Shopware SAP Integration: SAP Business One Shopware 6 Connector by Firebear

Shopware sap business one connector

What do you know about the Shopware SAP integration? Probably, you are familiar with the fact that you cannot just take your Shopware 6 website and connect it to a random SAP product. However, we know the most user-friendly and intuitive way to create the SAP Business One Shopware integration.  

The Shopware 6 ecosystem of apps and tools is gradually expanding, introducing such handy solutions as SAP Business One Integration for Shopware 6 by Firebear Studio. In the following article, you will learn how to leverage the SAP Business One Shopware tandem with the help of this plugin. We are going to introduce you to the basic principles and features the SAP Shopware connector incorporates and illustrate its functionality. After that, we will focus on several common use cases for the SAP B1  Shopware 6 integration.  

Four Pillars Of SAP Shopware Integration

So, the Firebear team provides the SAP B1 Shopware integration based on the following core principles:

  1. Direct Connection. With our plugin, you establish a direct connection between Shopware 6 and SAP Business One.
  2. Mapping. Since Shopware 6 and SAP Business One have different requirements for storing data, we introduce a powerful mapping interface to let you direct the information from one system to another, following the demands of the SAP Shopware 6 integration. Also, the connector supports additional value mappings for detailed data fields.
  3. Custom Content. Support for custom content includes custom fields, properties, and UDFs. Implement an individual approach to your Shopware SAP integration, following its unique peculiarities.
  4. Automation. Our SAP Business One Shopware connector includes common integration scenarios to help you simplify and automate your integration. Use the predefined connection and customize it to follow your specific needs.

SAP B1 Shopware 6 Integration Key Highlights

With the Firebear team, you can get a Shopware SAP integration with the following features:

  • Real-time data synchronization for various entities, including customers and orders;
  • Manual re-syncing of customer data to add extra flexibility to your integration;
  • Powerful mapping to modify Shopware 6 data to SAP B1 requirements and vice versa;
  • Detailed sync history to monitor successful and problematic data exchanges;
  • Fully-featured debugging instruments to address any issues;
  • CLI controls for your data transfers to manage your SAP Shopware integration from the command line;
  • Scheduled pipelines to automate the SAP B1 Shopware integration;
  • Support for UDFs, custom fields, and properties to add an extra layer of flexibility and individualization;
  • Import of tracking data from SAP to Shopware 6;
  • Extensive documentation;
  • Installation and configuration services;
  • Quick support.

Shopware SAP Business One Connector

The SAP Business One Shopware 6 Integration plugin is designed to facilitate the integration of your e-commerce website with the popular enterprise resource planning system. It assures efficient and real-time data synchronization between the two systems based on a direct connection between SAP Business One and your Shopware 6 website. So, if you want to enhance your business’s operational efficiency and productivity, you’ve come to the right place.

The SAP Business One Shopware integration plugin syncs key business entities, including customers, products, and orders. Furthermore, it supports a plethora of various business scenarios that can be easily customized, following your specific demands. Whether it’s unique shipping conditions, payment methods, or tax codes, the Shopware SAP Business One connector is designed to handle these operational requirements. Our comprehensive solution can easily adapt and grow with your business needs.

You can always rely on the Firebear Studio to implement the SAP B1 Shopware integration – we will kindly help you do that. Contact us if you use the SAP Integration Framework or need to implement any custom scenario.

Now, let’s say a few more words about the functionality of our plugin.

Predefined Scenarios

The Shopware SAP Business One integration plugin offers the following predefined scenarios to help you simplify and automate your integration:

  • Product import including prices and stock data;
  • Customer import including addresses;
  • Delivery import including tracking data and order status;
  • Real-time customer export;
  • Real-time order export.

Shopware SAP Integration: predefined scenarios

Data Mapping

The SAP Business One Shopware Integration plugin lets you freely map fields (attributes) between your e-commerce website and SAP B1. Below, you can see how this feature is implemented in the admin:

Shopware SAP Integration: data mapping

Synchronization History & Debugging

You can view records of all data transfers associated with your Shopware 6 SAP integration in your website’s admin. The plugin lets you re-run and stop pipelines and perform other activities there. It is also possible to download a detailed debug log anytime.

Shopware SAP Integration: sync history and debugging

Customer Sync Between SAP and Shopware

Synchronize customer details between Shopware 6 and SAP Business One. All newly registered user accounts will be connected to SAP B1. 

Shopware SAP Integration: customer synchronization

Product Sync Between SAP and Shopware

Synchronize product data between SAP Business One and Shopware, including prices and stock information. Even if your products are custom and complex, discuss the details of this structure integration with our team. All product updates are automatically integrated and synchronized with SAP B1 master data. 

Shopware SAP Integration: product synchronization

Order Sync Between SAP and Shopware

With our help, you can synchronize all Shopware 6 orders with SAP Business One Sales data. The integration enables you to calculate the total value of tax and shipping charges during the sync to SAP Business sales orders. You can also synchronize discounts while saving and maintaining the same order value on the Shopware and SAP Business One side. 

Shopware SAP Integration: order sync


Our connector synchronizes all delivery information between SAP Business One and Shopware. You can specify the shipment tracking number in SAP and the plugin will transfer it to Shopware. Also, this shipping number will be available in the storefront in the order details. 

Shopware SAP Integration: deliveries

Now, that you know how the SAP Shopware connector works, it’s time to explore a couple of use cases that describe the integration even more.

SAP Business One Shopware 6 Integration Use Cases

Many merchants worldwide choose SAP Business One as their preferred ERP solution. The platform has gained popularity due to the significant optimization of business processes, and you can easily leverage SAP’s advantages with your Shopware 6 website by installing the SAP Business One Shopware 6 Integration plugin. A fine-tuned SAP B1 Shopware 6 integration based on our connector not only automates your daily e-commerce duties but also reduces the error count associated with data transfers. You also avoid third-party systems, syncing data straight between the two platforms. Let’s explore several use cases that make Shopware 6 SAP Business One integration even more attractive.

Multiple Data Sync Nodes

SAP uses numerous databases. Shopoware, in its turn, may rely on several storefronts. As a result, you need to sync data from multiple nodes. The Firebear SAP Business One Shopware 6 Integration module helps you deal with this diversity, making every complex integration easy to establish. The connector will ensure that the data in the two systems is always up to date, no matter how many synchronization nodes are involved.

Data Consistency

Every time you apply changes to your e-commerce website, the Firebear SAP Business One Shopware Integration module dynamically provides the corresponding data to the ERP system. The same processes occur when you do something in your SAP B1 Account. Thus, both systems reflect the current state of things, while our connector maintains data consistency.

As for products, all the data in SAP Business One master records is replicated on your Shopware storefront. You may edit any details, including costs and discounts, to change them in the linked system. Note that the same principle is applied to all entities our connector supports.

Advanced Order Management

Shopware 6 creates perfect conditions for customers to browse your storefront and purchase products online. However, the built-in order management capabilities still have room for improvement. Therefore, transferring the corresponding information to SAP B1 leads to further automation. You can implement this transfer with the help of the Firebear SAP Business One Shopware 6 Integration plugin. It can even transfer orders placed by unregistered customers.

Our plugin helps to speed up all the processes related to order management. Besides, it cuts out the transit time for syncing data between SAP and Shopware. The advanced order management capabilities enable most information on order updates, tracking codes, and delivery statuses.

Payment Processing Made Easy

The Firebear SAP Business One Shopware 6 Integration app also helps you with correct accounting. The module takes payments made on your e-commerce website and automatically adds them to the accounting ledgers in real time. Consequently, you get a more comfortable way to monitor payment success.

Shipping & Inventory Controls

Updating your product stock in real time is no longer a problem. Our SAP Shopware connector provides the ability to sync data between the two systems, keeping the information fresh. Every time an order is placed on your e-commerce website, the connector automatically transfers the inventory and shipping information to the ERP system. It also provides tracking details and shipping updates to both systems. Thus, you automate shipping and inventory management processes while still controlling them.

Transparent Customer Data

The Firebear SAP Business One Shopware 6 Integration module can update and share customer information between your e-commerce website and the ERP system. The extension enables a transparent data flow related to your prospects. It lets you collect the information on your storefront, automatically transfer it to the ERP system, and manage it more efficiently there.

Final Words

As you can see, the Firebear SAP Business One Shopware 6 Integration plugin offers a reliable way to integrate Shopware 6 with SAP Business One. Connect your e-commerce website to the popular ERP system and automate numerous business processes, revealing lots of spare time. Besides, you will achieve more precise administration and well-informed decision-making. Contact our support to get more information about the connector. Follow this link to get the app:

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