Magento 2 Kelkoo Integration

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Magento 2 Kelkoo Connector

The article below discusses Magento 2 Kelkoo integration. It sheds light on the marketing platform and perspectives merchants get after the integration. Besides, you will find tips on how to choose a right Magento 2 Kelkoo connector. To make the long story short, let’s say a few words about the powerful marketing platform.

Kelkoo is an e-commerce marketing platform that delivers highly converting traffic to merchants. If you are a publisher, the portal offers extensive monetisation opportunities. The same is about shopping search engines. We are going to focus on merchant-related features on the platform below.

First of all, Kelkoo delivers vast flexibility regarding the budget you are going to spend on a campaign. Determine the maximum amount of money you want to spend and alter it as you wish over the specified period. There are no uncontrollable spendings with Kelkoo. And you can customise CPC by category to maximise your investment!

Magento 2 Kelkoo Connector

The integration between your e-commerce store and the platform is free (you don’t have to pay for the connection, but the CPC model is applied + you need a reliable tool that will provide a two-way synchronisation).

Another essential feature of Kelkoo is transparency. The platform provides all merchants with profound insights into the ROI and performance of every campaign. And all optimisation tools are always at hand, so it is possible to all bids anytime.

You can sell your products on the Kelkoo Group network which helps thousands of retailers to acquire new buyers. Increase sales by advertising your products through highly targeted ad placements. The platform charges you only when a customer is redirected to your e-commerce website. But how to provide the network with all the necessary information?

You need a reliable connector, and since there are lots of limited tools, we’d like to draw your attention to several critical problems you may face with.

  1. The connector cannot receive any data. It is a bitter problem especially when you understand it after the purchased extension is installed and works well, but you should do a part of the synchronisation manually. Always be attentive to what module you are buying: read the description of its features and functionality. How to solve the possible problems related to the one-way connection? You may either import data back manually or install an additional import solution. In the second case, the budget of the integration will be increased, and you will get a higher system load. Therefore, it is better not to choose one-way connectors.
  2. The connector moves only a part of the required data. It is also a standard issue you may face while selecting a Magento 2 Kelkoo connector. For instance, you need to export product information, but the installed module cannot move product images from your e-commerce store to a third-party platform. You should perform a part of the export procedure manually or look for another tool that will be helpful.
  3. The connector is limited to one platform only. It is a general problem related to most Magento connectors. And the more integrations are planned, the more significant impact of this problem you feel. In case of a multichannel business, it is necessary to install lots of connectors to link everything together. But with each new connection the cost of being multichannel rises dramatically. The same is about the resource consumption that increases with each installed module. How to solve these issues? You need a universal Magento 2 connector.

What Magento 2 Kelkoo Connector to Choose?

Although the Magento ecosystem offers multiple reliable tools that can help you with the Magento 2 Kelkoo synchronisation, most of them are limited due to the reasons described above. As Magento developers, we’ve been testing many connectors, but none of them provided all the necessary features and solved all common issues. It was a reason to create our solution – the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension by Firebear.

The module is platform-agnostic. It means that it can connect Magento 2 to any third-party system that uses common connection standards. Besides, the extension works in both directions fully automating the synchronisation. Let’s say a few words about its core features.

First of all, you get two different sections with import and export profiles correspondingly. All profiles utilise cron providing the ability to create flexible schedules. You can either create a custom schedule or choose one of the predefined update intervals. At the same time, the Improved Import and Export Magento 2 extension allows launching each profile asynchronously. For instance, the next update is planned for Friday, but you need to import order data on Wednesday. Due to the asynchronous update, you can quickly get all the necessary information on time.

A broad selection of import/export formats is also a competitive advantage of the Improved Import Export Magento 2 extension. It not only works with the standard CSV and the flexible XML but also lets you leverage TXT, Google Sheets, and API connections.

Multiple import/export sources is also a nice addition to the extension’s functionality. First of all, it allows moving data through your local server. If this functionality is not enough, you can fully leverage the opportunity to use a remote server. Additionally, the Improved Import & Export module provides the ability to use cloud storages to run the synchronisation between Magento 2 and a third-party platform.

And to solve the problem of different standards regarding the way information is specified in an import/export file, the extension adds mapping. You no longer have to modify import/export files manually matching default Magento 2 attributes to custom ones. Now, this tas can be easily completed within the Magento 2 backend in a mapping grid of every profile. Furthermore, there are mapping presets that allow applying the mapping scheme you need within just a few clicks.

To get the Magento 2 Kelkoo connector, you need to purchase the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension. The connector is available as a part of the module out of charge along with multiple other free connectors. Please, contact our support team for further details. Follow the link below for the full description of the extension

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