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Magento 2 Connector

Another vast price-comparison service of the German-speaking world is It is user- and merchant-friendly, relatively big, and famous in the corresponding segment of the EU. And we know how to connect Magento 2 to it. Below, you will find a brief description of the service as well as our tips related to the Magento 2 integration. offers millions of products from more than 2,000 retailers. The portfolio of this price comparison engine ranges from consumer electronics to household goods, sports, and car accessories.

All offers in the price comparison engine are checked several times per day. In addition to the provided product information, the service also publishes dealer ratings, reviews and user reviews. As a result, customers can make the best purchasing decisions. is free for buyers, but merchants should pay a click commission for each click that redirects buyers to their online storefronts. Note that the price comparison engine doesn’t charge fees for displaying top results. The cheapest offers are always in the first place. Thus, remains absolutely independent.

Magento 2 Connector

Also, note that every merchant passes an intensive quality control providing the engine with the information about the security of payment methods, a current imprint, a valid business license, and excellent customer services. At the same time, user opinions and dealer ratings are also strictly monitored so that no fake opinions are published.

Now, when you know basic facts about, we can discuss how to select a proper Magento 2 connector.

Although there are many various connectors in the Magento ecosystem, you won’t always find a tool that satisfies all possible requirements. To make the long story short, let’s proceed to the first essential problem that is common to many connectors – the lack of bidirectional data flow.

Unfortunately, there are too many export solutions in the ecosystem, but if you want to find an extension that serves both export and import, it’ll take a bit of work. Why is it necessary to use a tool that works in two directions?

The answer is quite simple: it will save your budget and the system resources. Buy using two modules, you add an additional load, and two modules often cost more than one. An export solution is suitable for platforms that generate no output, but we have a better solution even for these conditions.

Another problem related to both import and export extensions is the inability to move ALL data required by the integrated platforms. As a result, you should perform a part of the work manually or use additional tools. We’ve just described core problems related to the increased number of modules installed. And don’t forget about possible conflicts that may also occur!

Now, when you know what connector type to choose, we’d like to provide a few tips on how to choose them, since not all bidirectional connector are created equally. The most common problem related to them is the lack of multipurposeness. Even the most reliable connector is designed to integrate Magento 2 to a specific platform only. As a result, when you decide to go multichannel, you need a plethora of connectors. That leads to:

  • The dramatic increase in costs related to being multichannel;
  • The essential bump in resource consumption;
  • The massive rise in the probability of conflicts.

How do we solve this problem? With the help of a universal connector that not only provides a two-way data flow but also allows creating a connection between Magento 2 and any third-party service.

What Magento 2 Connector to Choose?

To cover all possible import/export needs, we’ve developed our solution – the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 Extension. The module will help you create a bridge between Magento 2 and any shopping engine or marketplace, sending product information from your store and receiving order data back. is not an exception. You can use the extension to create this integration along with dozens of others.

To provide the best possible conditions, we’ve equipped our Magento 2 module with several vital features. First of all, the functionality of the Improved Import Export extension is divided into two sections: Import Jobs and Export Jobs. Both contain flexible profiles that launch data updates. Everything works automatically since the module fully supports cron. It means that you can quickly create any custom schedule of updates. And the import frequency may differ from the export frequency. Furthermore, in case of the Magento 2, you can create only one profile – a new export job that will move product data to the shopping engine. Automate updates by creating a schedule or running the profile manually. Note that you can either create your schedule or choose predefined ones.

To solve the problem of unsupported file formats, which is quite common in case of default Magento that supports only CSV import/export, we’ve introduced the support for XML, TXT, and Google Sheets. It is also possible to create a bridge between two platforms via API.

As for import/export sources, the Improved Import & Export extension provides several options as well. First of all, you can export data to your local server. Since it is not the best option for fully automated integration, we’ve also added support for export/import to remote servers and cloud storages.

To ensure the best possible backend routine, the Improved Import Export extension provides the highly configurable mapping functionality. You no longer have to edit data files manually matching default Magento 2 attributes to custom ones: everything can be managed within a profile in a user-friendly manner. And there are mapping presets that applies a corresponding mapping scheme automatically within a few clicks.

For any further information about the Improved Import Export Magento 2 extension, follow the link below the post. As for the Magento 2 connector, it is available out of charge as a part of the module along with many other free connectors. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the support team.

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