexible tools under your fingertips;
  • Business intelligence to let you achieve noticeable business results as fast as possible;
  • Integrated ecosystem to connect other SAP tools to your business;
  • Rapid integration to start using the ERP’s functionality within the shortest time frame.

To get total control over your Shopware 6 storefront in SAP Business One, you need a connector that can merge the two platforms into a single system. With the Firebear SAP Business One Shopware 6 Integration extension, you can achieve this goal. Leverage flexible, modular, and powerful SAP B1 with your e-commerce website without headaches. 

Note that the ERP system is highly customizable. Consequently, it is possible to configure it, following your business needs. Streamline numerous business processes in various directions. For instance, you can dramatically improve your Financial Management duties with the SAP Business One Shopware integration. Automate accounting tasks and conduct banking activities with much less effort. You can also sync financial operations with other processes. Thus, it is possible to accelerate transactions and enhance cash flow.

Various Sales & Customer Management tools are at your service too. The SAP B1 Shopware integration lets you streamline the entire sales process. Besides, you get the ability to control the entire customer lifecycle more efficiently due to the platform’s integrated view of prospects. Achieve faster decision making and better understand your clients.

Purchasing & Inventory Control mechanisms are built into SAP B1. Thus, the Shopware 6 SAP Business One integration leads to more accurate insights on inbound and outbound shipments. You also get advanced inventory level monitoring and item locations. Various real-time information, including reports and up-to-date pricing, is also an integral part of the interconnection.

The Business Intelligence mentioned above is responsible for gathering company-wide data and generating accurate reports in multiple formats. The SAP B1 Shopware 6 integration lets you control everything within numerous customizable dashboards. Configure data display according to your needs.

Of course, Analytics & Reporting is a part of the game. The Shopware SAP B1 integration lets you keep your hands on the pulse of your enterprise. Get real-time data on various parts of your business, including all the warehouses you use. Achieve more cost-effective production, stock tracking, and inventory management with the Firebear SAP Business One Shopware 6 Integration extension.

It is also worth mentioning that SAP Business One offers a bunch of industry-specific ERP solutions and over five hundred add-ons for different niches. Simultaneously, you can leverage a software development kit to tailor the system to your particular market’s needs.

Shopware 6 Brief Overview

While Shopware exists for more than 20 years, its latest iteration has just started its journey through the realm of e-commerce. The ecosystem of all Shopware versions combines more than 100k customers all over the globe. As for Shopware 6, it is associated with 14k+ installations. It is a modern e-commerce system that implements the latest achievements of the entire digital commerce dimension. Being a successor of Shopware 5, it is based on completely another foundation. Therefore, you may consider the transition from 5 to 6 similar to the switch between Magento 1 and 2. 

While the fifth version has been popular mostly in Germany, the latest iteration conquers the world. Its predecessor was an outdated system with a small community. The latest platform’s version incorporates a modern technology stack, is open for development efforts, and looks/feels merchant-friendly. Shopware became a popular topic of discussion in the Magento community after the Adobe acquisition. It incorporated most perks Magento 2 offered but has an open-source nature. 

Shopware 6 provides all the necessary e-commerce features a modern website requires. The platform is designed with small and midsize businesses in mind. At the same time, the enterprise-level capabilities can be easily added to the basic functionality. Technologies behind Shopware 6 include Vue, RabbitMQ, Bootstrap, Swagger, Elasticsearch, Json API, Redis, OAuth, etc. As you can see, many features are similar with the ones available in Magento 2.

With Shopware 6, you can effortlessly customize and expand any project, following a growing business’s requirements. A basic storefront based on out-of-the-box features and ready-to-use plugins is available along with numerous additional traits, layouts, and customizations. The modular nature of Shopware 6 opens endless possibilities! As a merchant, you get only the functionalities your business requires.

Also, Shopware 6 leverages the open-source technology and an MIT license, delivering even higher extensibility. Just imagine that any developer can modify the e-commerce platform without restrictions!

The platform’s headless nature also enables numerous possibilities. You can not only connect any custom storefront to the Shopware 6 backend but also add multiple frontends, including Alexa, Google Home, and Instagram.

The flexibility is also associated with the system’s business logic layer. The latter incorporates the API-first approach. Consequently, you get an extremely expandable and customizable system that supports integrations with external tools — especially because the data access layer of Shopware 6 provides quick and unified access to information.

An active community is another important nuance associated with Shopware 6. Although it is not as vast as the one related to Magento 2, its growth is only a matter of time. The community already speeds up the platform’s development and offers various third-party solutions, extending the basic functionality of the e-commerce system.

Firebear SAP Business One Shopware 6 Integration Extension

What key features does the Firebear SAP Business One Shopware 6 Integration extension offer? 

  • ​Real-time integration. Synchronize business processes that take place in both Shopware 6 and SAP Business One right when they occur.
  • Process orchestration. The Shopware 6 SAP Business One connector enables workflow-based orchestration, following every change in your daily routine.
  • User-friendly implementation. With our extension, you can effortlessly create and manage a data flow between the two platforms. Contact us to configure the integration for you.
  • Pre-packed templates. Although Shopware 6 and SAP Business One apply different logic to storing data, you can easily edit the information to make it suitable for both platforms. Our extension delivers presets that let you do that in just a few clicks.
  • Top-notch security. With the Shopware 6 SAP Business One Integration extension, you don’t have to be afraid about the safety of data you synchronize. The connector transfers it most securely. 
  • Data tracking. The SAP Business One Shopware 6 connector offers complete data tracking along with error handling. You get a history of all transfers and a log of all errors.  
  • Advanced customization. We can always customize the Firebear SAP Business One Shopware 6 Integration module, following your business demands. Just let us know what specific demands you have.

Now, let’s take a look at core entities the Shopware 6 SAP B1 connector can move.


The Firebear SAP Business One Shopware 6 Integration extension lets you synchronize customers between the two platforms. Data from a new registration on your e-commerce website will be automatically provided to the ERP platform, generating a Business Partner Master Data document. Every time a customer applies changes to billing/shipping address, this information is updated too.


You can also synchronize items (products) between Shopware 6 and SAP Business One. The extension lets you move information from SAP B1 Item Master Data, including pricing and other details, to your e-commerce website. It is also possible to map product information using the Item number/SKU.


Full catalog synchronization between Shopware 6 and SAP Business One is possible too. Feel free to transfer all category data, updating it in both systems.


Always keep your stock information up to date. The Firebear SAP Business One Shopware 6 Integration extension lets you track all changes to product inventory levels in both systems. The module monitors SAP B1 updates and provides them to Shopware, eliminating “out of stock” scenarios.


When a buyer places a new order on your Shopware website, you no longer need to transfer it to SAP Business One since our connector will do it for you. The corresponding record is instantly converted into an SAP B1 sales order. Note that value mapping of tax and shipping charges are a part of the game. As a result, the extension helps you ensure proper order total calculation. Note that even guest checkouts are supported and synchronized. 


Every time a new shipment appears in the system, the Firebear SAP Business One Shopware 6 Integration extension helps move the newly generated invoice from SAP to Shopware, updating the corresponding order status.


Another important area where the Shopware 6 SAP Business One connector works is delivery. The extension lets you synchronize shipping details, including tracking IDs, between Shopware 6 and SAP Business One. Each step associated with a corresponding order status is updated in Shopware, following the information from SAP.


All possible business entities are also a part of what the Firebear SAP Business One Shopware 6 Integration extension is capable for. The module lets you transfer the corresponding records between the two systems.  

The Shopware 6 SAP Business One connector supports more than 20 entities that you can sync. The extension helps to achieve full two-way integration in a user-friendly interface to configure and map all the supported objects. The following items are at your service – feel free to sync them:

  • Categories;
  • Delivery Days;
  • Quote;
  • Quote Overview;
  • Invoice;
  • Invoice Overview;
  • Deliveries;
  • Deliveries Overview;
  • Order;
  • Order Overview;
  • Order Payment;
  • Customers;
  • Customer Addresses;
  • My Lists;
  • My Products;
  • Order Simulation;
  • Price & Stock;
  • Products;
  • Contact;
  • Document; 
  • Contract.

More entities will be added soon. We can also extend the support for new records upon request.

SAP Business One Shopware 6 Integration Use Cases

Many merchants worldwide choose SAP Business One as their preferred ERP solution since it enables the most significant optimization of numerous business processes. And with our Firebear SAP Business One Shopware 6 Integration extension, you can automate most of them. Besides, a fine-tuned Shopware 6 SAP B1 integration based on our connector reduces the error count associated with data transfers. You also avoid third-party systems, syncing data straight between the two platforms. Let’s explore several use cases that make Shopware 6 SAP Business One integration even more attractive.

Multiple Data Sync Nodes

SAP uses numerous databases. Shopoware, in its turn, may rely on several storefronts. As a result, you need to sync data from multiple nodes. The Firebear SAP Business One Shopware 6 Integration module helps you deal with this diversity, making every complex integration easy to establish. The connector will ensure that the data in the two systems is always up to date, no matter how many synchronization nodes are involved.

Data Consistency

Every time you apply changes on your e-commerce website, the Firebear SAP Business One Shopware Integration module dynamically provides the corresponding data to the ERP system. The same processes occur when you do something in your SAP B1 Account. Thus, both systems reflect the current state of things, while our connector maintains data consistency.

When it comes to products, all the data in SAP Business One master records is replicated on your Shopware storefront. You may edit any details, including costs and discounts, to change them in the linked system. Note that the same principle is applied to all entities our connector supports.

Advanced Order Management

Shopware 6 creates perfect conditions for customers to browse your storefront and place products to the cart. However, order management still has room for improvement. Therefore, transferring the corresponding information to SAP B1 leads to further automation of this process. And you can implement all the changes with the help of the Firebear SAP Business One Shopware 6 Integration plugin. As we’ve already mentioned above, even orders made by unregistered customers are supported.

Our extension helps to speed up all the processes related to order management. Besides, it cuts out the transit time for syncing data between the two points. The advanced order management capabilities enable most information on order updates, tracking codes, and delivery statuses.

Payment Processing Made Easy

The Firebear SAP Business One Shopware 6 Integration extension also helps you with correct accounting. The module takes payments made on your e-commerce website and automatically adds them to the accounting ledgers in real-time. Consequently, you get a more comfortable way to monitor payment success.

Shipping & Inventory Controls

Updating your product stock in real-time is no longer a problem. Our connector provides the ability to sync data between the two systems, keeping the information fresh. Every time an order is placed on your e-commerce website, the connector automatically transfers the inventory and shipping information to the ERP system. It also provides tracking details and shipping updates to both systems. Thus, you automate shipping and inventory management processes while still controlling them.

Transparent Customer Data

The Firebear SAP Business One Shopware 6 Integration module can update and share customer information between your e-commerce website and the ERP system. The extension enables a transparent data flow related to your prospects. It lets you collect the information on your storefront, automatically transfer it to the ERP system, and manage it more efficiently there.

Final Words

As you can see, the Firebear SAP Business One Shopware 6 Integration extension offers a reliable way to integrate Shopware 6 with SAP Business One. Connect your e-commerce website to the popular ERP system and automate numerous business processing, revealing lots of spare time. Besides, you will achieve more precise administration and well-informed decision-making. Contact our support to get more information about the connector.

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