Magento 2 Adform Integration

Magento 2 Adform

In the following post, we shed light on one famous digital media advertising technology company – Adform. Although it is based in Denmark, everyone can leverage the provided resource, since the company concentrates its presence in the EU, UK, and US markets. Started as a small DSP company, Adform rapidly covered Europe and pushed is boundaries to other regions. And you can quickly implement Magento 2 Adform integration, but let’s say a few more words about the platform before going any further.

Adform was launched in 2003 with the focus on providing ad serving. After two years of activity, another direction was chosen – business planning. Until 2010, these were Adform’s main activities. Next, Rich Media was added initiating an intensive R&D focus. The company hired lots of new employees and entered an entirely new level. After launching a Private Marketplace in 2012, many more new services became a part of the Adform portfolio; for instance, Data Management Platform followed by Programmatic Publisher Ad Server, Supply Side Platform, and Automated Guaranteed products in 2015. The next year was also fruitful for improvements, and the company introduced several new cross-device offerings.

Magento 2 Adform Integration

Last year was prominent for the company as well. It became one of the first advertising technology providers and dedicated DSP to secure Media Ratings Council accreditation for viewability measurement across multiple environments, including Desktop and both Mobile Web and App. And that is true to Display and Video Ads. The company’s offices are now available in 19 countries all over the globe!

And if you want to leverage the wise software for advertisers and agencies with your e-commerce website, it is necessary to establish the Magento 2 Adform connection. What’s the biggest problem with standard third-party connectors?

First of all, they don’t connect Magento properly. A typical connector may send only a part of the information to a third-party platform. At the same time, some tools send everything, but cannot receive anything. Try to avoid them; otherwise, you will get a hole in your budget by purchasing more than one extension.

Imagine a situation when you connect your Magento 2 store to an online marketplace. First of all, you need to send product data to the marketplace. And lots of connectors carefully do this. But at the same time, there are much more that may send only a part of the needed information, so you have to add something manually; for instance, product photos.

Ok, your Magento 2 products are uploaded to the marketplace, everything is displayed in the appropriate category, and you get the first buyer. Next, you should place the new order in the Magento backend, but your connector cannot do this because it works in one direction only. That’s a huge problem, and it becomes more significant with each new order.

To solve this problem, always choose a tool that not only exports data but also imports the appropriate output back to the system.

Another common problem associated with most third-party Magento 2 connectors is a focus on one platform only. You cannot take an average eBay connector and use it for moving products to Amazon. Thus, a multichannel experience requires a massive budget since each new integration is possible with its own third-party Magento 2 module. Luckily, there is a universal solution that fixes both problems mentioned above.

Meet the Firebear Improved Import Export Magento 2 extension. Our solution has been developed to improve the default import/export routine of Magento 2 and set new standards in this area. To make every connection seamless, we performed a vast research work exploring not only the default Magento 2 processes but also the most essential and fully-featured third-party solutions.

Thus, the Improved Import Export extension not only provides a two-way connection between Magento 2 and ANY third-party platform that can import data via CSV, XML, TXT, Google Sheets, Excel, or API (the module supports all these formats) but also adds a bunch of automation.

First of all, you get the ability to create schedules for both import and export processes. Want to get daily updates about products sold via a marketplace? That’s not a problem: our module is based on the cron functionality, so you will quickly achieve this goal. Need to update product data in the marketplace on a weekly basis? Feel free to create the appropriate schedule!

And if your platform does not work with the default Magento 2 output, you can always use mapping. Map Magento 2 attributes to the required values only once for each job, and you will forever forget about the annoying backend routine. The same functionality is available during import so that any custom data structure may be adapted following all platform’s requirements. Furthermore, Improved Import Export for Magento 2 offers presets, so the appropriate data mapping structure may be implemented within just a few clicks.

magento 2 import custom data CSV XML TXT

As you can see, the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 module solves the two huge problems of a standard Magento connector. Thus, it enables a seamless Magento 2 Adform integration with a same two-way connection between both platforms. Also, note that you can get the Magento 2 Adform connector for free as a part of the extension. Purchase the module and get it with more than 100 other connectors. Please, contact our support team for further details. You can find the Improved Import Export Magento 2 extension here:

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