Magento 2 TradeTracker Integration

Magento 2 TradeTracker Connector

TradeTracker is more than an affiliate network, and below, we shed light on the platform and its integration with Magento 2. If you are looking how to expand your e-commerce business in the shortest period of time, pay attention to the platform – perhaps, it offers tools you’ve been looking for. An, of course, we provide tips on how to choose a Magento 2 TradeTracker connector.

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The core goal behind TradeTracker, if you are a merchant, is to increase conversion, sales, and brand awareness. Create an account to manage multiple campaigns and view stats related to them. Track the interactions with your audience and create the perfect path that leads your potential clients to the purchase.

With TradeTracker, you get a perfect opportunity to feature your brand and products with an array of reputable affiliates only. Deliver as much high-quality visitors to your website as possible. And since the platform utilises a no-win-no-pay model, TradeTracker is one of the most budget-friendly affiliate networks. If you don’t get paid, no one charges a fee.

Magento 2 TradeTracker Connector

There are many more affiliate networks available on the Internet, but TradeTracker looks more promising than most of them due to very responsive support, a budget-friendly system of fees, and an array of tools. By running Magento 2 TradeTracker integration, you can push your e-commerce business to an entirely new level. And there is a dedicated Magento TradeTracker connector, but is it worth using? Below, you will find the answer.

What Magento 2 TradeTracker Connector to Use

You may adhere to the point of view that a dedicated connector is always better than a universal import/export extension. And you are right to some extent. The dedicated connector is often more user-friendly than a tool designed for multiple integrations. It is easier to maintain since the extension is optimized for specific conditions. In case of a universal solution, you have to pass a configuration process that is often complicated, but what if the maintenance of the integration is not so dreadful? What benefits over a dedicated connector the universal tool provides?

When you start connecting your e-commerce store to the first third-party platform, it is usually the beginning of a long way of running a multichannel business. But if you decide using dedicated connectors only, the budget of being multi-channel rises with every new integration. Thus, a universal tool becomes more cost-effective.

Besides, you increase system load and the probability of conflicts between modules. Every newly installed extension affects the system negatively. You can feel a massive difference between one module and a dozen of solutions. Therefore, we recommend using a universal Magento 2 TradeTracker connector only but if it has a user-friendly interface.

Another essential requirement is related to the ability to move data in two directions: from and to your store. While most integrations require only the export functionality, it is necessary to provide import features as well. Firstly, the platform you are going to connect your website to may add a new feature that provides you with data. If no import functionality is available in your connector, you won’t get it. Of course, it is possible to rely upon a native Magento 2 import interface which is very limited, so manual import consumes lots of time. Alternatively, you can install an additional import module, but why should you spend more money and pass the installation twice when there are solutions that combine import and export in one module?

Considering the aspects mentioned above, we can put forward the following claims:

  • A Magento 2 TradeTracker connector is platform-agnostic;
  • It supports import and export;
  • And offers a fully-featured user-friendly interface.

How many tools that satisfy these requirements do you know? Not many, but we are sure that the Improved Import & Export extension ideally suits for the role of the Magento 2 TradeTracker connector. And here are a few reasons why we think so.

This import/export module was developed to connect Magento 2 to any third-party system. To achieve this goal, it supports multiple file formats and integration standards. You can freely use CSV to run any integration. If the desired third-party system utilises XML or TXT, it’s not a problem for Improved Import & Export since the plugin support both formats. Besides, it allows establishing the connection between two platforms via Google Sheets. There is no need to download files since everything is managed via the convenient service. Native Excel files are supported as well. And don’t forget that the extension allows creating a bridge between two systems using API.

Another feature that makes Improved Import Export for Magento 2 the number one connector is support for multiple file sources. The extension allows transferring data via FTP/SFTP. It means that you can use your local server or a remote one to provide and get data files. Besides, you can use your Dropbox account as a source of data for both your store and the third-party platform. In case of import, it is possible to provide a URL link to the file. And if you get archived data, the module knows how to unzip and untar them!

As for the user-friendly aspects of the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension, they include several features. First of all, it is automation. Since the module supports cron, you can create any custom schedule of updates. If cron syntax is something you are not going to become familiar with, the plugin offers several predefined intervals. In addition to the automated workflow, you can always launch the update manually. There is no need to wait if your product information should be updated right now.

Another essential improvement is represented by mapping. The extension allows creating mapping schemes that match the default Magento 2 attributes to custom attributes and vice versa. You no longer have to do this time-consuming task manually on every updated. Create a scheme only once, and it will be used for all further data transfers. Also, note that it is possible to simplify this process even more since the Improved Import & Export extension provides mapping presets. A mapping scheme can be created within just a few clicks automatically. Of course, the selected integration should have the preset; otherwise, you have to create the scheme by yourself, but the process won’t take much time.

As you can see, the Improved Import & Export extension offers an excellent opportunity to connect Magento 2 to TradeTracker and multiple other platforms. It not only integrates your e-commerce store with any third-party solution but provides numerous tools that dramatically improve the process. Note that you can get the Magento 2 TradeTracker connector for free as a part of our import/export extension. The module offers multiple other connectors out of charge. For any further information, contact our support team and follow this link:

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