West Point Digital – Design, Build and Grow your Shopify E-Commerce

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

West Point Digital is a Shopify agency for brands that are looking for a reliable partner. Although many small merchants leverage this e-commerce platform without any help from third parties, West Point Digital offers more complex solutions, providing beautiful designs, scalable storefronts, and optimized conversion rates. And we are happy to announce that we are partners with this digital agency. Firebear provides tools for transferring data to/from Shopify as well as assists in migrations from Magento 2 to Shopify.


As we’ve just mentioned, Shopify is the primary focus of West Point Digital. This e-commerce agency leverages the platform to deliver design and development improvements and optimization to customers of all sizes across numerous industries from both Dutch and international soil. From start-ups to established companies and B2B enterprises, West Point Digital offers services in the following directions:

  • Design:
    • UX / UI Design – you will get the best design improvements following your business requirements;
    • Brand Identity – West Point Digital specialists will help you develop a brand identity that attracts your target audience and people beyond it; 
    • Usability testing – all design improvements are well-tested and approved on several levels before being implemented;
    • Customer Journey Mapping – see the entire path your customers take from the very first contact with your brand till the checkout completion;
  • Development:
    • From Scratch – create your e-commerce store from scratch;
    • Replatforming & Migration – here, Firebear provides our best experiences to help West Point Digital establish migrations to Shopify;
    • Subscriptions – conquer more subscribers with West Point Digital;
    • App Development – get native mobile apps to reach your customers on smartphone screens;
  • Growth:
    • Conversion Optimisation – let your brand grow more efficiently with various conversion optimization techniques;
    • Loyalty Programs – implement loyalty programs to attract more buyers and turn them into brand advocates;
    • UX Audits – run periodical audits to make sure that your e-commerce website leverages its potential for 100% and discover new ways for improvement;
    • Internationalization – reach new audiences abroad, moving to international markets.`


West Point Digital works with a broad palette of brands among various industries that include fashion, lifestyle, and beauty. The company’s clients are different ambitious brands and entrepreneurs who strive for creativity, change, and growth. Cooperation as a partnership is one of the driving factors for West Point Digital to act and find new connections.


A thorough selection of technology partners is another essential aspect of West Point Digital. The company helps its customers take advantage of the most innovative and flexible technologies, including our products

Note that West Point Digital is a digital agency with a major focus on Shopify. It means that the company uses this platform to develop top-notch e-commerce websites. Other technologies include a wide variety of instruments that empower West Point Digital to get the most out of Shopify. 

Firebear Partner Loyalty Program

Now, let’s say a few words about our partner program. It is aimed at digital agencies of all sizes, industries, and market impact. There is no difference in how huge your company is – we are always focused on our partners! Anyone can join the Firebear family, becoming our partner and friend. This possibility is always based on mutually agreed conditions. Firebear offers flexible partnership terms that can be easily adapted following your business needs. Contact us to learn more about our Loyalty Program.